Neal H. Ross

June 28, 1958; San Francisco, CA, 8:49 a.m. – Neal Ross came into this world. Eisenhower was president, the Beatles had never been heard of, man hadn’t walked on the moon, and people had never heard of video games, cell phones, personal computers or the Internet. Most folks didn’t even own a color television.

Fifty-cents could get you a gallon of gas AND a candy bar, which was typically what Neal was paid for mowing the lawns. People smiled much more back then than they do now, and your neighbors knew your name, and you theirs. You could go into a small mom and pop store and get fresh cuts of meat from the butcher and fresh milk and eggs were delivered to your doorstop every morning.

When he was growing up kids could stay out all day, as long as they were home for supper, and the parents did not worry. Scrapes, bruises, black eyes, and yes, broken bones were all part of growing up. It made you tough, and you learned that there were certain things that it was stupid to attempt. Nobody ever called Child Protective Services when a kid was taken to the doctor to set a broken arm (Or when the kids just needed a good spanking).

ROSS_cvr_v1_webRoss was six when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and he, like many kids his age – were not allowed to watch it.

He was sent out of the room while the news came on in the 60’s because he was too young to hear about the Viet Nam War and all the death.

This was the America Neal Ross grew up in, and the transformation he has witnessed over the past 58 years, along with the morals taught by his parents are what have made him who he today.

Neal has served his country, spending over thirteen years in the United States Air Force, and another 10 years later as a military contractor. He has traveled much of the world and seen things many people could never even imagine. In addition to his guidance and upbringing from his parents, his time serving his country has also lent itself in making Neal who he is today.

ross-civil-war_cvr_bs_catAll in all Neal considers himself just another average ‘Joe Blow’ walking the streets. He has been married to the same woman, for 28 years and they have a son. According to Ross, “There is absolutely NOTHING that makes me any better, or any worse, than anyone else. What DOES set me apart from a good number of people is that I care enough about my country to seek out, and accept when presented to me, THE TRUTH, even if that truth is that our government has sold the people it is supposed to represent down the river.”

Neal has been told that – and he tends to believe that, God has given him a gift to write things in a way that is both enjoyable, and easy to understand. Therefore, if God DID give it to him, it means that He intended that Neal use this gift. Therefore, he writes – sometimes to the annoyance of others, but believes that it is his mission, his purpose in life.

According to Ross, “That’s all you need to know about me!

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