The Devil Wears Pink

The shade Cuomo chose was a putrid pink that could be called Luciferian pink, a color that comes with an acrid odor of sulphur.

The devil wears pink and it is more than certain that political pinkos are among his most favored people.

The devil – who crawls into the woodwork by pretending that he doesn’t exist – dons pink pussy caps as he does dust-ups behind the scenes, stuffs his cloven feet into pink stilettos, plants pink petunias where only roses should grow, and on Monday night was singularly honored when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had the One World Trade Center lit up in pink to celebrate New York’s new Abortion-Up-Til-Birth law.

The devil wears pink for every thing other than blushes because Satan, who has no shame, never ever blushes.

Cuomo wanted all passersby and motorists to see the One World Trade Center bathed in neon pink in celebration of New York’s new abortion law, but many who saw it, only saw red.

The devil’s delighted and loud guffaws were amped up by the WOOHOOS! of the hate-for-life-crazed Democrats and their mainstream and social media travelling show, who toasted the pink lighting with pink champagne and chardonnay.

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) directed authorities to use pink lighting to laud New York’s new abortion law. (Breitbart, Jan. 23, 2019.

“Entitled the Reproductive Health Act, New York’s latest abortion law allows termination of a pregnancy until the expected day of birth with certain limitations:

“[An] abortion may be performed by a licensed, certified, or authorized practitioner within 24 weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or at any time when necessary to protect a patient’s life or health.

Breitbart News reported:

“The [Reproductive Health Act] also redefines “person” as “a human being who has been born and is alive,” eliminating the possibility of recognizing the personhood of an unborn child. During her presidential campaign in 2016, Hillary Clinton stated that “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

“Breitbart News also highlighted the Reproductive Health Act’s ending of criminal penalties for self-abortion and harming or killing—with specific mention of “homicide” — unborn children.

“Hillary Clinton praised New York Democrats’ push for and passage of the aforementioned bill, describing abortion as a “reproductive health service.”

In the sad times in which we now live there was little blowback.

“In Syracuse, a small business owner closed his shop today to lament the vote. (Red State, Jan. 23, 2019)

Jon Speed, proprietor of The Book Scout — labeled Wednesday a “day of mourning” over the Reproductive Health Act.

“He posted the following to Facebook:

“The book store is closed today. It is a day of mourning in New York. In honor of the thousands of babies that will die in the years to come, we shall not be collecting sales tax for this tyrannical government today. We will on other days, under duress, but not today.”

It is reasonable to wonder how long Facebook will allow the small business owner’s post to remain online.

“Jon attached a sign to the door of his store. It read: (Red State)

CLOSED TODAY. Today is a day of mourning in New York State. We will not collect sales tax today for a tyrannical government that murders babies. We will resume regular business tomorrow, collecting sales tax under duress. End Abortion Now.”

“Elsewhere—at a location dedicated to the memory of thousands of innocent lives lost (here), there was this:

Here is how the legislators voted in the new abortion law: (Red State, Jan 23, 2019)

“As reported by LifeSiteNews: In New York Tuesday, both chambers of the legislature voted to establish a “fundamental right” to abortion and eliminate all protections for the unborn up until birth.

“The 38-24 vote favored the “Reproductive Health Act”—I take this time to point out the euphemistic nature of laws. Reproductive health sounds like an inarguable virtue, right?

“The bill makes the following declaration:

Every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to have an abortion.

“Previously blocked—over a period of years—by the formerly-Republican Senate, the legislation erases a key identification of fetuses older than 24 weeks as potential victims of murder, entirely removes abortion from the penal code, and… …allows people other than licensed health practitioners to perform abortions.

“Summary, it would seem: there is no protection whatsoever for the unborn. Anyone (?) can perform an abortion on any baby that hasn’t yet been birthed.

“Andrea Stewart-Cousins—Senate majority leader—had this to say:

Today, here in New York, we are saying no […] and we’re not just saying no. We’re saying that here in New York, women’s health matters. We’re saying here in New York, women’s lives matter. We’re saying here in New York, women’s decisions matter.”

“As per LifeSite:

“The Times-Union suggests the bill would allow “late-stage” abortions only if the mother’s “health” is endangered or if the baby is deemed non-viable, but the New York State Right to Life Committee warns that the bill would go much further in practice.

“Declaring abortion a “fundamental right” opens the door to invalidating “any limits on abortion” and “mandat[ing] that everyone take part in the culture of death,” the group warns. The bill would also prevent pregnant women whose babies are killed in violent attacks from seeing justice, and have the effect of “authorizing infanticide” by repealing the requirement that a second physician be on hand in the event that an attempted abortion past 20 weeks yields a live infant.

“Since Trump’s election, and particularly upon Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, many among the Left have decried what they view to be an impending review—and potential overturning—of Roe v. Wade.

“Related, LSN explains:

The bill is also part of a broader trend of left-wing states codifying a “right” to abortion in anticipation of a future Supreme Court ruling that could reverse Roe, restoring states’ ability to ban abortion themselves and automatically banning it in the handful of states with pre-Roe bans still on the books.

“To see New York pass a bill so that right is protected, is just a dream come true,” said Sarah Ragle Weddington, an attorney who represented Norma “Jane Roe” McCorvey in the original case. The Times-Union does not mention that Weddington’s former client became pro-life in 1995 and dedicated the rest of her life to opposing Roe.”

It should be remembered in all history that it was NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo who turned pink lights on for a gleeful devil.

The shade Cuomo chose was a putrid pink that could be called Luciferian pink, a color that comes with an acrid odor of sulphur.

Written by Judi McLeod for Canada Free Press ~ January 24, 2019

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