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An old film title… there are times when we will post a column about a movie – a new one or an old title, however – there are times when the story matches the dark times we are living in today.

‘Gish’ may be stripped from theater

Actress shunned for role in ‘Birth of a Nation

Lillian Gish, 1915

BOWLING GREEN – Some are calling for changing the name of the Bowling Green State University Gish Film Theater because of Lillian Gish’s starring role in the 1915 D.W. Griffith film “Birth of a Nation” and its racist portrayal of African-Americans.

“We have to do the right thing and we have to ground what we do in our values,” said College of Arts and Sciences Dean Raymond Craig.

Issues with the theater name emerged soon after installation of the new Gish Film Theater signage in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union during the first week of February. Continue reading

The Authenticity of Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino

~ Forewords ~
Brotha Smoove called me that night and said that it was vitally important that I see the film. He saw Walt Kowalski in me and felt that, not only was the finest film Eastwood had made in years – maybe one of his best – but that I needed to see myself on film. After I saw the movie the next evening, I texted him back and said that, “Maybe we all needed to see it.” My meaning extended beyond the three of us, who by that time, had known each other for forty years – we have now surpassed a half century together, Raymond, Leonard and myself. My comment was directed of course – to all who had served, and those who supported us – or maybe didn’t.

America has changed in my lifetime – and not necessarily for the better. Walt lives within us all who have spent as long on this earth as many of us have. We were Walt. I am Walt.

I’ll see you at Sundown,

Jeffrey Bennett
Continue reading

Filmmaker Embedded in Caravan Gets to the Truth. Migrants Themselves Expose US Media as Total Liars

A filmmaker traveled to Mexico and did what the U.S. media didn’t do: he witnessed the migrant caravan for himself and exposed the truth.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to Oaxaca in southern Mexico to uncover the truth about the migrant caravan.

The caravan, consisting of thousands of Honduran illegal immigrants, has caught the attention of the media as it heads toward the United States. Continue reading

Socialism, Like Dracula, Rises Again from the Grave

No matter what the reboot or rebrand may imply, Dracula is still a monster and “democratic” socialism is still tyranny.

Many of us grew up watching Dracula movies – Nosferatu, the “Undead.” Fearful of the sunlight that could burn him into cinders, Dracula lived in a coffin filled with his native Transylvanian soil by day, only to come out at night to live off the life-giving blood of the living. But to continue his “unnatural” existence, this human-like vampire had to kill his victims by draining them of their own blood, or in the process of turning them into “creatures of the night,” like himself. Welcome to the nature and history of socialism. Continue reading

“All I Want to Do Is Enter My House Justified!”

The Classic American Western As Emblem of Historic American Culture

Since the beginning of the twentieth century one of the newer art forms and expressions of our culture has been cinema—“motion pictures.” It was the novelty of live theater and acting captured as moving images in film and presented on a screen. In many respects, like other art forms, film represents what is happening in our culture. At its very finest it is capable of shining a vivid light on our beliefs and values, portraying them, dissecting them, and, like other art forms, it may be used as an instrument to affect or even shape our outlook and our politics. Continue reading