Fasciunism to Anarchy to ???

After years of Fasciunism in this country, we are quickly descending into anarchy. You see, fasciunism is never the end game it is always a marriage of the two socialist isms to reach a predetermined goal. Sometimes it is fascism sometimes it is communism but anarchy always comes first.

Look to Russia from 1915 to 1919. You will find that anarchy was rampant in Russia in those years. That gave Lenin the opening he needed in 1919 to take over and make Russia a communist country.

Now move up to Germany in the early 1930s and you will find more anarchy. This time it gave Hitler the opportunity to take over Germany and make it a fascist country. In both cases it was the anarchy that gave these dictators the final opening and probably the final push.

Now for those who still do not believe that both fascism and communism are closely related form of socialism, take another look at history. When Hitler took over Germany, Stalin as dictator of Russia. One of the first things they did was to form a pact to work together. This pact worked great and would have been even better if Hitler had not gotten greedy and started to invade land belonging to Russia. Many historians believe that if Hitler had not done that and had cooperated with Stalin that they would have won WW II.

Now let’s fast forward to 2020. First we have Antifa, which is a fascist organization and next we have Black Lives Matter (BLM), which is a communist organization. As of now they are cooperating to foment anarchy. We see this anarchy in every big city, nation wide. Anarchy cannot continue forever, so they either have to turn it to communism or fascism. In America today fascism is a dirty word even though it is being practiced. So what are we doing? We are following Karl Marx ‘s route into communism. Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto and in his other writings about the need for an uprising of the proletariat. As America has no proletariat, the combination of BLM and Antifa are taking their place. Now that they have caused all of the anarchy and have the mainstream media, the Democrats, institutes of higher learning, many large corporations and most professional sports leagues on their side, it appears to me that they have decided to take this country into communism.

There is one thing that can stop it and that is another civil war. In my personal opinion it has already begun. With rioters marching on neighborhoods and telling the people to get out because they want what they say is theirs. They want reparations. To them that means that they can take what they want and pillage and burn down what they don’t want. They say that the rest of us have no sat in the matter. More and more you are seeing citizens groups fighting back and that is why I believe that a civil war has begum.

If we citizens do not win this war and take the country back America will become a communist country, because as I stated earlier, fascism is not look on favorably although it is not much different than communism.

BLM is not now and has never been about black lives, it began and continues and an organization devoted to turn this country into a communist country. We cannot let that happen.

~ The Author ~
The author (Stephen J. Norling) is retired from the work world and does freelance writing. He has served in the armed forces and worked in various industries, has worked for both political parties and found them both to be lacking. After watching politics for a long time he came to all new conclusions and why he is warning people of the politics of this country. He has remained a (somewhat) regular contributor to the Federal Observer and Kettle Moraine Publications for nearly twenty years. We are glad to have him back – as accurate, angry and straightforward as a TRUE Patriot can be. Send the Knifeman an email with your comments.

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