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Do we have the time, or is this the beginning of the end of life in America as we have known it? This is where you will find a range of Editorial postings and comments by a select group of writers, many of who have had long term relations with Kettle Moraine Publications – and EACH of whom provide us with THEIR Perspectives as this Nation ignores the warnings as we live in the end of days – for most Americans’ are Too Blind to See!

Dickens: Buckle Up, Buttercup… The Cult of Personality

My Brother-in-law David recently commented that I’m too hard on American citizens for not caring for our country. I respect and value his opinion. He’s right on the money. I am hard on the people trusted with our republic – you and me. His insightful comment inspired this essay.

The great riddle of a seven-headed figure

No one likes to be told they’re wrong or at fault. I realize it’s generational; it’s how we’re socialized – educated – indoctrinated. That’s part of the problem; we like it easy and comforting. Criticism and reprobation are foreign concepts and quite disquieting to most American citizens. We’ve come to expect our government to do it for us, but sometimes we need a good slap in the face to awaken from complacency. The current situation shows that mind reading is not Big Brother’s strong suit, and in the absence of well-stated requirements, he will give us what he wants.

I attribute our present situation to American citizens’ inaction and lack of involvement. I also criticize the educational system – another responsibility we relinquish to Big Brother. Continue reading

Hanson: The Price of Eliminating Consequences

A shop owner looks over damage in a looted souvenir and electronics shop near Times Square after a night of protests and vandalism over the death of George Floyd, in New York, on June 2, 2020. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Recently there were some remarkable online videos of a Portland, Oregon, good Samaritan confronting shoplifters and forcing them to dump loads of their pilfered goods.

More stunning, however, was the sheer outrage – of the thieves!

They pouted. They screamed. They resisted. How dare anyone stop them from stealing anything they wished. Continue reading


Update: U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen rules out a bailout of collapsed Silicon Valley Bank.

Silicon Valley Bank is yet another example of corruption in the banking sector. I’ve read that SVB is the second largest banking failure in US history.

A woke and ‘green’ bank, SVB was devoted to ‘DIE,’ or Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.

Maybe the latter in particular contributed to their collapse, but before it did go bust executives running the sorry show made sure they cashed out of their stock and rewarded all the top executives with generous bonuses. The taxpayers will pick up the rest of the tab via FDIC insurance… Continue reading

Hayworth: Sounds Like the Apocalypse Is Getting Closer

At a more carefree time in American History — actually, just a few years ago — “Sports Illustrated” featured a tongue-in-cheek digest of offbeat stories under the heading “Signs the Apocalypse is upon us.”

For many readers, that periodical’s very own apocalypse came in 2020, when the magazine morphed into a monthly publication.

In November of that same year, it was reported that Joe Biden was elected as our 46th president… Continue reading

Benson: Parents Majoring In The Minors

Articles about the horrible quality (on purpose) of what passes for education in public schools have become so prevalent that people now tend to take this inferior education for granted and so are tempted to just ignore it.

We recently were informed that some schools are now ending their honors programs so they can promote “equity” (racism). It seems that lots of the white kids do well in the honors programs so that now must cease and we must begin to enforce a stultifying conformity, a “one size fits all” program they have mislabeled as “equity,” The concept of “equity” has trumped any idea of real education–but, then, real education has not existed in public schools for generations anyway. Continue reading

Anghis: A World On The Edge – The Series

We are facing the most critical period in our history as mankind. It isn’t just the United States that is being threatened it is every sovereign nation in the world. What amazes me is that the people that are the threat are not elected to any position of power in any of the nations of the world. They have just decided that they need to control everything and most countries are going along with it like it is just what should be done.

Of course, I’m talking about the World Economic Forum. The leader of this corrupt organization is Klaus Schwab. When you look at him you almost think that he is a relative of Darth Vader. His arrogance is through the roof. He’s using world events to convince everyone that his ideals are best and must be followed. There have been many through the ages that believe that they are better qualified to control you than you are. You’re too stupid. Only the elite of the world can properly govern. Most of them hate the human race even though they are part of it. They all have believed that there are too many people on the planet and that most of them need to be eliminated. Continue reading

Now California reparations panel RAISES amount it wants to give 1.8m black people…

…from $220,000 to $360,000 each in $650 BILLION give away – as hearing is told payments are ‘only way to stop our children busting into liquor and grocery stores’

Members of the public welcomed plans to pay reparations, with one man saying, pictured, said money is the only to stop ‘our children busting into liqour stores’

Black Californians could be in line for $360,000 each as part of the state’s plan to dish out ‘reparations’ to descendants of slaves.

Secretary of State Shirley Weber told a meeting today that California must ‘admit its sins and change the narrative,’ to pave the way for initiatives similar to ones already being considered in other states. Continue reading

Pope John Paul II ‘covered up child abuse while a cardinal in Poland and transferred paedophile priests to avoid a scandal

The late Polish pope John Paul II knew about child abuse in Poland’s Catholic church years before becoming pontiff and helped cover it up, a new report has claimed.

Michal Gutowski, the investigator behind the report for private broadcaster TVN, said that Karol Wojtyla, as he then was, knew of cases of paedophile priests within the church while still a cardinal in Krakow.

He transferred the priests to other dioceses – one as far away as Austria – to ensure no scandal ensued, the investigator said. Continue reading

Smith: Fly Away from Your Own Destruction

Well … the more things change the more they remain the same.

Cradle to Grave Painting by Gergely Bukovinszki

I don’t think any of us really knows what it’s going to take to turn life in America around and place it back on a more reasoned and moral path, but it’s a certainty that the nation will soon self-destruct, if it doesn’t soon abandon the policies being implemented by Joe Biden’s anti-American regime. There isn’t any nation that can survive forever being torn between two antithetical ideologies in such a nonsensical, irresponsible and subversive and treasonous manner.

It speaks to America’s mass delusional, corrupt nature that they could so willingly give themselves over to a philosophy that will ultimately make them all slaves on the promise of “free stuff” and cradle to grave care from the government, this regime or any other. As so often noted by so many, a government that has the power to grant privilege and gifts also has the power to take them away. Continue reading

Leaked audio reveals US rail workers were told to skip inspections as Ohio crash prompts scrutiny to industry

EXCLUSIVE: Employee says manager told her to stop marking cars for repair, as Ohio derailment brings hard look at industry’s record of blocking safety rules

A view of the site of the derailment of a train carrying hazardous waste in East Palestine, Ohio. Photograph: Alan Freed/Reuters

In leaked audio heard by the Guardian, a manager for one of the US’s largest rail companies can be heard explaining to a former carman that they should stop tagging railcars for broken bearings. The manager says doing so delays other cargo.

The disclosure comes as federal agencies investigate the derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. A wheel-bearing failure was cited as the cause of the crash in a preliminary report released by the National Transportation Safety Board. Continue reading

Hayworth: Homeland Security’s Border Policies Not So Secure

Before Tinseltown’s glitterati descended on the Valley of the Sun for Super Bowl 57, an inhabitant of “Hollywood for the cosmetically challenged” preceded them. One of Washington, D.C.’s “celebrated public servants” stood before a multitude of microphones and cameras five days before the big game.

And talk about an acting job!

To hear Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hold forth, you would have thought that a motion picture portrayal akin to Pat O’Brien as Knute Rockne — or a performance recalling that old made-for-TV movie with Ernest Borgnine as Vince Lombardi — was in production. Continue reading


I was in Dollar Tree last night, and there was a lady and two kids behind me in the LONG line. One was a big kid, and the other one was a toddler.

The bigger one had a pack of glow sticks, and the toddler was screaming for them. The Mom opened the pack and gave him one which stopped his tears. He walked around with it smiling; but then the bigger boy took it, and the toddler started screaming again.

Just as the Mom was about to fuss, the older child bent the glow stick and handed it back to the toddler. Continue reading

Dickens: Who? We The People…

Not everyone sees things as I do; I see things differently. I’m not right or wrong, just different and somewhat unconventional. My view is that we created these issues – We, the People. We let this great republic slip through our fingers.

I concede that decline is part of the natural order and always follows ascent. Nothing lasts forever, and humans are naturally pernicious.

You have every right to question my observations and to refute my opinions. If you offer a challenge, I ask for evidence, not suppositions, allegations, or accusations.

“If someone can prove me wrong and show me my mistake in any thought or action, I shall gladly change. I seek the truth, which never harmed anyone: the harm is to persist in one’s own self-deception and ignorance.” ~ Marcus Aurelius
Continue reading

No Precedent’: Biden Moves To Bind U.S. To Future WHO Pandemic Policies


Over the weekend, reports surfaced that the Biden administration was preparing to enter the United States into a “legally binding” agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) that would grant the entity authority to mandate America’s health care policies in the event of a future pandemic.

Experts say the proposed plan would be an unprecedented violation of the Constitution, which grants the Senate the authority to approve international treaties. Continue reading

Greene: End the Insanity Immediately!

And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. – Revelation, 20: 11-12

The United States of America is on the brink of extinction and the O’Biden regime has pushed the world to the brink of World War III which may go to full-scale global war or even a nuclear exchange before they are finished.

Any American who supports Ukraine today is either completely ignorant of history and reality, or totally insane. And there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that a growing segment of American society is totally insane! In fact, they aren’t just insane, they are suicidal!

In terms of war, the definition of “winning” is limited to who killed and destroyed more than their opponent. The ONLY time war is “necessary” is when freedom, liberty and justice is under direct assault on our own soil, and the only means of preserving freedom, liberty and justice in our country is to eliminate those attacking us, be they foreign, domestic, or both.

Today, the greatest threat to American freedom, liberty and justice is coming from within, namely, the anti-American O’Biden regime in control of all weaponized Federal Agencies, our Military, the news media, the internet, medicine, food and energy supplies, and all social media platforms. Continue reading

Benson: An Empire In Decline?

Is the United States an empire in decline? Awhile back, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana made the comment that “This nation was founded by geniuses but it’s being run by idiots.” Unfortunately, many of those idiots belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, and their main idiotic idea is to make the US just another cog in the wheel of One World Government–under the control of the United Nations.

The Treasury Secretary, another CFR member, claims she will punish China. Yeah, right! Biden says he will support Ukraine in their war with Russia “as long as it takes.” To do what? Bankrupt America? Continue reading

ROSS: Your Invisible Prison

The subject I wish to discuss today is extremely complex and convoluted, yet it is something that people need to try and wrap their heads around; before it is too late. Sitting here thinking about how to go about explaining it all is akin to trying to describe the intricacy of a spider web to a blind person; yet, in a way, a spider web and the subject matter I wish to discuss are both very similar; as they trap those things that land in them.

How many have watched any of the dystopian, futuristic, movies in which, at first glance, society appears to be a Utopia? In these films, the people seem happy, they all are well taken care of, the cities are clean and crime free; but lurking just under the surface there is something wrong; something seriously wrong!!! Continue reading

I want my Son back!

Texas moms rent huge billboards across the state showing pictures of their kids killed by accidentally taking pills laced with fentanyl – as drugs crisis continues to blight America
A group of Texas mothers who have lost their children to accidental fentanyl poisoning have taken to renting large billboards featuring images of their loved ones in the hope of starting conversation between other parents and their kids.

The families aim to raise awareness about the dangers associated with drugs and are urging parents to educate their children on the issue.

In response to the cause, billboard advertiser MediaChoice, got so many calls thanking them for bringing attention to fentanyl, they have now generously provided free space to display the signs… (Continue to full article)

YEAH – I want my son back – and Emily as well!

Shocking video shows how drug addicts in Portland are emptying whole pallets of water bought with food stamps just to recycle the plastic bottles for $2.40 to buy cheap fentanyl
Drug addicts in Oregon have come up with a scheme that sees them using their food stamps to buy cases of water which they then immediately empty out in order to obtain a 0.10 cents bottle deposit to then buy drugs with.

Video footage shot in a parking lot on Portland sees one group of people with shopping carts full of pallets of bottled water, only to have them empty the contents out on the ground.

The alleged addicts will then return to the supermarket from where they acquired the bottled water to obtain a recycling refund… (Continue to full article)

DEA warns that ADHD overprescription could be as bad as OPIOID CRISIS in stinging letter to pharmaceutical giants it accuses of ‘aggressive marketing’ – as users rise 10% in a year to 41 million
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has expressed concern that ‘aggressive marketing practices’ by telehealth companies may be contributing to excessive prescriptions for medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a letter from the agency.

While the letter does not mention specific companies, it is believed to refer to telehealth companies such as Cerebral Inc. and Done Global Inc., whose prescribing practices have reportedly been under investigation by the DEA after blitzing social media with online adverts on platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

This decision follows an increase in Adderall prescriptions of 10.4% in 2021 and 10.9% through October 2022, after a roughly 5% annual increase in the three years prior, according to data from research firm IQVIA… (Continue to full article)

Hayworth: What’s up with the ‘Doc…’ and the Dems?

“Papa Doc”

History recalls the brutal reign of a father and son in the impoverished island nation of Haiti. Francois Duvalier (“Papa Doc”), a physician educated in the U.S., was initially elected president in 1957, but soon proved to be more despot than doctor. Aided by an undercover death squad, he eliminated opponents and consolidated power, naming himself “president for life” in 1964.

Upon Papa Doc’s death in 1971, son Jean-Claude Duvalier, nicknamed “Baby Doc,” became president and ruled until he was overthrown in 1986.

Current events have prompted some to apply those nicknames to America’s first family. Joe “Papa Doc” and Hunter “Baby Doc” Biden have not earned those monikers for medical training; they have acquired them for their suspected illegal mishandling of classified documents. Continue reading

An Essay for YOUR Consideration…

Something to THINK about…

Men, like nations, think they’re eternal. What man in his 20s or 30s doesn’t believe, at least subconsciously, that he’ll live forever? In the springtime of youth, an endless summer beckons. As you pass 70, it’s harder to hide from reality… as you lose friends and relatives.

Nations also have seasons: Imagine a Roman of the 2nd century contemplating an empire that stretched from Britain to the Near East, thinking: This will endure forever…. Forever was about 500 years, give or take…. not bad, but gone!! Continue reading