More than 7-in-10 California Immigrant Households Are on Welfare

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These ILLEGALS are just getting FOREIGN AID via the welfare office. They come from countries that Americans have sent foreign aid (a welfare program) to for years and years. So they come to America and get another form of Foreign Aid – called Welfare (free medical, education, etc) and they see nothing wrong with what they are doing. WELFARE should be restricted to LEGAL AMERICANS only. NOT A CENT TO FOREIGNERS who are here, most likely, illegally. If they want American tax funds then stay in their home country and demand payment from their national leaders.

We have too many AMERICANS in need of financial assistance – why are we giving $$ to foreigners and leaving our citizens living on the streets. Think how much of the *National Debt* is due to foreign aid and welfare for non-Americans.

America is NOT the mothers milk of the world – it is long past time to put those teat suckers on bottled milk. CLOSE THE BORDERS – END ALL VISA’s – DEPORT all who are not here legally – ENFORCE the laws against employing ILLEGALS with higher fines and punishment.

And eliminate all payments to the U.N. – end the allowance for all those UN folks to get away with the violations they now get. They are in America and have to obey our laws – no exceptions. Perhaps the UN will move to England or Germany and we can be free of their ilk.

Return to the days of having to have a SPONSOR who guarantees you won’t become a public charge. Return to the clean bill of health before being allowed to enter America.

We do not owe any foreigner one thing – in fact they OWE us a great deal.

Jackie Juntti

More than 7-in-10 California Immigrant Households Are on Welfare

The latest Census Bureau data analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) finds that about 72 percent of households headed by noncitizens and immigrants use one or more forms of taxpayer-funded welfare programs in California ­ the number one immigrant-receiving state in the U.S.

Meanwhile, only about 35 percent of households headed by native-born Americans use welfare in California.

All four states with the largest foreign-born populations, including California, have extremely high use of welfare by immigrant households. In Texas, for example, nearly 70 percent of households headed by immigrants use taxpayer-funded welfare. Meanwhile, only about 35 percent of native-born households in Texas are on welfare.

In New York and Florida, a majority of households headed by immigrants and noncitizens are on welfare. Overall, about 63 percent of immigrant households use welfare while only 35 percent of native-born households use welfare.

President Trump’s administration is looking to soon implement a policy that protects American taxpayers’ dollars from funding the mass importation of welfare-dependent foreign nationals by enforcing a “public charge” rule whereby legal immigrants would be less likely to secure a permanent residency in the U.S. if they have used any forms of welfare in the past, including using Obamacare, food stamps, and public housing.

The immigration controls would be a boon for American taxpayers in the form of an annual $57.4 billion tax cut ­ the amount taxpayers spend every year on paying for the welfare, crime, and schooling costs of the country’s mass importation of 1.5 million new, mostly low-skilled legal immigrants.

As Breitbart News reported, the majority of the more than 1.5 million foreign nationals entering the country every year use about 57 percent more food stamps than the average native-born American household. Overall, immigrant households consume 33 percent more cash welfare than American citizen households and 44 percent more in Medicaid dollars. This straining of public services by a booming 44 million foreign-born population translates to the average immigrant household costing American taxpayers $6,234 in federal welfare.

Written by John Binder for and published by Breitbart ~ December 04, 2018

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