Dictatorship in Disguise: Authoritarian Monsters Wreak Havoc on Our Freedoms

“You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.” ~ They Live

We’re living in two worlds.

There’s the world we see (or are made to see) and then there’s the one we sense (and occasionally catch a glimpse of), the latter of which is a far cry from the propaganda-driven reality manufactured by the government and its corporate sponsors, including the media.

Indeed, what most Americans perceive as life in America – privileged, progressive and free – is a far cry from reality, where economic inequality is growing, real agendas and real power are buried beneath layers of Orwellian doublespeak and corporate obfuscation, and “freedom,” such that it is, is meted out in small, legalistic doses by militarized police and federal agents armed to the teeth.

All is not as it seems.

Monsters with human faces walk among us. Many of them work for the U.S. government. Continue reading

Teachers, Preachers and Greens… The Unholy Alliance to Transform America

“The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory, destroy its books, its culture, and its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” ~ Milan Kundera

When Communism “fell” in the late 1980’s, those who were busy scheming to impose global governance on the sovereign nations had a problem. Suddenly, the only super power in the world was the United States – the only nation on Earth based on the ideals of limited government, individual liberty and free enterprise. If American bedrock ideals of freedom took hold in the emerging nations of the old Soviet Empire, global governance was impossible.

What to do? The answer was obvious. Change America. Get her to join the community of nations with a proper attitude. Force her to learn her proper place. Target: America’s attitudes, values and beliefs. And to force us to quickly question those American ideals, elements of guilt and fear would be essential. Continue reading

The Seese Chronicles: When My Country Fell to the Liberals

The Public Never Knew What Happened!

Mr. Smith… from another time!

June 4, 2006 – There is so much rampant relativism in America today that only the few who care about the future of this nation and the heritage that made it a once great nation understand that the liberty of which we are so zealous is as fictitious as Santa Claus, perhaps more so.

As a nation filled with IRS-beholden churches whose preachers cannot involve themselves in the political morality of the day, or the ethics dictated by the Christian faith, or even the public displays of the symbols of our faith lest some be offended and take matters to court, we are filled with churchians who agree with whatever our government says about God, even to whether He exists. We should be a nation of fiery pulpits rather than teachers who tickle ears for the sake of building membership numbers and bowing to the dictates of the tolerance and diversity peddlers whose influence is manifest everywhere. Sadly, we are not a nation of fiery pulpits but of merchandisers of a feel-good religion with bigger buildings and smaller messages of little to no import, and barely a word of true Gospel. Continue reading

The Convergence Of Prophetic Signs: The Hour Is Later Than You Think

How close is the rapture of the church? I think we can get a good idea based on recent surveys of self-identified Christians in the United States.

Recently, The Christian Post reported, “Over a third of senior pastors believe ‘good people’ can earn their way to heaven.” This was the conclusion of a survey conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University. The survey polled around 1,000 Christian pastors, examining dozens of beliefs they hold, and found only 37% hold a biblical worldview.

The survey found 39% believe “each individual must determine their own truth,” 38% do not believe “human life is sacred,” and 37% believe “having faith, in general, is more important than in what – or more specifically, Whom – one has faith.”

Assuming this is true, it should come as no surprise to learn the people sitting in the pews of these churches hold similar views. In his blog post, “Barna: Most Americans Create a Customized Worldview,” Ken Ham states, “Seven out of 10 U.S. adults call themselves ‘Christians’ and yet only 6 in 100 (6%) actually have a biblical worldview.” He then went on to cite statistics from a recent Ligonier Ministries survey. Among its findings: Continue reading

Smith: The Law Means Nothing to the Lawless

~ Forward ~
Men of conscience must prepare to do what must be done to save America, by the bullet if necessary, ’cause the Constitution isn’t a suicide pact. And just as our Declaration of Independence was a call to action and a call to fight to the death to preserve our freedom and liberty — to live free or die — in our country’s first days, so too does it serve in spirit and the letter of righteous law as a guide that demands America’s good men and women answer that same call today.

Only the tyrants have changed. – J.O.S.

“… I was cautioned to surrender, this I could not do; I took my gun and vanished. … Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing, through the graves the wind is blowing, freedom soon will come.” ~ The Partisan
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SEPARATION: Why and How to Partition the United States of America

Given current political and cultural clashes, we should ask whether continued union is the best option. Yet we cannot answer that question without considering other courses of action. Who am I? I am 70. I have a Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from Fordham and one published book titled Aristotle’s Best Regime. I am not a member of any political organization. ~ Jeff Chuska


America is divided into two camps, the Reds and the Blues. (The names are based on the maps showing the locations of red and blue states.) The disagreements between them are numerous and profound. They hold conflicting and incompatible views on the following and more: abortion, climate change, the economy, the environment, equality, the family, foreign policy, free speech, globalization, government, gun rights, healthcare, human nature, human sexuality, identity politics, immigration, marriage, the military, race relations, religion, taxes and welfare. As a consequence of the irreconcilable beliefs of the Reds and the Blues, concord between them is impossible. And because concord is impossible, the two groups cannot live together peacefully. Continue reading

Juntti: GOALS ~ What are yours? Do you have any?

November 27, 2011 ~ As I sat watching the news which was filled pretty much with coverage of the madness that they call Black Friday shopping I had a lot of thoughts cross my mind. First of all it was what a bunch of morons – how many of them have a job to have the money to spend on this junk they are camping out and standing in line to get. How many will just CHARGE IT? (Following the example set forth by government – CHARGE IT – go into DEBT. Debt is the Devils Chain of slavery around your neck.)

That got me to thinking about GOALS and how each person has some kind of GOALS in their life. My question is WHAT IS YOUR GOAL. There are many GOALS out there, some are long term, some are mid term and some are short term……. some are simply IMPULSE.  Continue reading

Which kills more people: Opioids, Guns or Covid vaccines?

It is literally preposterous to witness the US government’s “war” against drugs and guns, while completely ignoring the mass deaths caused by the Covid vaccines. Just take a look at the data and statistics and you will see the elephant in the room. Sure, any unnecessary deaths are a tragedy, but if the so-called “war on drugs” and “mass shootings” are such huge ordeals, then addressing the current vaccine genocide happening from the Fauci Flu shots should be of utmost priority. Continue reading

One of Top High Schools in America (Langley High School Outside Washington DC) Implements ‘Equity Grading’ to Fight ‘Bias’ in Favor of Whites… Ensuring Anti-White Grading System

And for no reason at all, white people started to lose faith in the system….[Fairfax schools implemented ‘equity grading’ to fight ‘bias’, Washington Examiner, October 3, 2022]:

Officials with Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools Public Schools have taken steps to implement so-called “equitable grading” at Langley High School and other schools across the district in a bid to fight “institutional bias,” according to internal FCPS communications. Continue reading

Snyder: Violent Crime Has Become A Hot Political Issue This Election Season

…Perhaps That Is Because There Is Blood All Over Our Streets

Millions upon millions of Americans are starting to realize that we simply cannot continue down the path that we are currently on. Communities all over the nation are degenerating into crime-infested hellholes, and a lot of us have decided that enough is enough. We don’t want to raise our families in cities that resemble war zones. We don’t want to walk on city streets that are soaked in blood. Unfortunately, just electing new politicians won’t stop the rising tide of violence. The truth is that social decay is systematically eating away at the foundations of our culture, and that is not such an easy thing to fix. Continue reading

The Alex Jones Verdict Exposed an Important Legal Truth

They STILL Call Him MISTER Jones!

NOTE: I have made no bones about it that I have never liked nor trusted Jones – going all the way back to the late 1990’s when he got his start. I have shared the story before, so I will not waste your time sharing it again, but then I remember the morning of 9/11 when he was on the air opposite my broadcast, claiming that he had the PROOF of the cause of the attacks on that fateful day – while the planes were crashing into the Twin Towers. As his listeners – as well as mine and many others were sitting home in total fear watching it all unfold – I felt that he was out of line and I attacked him live that morning – and I have never looked back since that day. …and yet what you are about to read certainly opens up some interesting concerns and questions about Jones and many others who are still out here fighting the fights – but then I STILL believe that for MISTER Jones – it’s all about the shekels – NOT the truth!

BUT BE AWARE of what follows – for in many respects – it is about the “Right” – you and I and those who the LEFT is continuing to attack!~ Editor

The fabrication-industrial complex is skating on thin legal ice.

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Brady: The Decline of Dustoff

“When I have your wounded.”

Those words set the standard and example for generations of Dustoff crews, which provided helicopter aeromedical evacuation from the battlefield. They were also the death rattle of Maj. Charles Kelly. In terms of lives saved, his sacrifice was perhaps the most productive U.S. combat death ever. Kelly’s story may be instructive in demonstrating the shabby state of evacuation and care of wounded warriors today. Continue reading

the American Revolution ~ A Declaration of Independence for Our Life and Times

“We are called as a people, to give testimony, in the sight of the world, to our faith that the future shall belong to the free – for history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower – Washington, D.C., January 20, 1953

the American Revolution

We had our American Revolution over two centuries ago and the years have done something to it. The legends remain, and the statues and the grassy earthworks and the great body of tradition, but a good deal of the reality has been filtered out – revised! When we look back to see Washington crossing the Delaware on a cold winter night, or kneeling in prayer in the snow of Valley Forge; we see the Minutemen, or a lanky Virginian rifleman picturesque in fringed buckskin; but somehow it all seems out of a pageant, and neither Washington nor the men who followed him quite come alive for us. Continue reading

Hayworth: CBS closed its ubiquitous eye with Biden interview

Few corporate logos have proven as iconic or enduring as the CBS eye, which will turn 71 this October.

From its genesis in TV’s monochromatic age, the eye has remained. It was colorized, as was most of TV by the mid- to late-1960s, and eventually universalized — adopted by all the divisions of CBS, though well-modulated grumbling was heard from CBS Radio. Continue reading

The World Continues its’ Path to Insanity!

Melinda Gates opens up about ‘unbelievably painful’ divorce from Microsoft billionaire Bill
Details struggle of having to work with him even as they were splitting up.

Melinda also slammed Bill for his questionable friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and revealed that he continued to meet with him despite her having ‘nightmares’ about him.

‘I did not like that he had meetings with Jeffrey Epstein. I made that clear to him,’ she said, adding that she met Epstein one time because she ‘wanted to see who he was.’ ‘I regretted it from the second I stepped in the door,’ she continued. ‘He was abhorrent, evil personified. I had nightmares about it afterwards.

‘Any of the questions remaining about what Bill’s relationship with him was… those are for Bill to answer. I made it very clear how I felt about him.’… (Continue to full article)

The graves of unidentified migrants lay bare the horrific toll of Biden’s border crisis
PVC pipe crosses with ‘John Doe’ markings sit in cemetery in Texas as death toll reaches record high of 782 in a year

Sunken, unfinished graves at a cemetery in Eagle Pass, Texas allegedly hold more than a dozen unidentified migrants who died in the dangerous journey trying to cross illegally from Mexico into the U.S. [ See the PVC graves of Jose Doe]

Maverick County Cemetery has marked the makeshift graves with crosses constructed from PVC pipes and the temporary identification cards at the base of the crosses read ‘John Doe’.

A TikTok video of the scene with nearly 200,000 views claims that the migrants buried are those who drowned while crossing the Rio Grande River into Texas… (Continue to full article)

Iconic Mass General Hospital in Boston posts $900 million quarterly loss as report reveals up to 70% of US hospitals will lose money in 2022 as rocketing costs and staff shortages leave facilities ‘bleeding red’
Mass General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, Massachusetts, which posted $949 million in losses in the third quarter of the 2022 fiscal year – ending in June. The hospital points to surging labor costs and staffing shortages for the unprecedented losses.

Hospitals across the United States are hemorrhaging funds and many are sounding the alarm that they may not be able to continue operations unless rocketing costs and labor shortages are resolved in the coming months.

American hospitals have struggled throughout the pandemic. Many operations were deferred as a result of lockdowns and Covid restrictions. The pandemic also led to an exodus of medical staff, specifically in nursing, leading to many relying on more expensive contract labor to fill roles. As a result, even more nurses left their full-time roles for contract roles, exacerbating the situation… (Continue to full article)

‘50% of black death in America is abortion’
Kanye West slams pro-choice campaigners as he wears lanyard with image of a fetus during his Tucker Carlson interview – and says ‘there’s more black babies being aborted than born in NYC’

A bit of a nut-case – but I have far greater respect for him than the Kartrashian family…

It was reported by the Texas Tribune this year that around 40 percent of women who get abortions in the US are black while black women account for less than 15 percent of the country’s female population.

’50 percent of black death in America is abortion, so I really don’t care about people’s responses. I perform for an audience of one, and that’s God.’ … (Continue to full article)

So I met this azz hole…

Old Weatherbys & 80 year old Winchesters – the stories, which make grown men cry.

November 1, 2002 ~ When my family and I relocated from the mountains of Arizona to the Valley of the Scum Sun 12 years ago – we only had one requirement of our house – it had to have a swimming pool. Living in the Arizona desert can have its rewards – even while roasting yourazz in 120 degree brain or egg scrambling temperatures. This is just once such story.

I’m down at Cheekie’s Café one Friday for breakfast (my favorite cholesterol hole) chewin’ the fat (no pun intended) with Charlie and Deb, when this guy walks in. It seems that this is his favorite place to eat on Friday’s as well (well, favorite may be stretching it a little). He grabs a copy of the Arizona Repugnant on his way to the booth, sits his azz down on one of the virgin vinyl benches, rifles through the paper (which serves as a bird cage liner in our house) and heads right for section D (for dummies) the Sports Section! Then the waitress approaches him…. Continue reading

2022 ~ Back to the Future… for time is running out!

Since June 28, 1995… I have been telling you so…

The phrase “the Fall of America” suggests some cataclysmic event ended the American Empire which had stretched from Maine to California and Florida to Washington. But at the end, there was no straining at the gates, no barbarian horde that dispatched the Empire in one fell swoop. Rather, the Empire fell slowly, as a result of challenges from within and without, and changing over the course of hundreds of years until its form was unrecognizable.

These past four years, and more these past two months and days have put pressure on this nation as has not been seen since both our American Revolution of the 1770’s, and our second Revolution of the 1860’s. For me – it has been the days of this week, more than any before them.

Frankly, the 21 months I spent in Vet Nam between 1968 (beginning months after the Tet Offensive) and ending in early 1970 – not once during that time did I feel the pressure nor fear – that I feel for this nation – and our future – that I feel today. Continue reading

Marcus Tullius Cicero: Keenly Perturbed

Over the past fifty years, I’ve had the nagging feeling that things don’t add up. It all makes sense in context and when viewed from a single perspective, but the picture changes when you shift your position ever so slightly.

As I shifted, the past information coalesced into a feeling of dread. I’m aware we’re being played, and I’m keenly perturbed about it.

I know you’ve seen pictures that change when you shift slightly left or right; they’re called lenticular prints – the image changes depending on your viewing angle. So, it is with politicians and the gibberish they emit. Continue reading

Addendum to the insanity of life…

Concern over all that spews forth from this vile Biden regime…

I’ve written for over 40 years on the harm being done to America through its poorly measured and implemented immigration policies and the Democratic Party’s hand in using immigration as a tool to subvert the republic to their benefit. The people either just don’t really care as much as many say they do or they are simply swamped in their personal life, just trying to keep up and stay ahead of the bills while caring for their families. Continue reading