McCutchen: A warmongering American Government and a censoring Media…

…(all) carry the lies about the Ukraine

Let it be said that I have written over the years that Russia could be and should be our ally for several self-serving reasons, but always thwarted by the U.S. recently (but not the most recent) by Hillary Clinton and her mob of Democrats, Oligarchs, and others keeping ex-president Trump defending against she and their lies and litigation blaming Russia for her falsehoods. Some of the elected players in these war-starting lies are Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, etc. laying a veil of corruption over Trump’s presidency that only recently has been proven that they are the liars re: Russia!

Now enter the Ukrainian affair, in 2014 the U.S. orchestrated the overthrow of the duly elected Ukrainian leader, Viktor Yanulovech simply because he refused a loan from the International Monetary Fund that would have been politically detrimental to Ukraine. The U.S. appointed the puppet Volodyu Zelensky to take the former elected leader’s place. Since that time there have been constant Ukrainian military incursions into East Ukraine resulting in East Ukrainians’ brutal treatment by the Ukrainian military. To compound these crimes, the protectorate Donbass has been shelled by the Ukrainian military since the late 70’s. In the overthrow of 2014 a school in Donbass was fired upon. Eastern Ukraine is principally populated by native born Russians. Donbass has asked for Russia’s help.

This is a border war instigated by the U.S. and NATO’s expansion eastward. Russia fears the entrance of Ukraine, Poland and the Balkan states into NATO will put these nations in a position of allowing the U.S. to install military installation against Russia’s border. These five nations all have common borders with Russia. It’s easy to understand why President Putin is concerned and he is going to protect to prevent these nations from allowing the U.S., NATO, the New World Order and one Klaus Schwab who resides in the bowels of the world and sometimes in Davos to sit on her borders at all costs, what he is presently doing.

Recently President Putin made a prophetic and chilling statement: “THEY DIDN’T HEAR WHAT WE TOLD THEM. THEY HAD BETTER HEAR THIS TIME”. ~ Vladimir Putin.

In this statement Putin charged that NATO is expanding to the East. NATO Sec. General Stolten said the “alliance” never said it will not expand, that would be Poland, Ukraine, & the Balkan States Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania. Recently it has been proven without a doubt that the Sec. General, the U.S. & NATO lied. It is certainly easy to determine why Putin attacked Ukraine to the south and west to prevent loss of security for he and his people.

Media, due to Putin’s actions, are now blabbering away that Pres. Putin is unstable, nervous and out of control. This is typical of the lying campaign always by the U.S. to promote their self-serving wars. Wars that are fought for profit and nothing else. I would ask, how many peaceful days have the citizens of the U.S. enjoyed since 1945? Only a fool would dare claim that Putin is unstable. He is brilliant, tough and refuses to be denied.

Also the American President (???) is reason that installs fear in Americans due to his incompetence, his past background and mental digressions. Furthermore, he and his predecessors have pumped Billions of U.S. tax dollars into Ukraine. Question? Why and how much money have Pres. Biden and his family surreptitiously pulled out of Ukraine?

On January 23, 2022 in Part one in an article I wrote entitled (“The Racism Flip—2 parts”) “The Death of a Nation coming soon—unless…” Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker on the floor of the Senate stated “KEEP ALL OPTIONS OPEN, INCLUDING NUCLEAR”.

February 28, 2022, the same Senator Roger Wicker now wants to send American fighter aircraft to Ukraine, along with Javelins and Stinger Missiles. Additionally, he wants to employ nuclear capabilities. He must be a psychopath to embrace nuclear positions.

It’s ironic that we are fighting a border war 10 hours away from our border involving territorial advancements in which we have no interests and we have another psychopath on our hand by the name of Biden. The U.S. is absorbing millions of 3rd world unvetted illegals which if not abated immediately, the white founding stock of this nation will be in the hands of blacks, Mexicans, and other Hispanics. Then you must ask what have these minorities ever contributed to civilized society.

Our government irresponsibly doles out billions of unearned largesse to blacks, Mexicans, et. al.

Gates have been left open in nations around the world and our country, as well as the rest, are all being overrun by people of color in most cases. This serves two main purposes, it allows for the destruction of indigenous peoples cultures, secondly it serves the purpose of the new World Order to dissolve national borders, e.g. the U.S., Canada & Mexico. As stated earlier in this article that Russia would make a good trading, political and social partner if it is not too late for an honorable U.S. government to achieve these goals. Of course there is one other in my judgement that is equally or maybe more importantly that would be available without cost and that would help protect White ethnicity from the raining 3rd World global masses which tend to be bellicose and anti-intellect.

Borders and caretaking define a nation.

* As a sidebar, Jews own 95% of all media.

Joe McCutchen
“Is it me, or thee who whispers while running from the truth”

Written by and submitted to the Federal Observer for publication by the author, March 3, 2022.

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