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The archival work of long time friend and former Associate Editor of the Federal Observer. In one form or another – his legacy of genius MUST remain.

Turner: Modern Day Chicken Littles

Move over cognitive dissonance, you have a new feathered friend. We’ve got something better for you – your discomfort will be triggered and Statism will receive her perfect crown of drunken stupidity; topped off with blind fear and a yearning for more government control.

Here’s to the Modern Day Chicken Littles. A little peck here, and a little peck there will topple every tree in the forest, and God forbid that the sky would come down crashing upon US. We’re all looking for a Savior, but we don’t have time for truth; we need an expanding government to cover our ASSES while we bury our heads in the sand… Continue reading

Turner: Rattling the Framework

Referenced as ‘Adam Weishaupt’ on Vimeo

Let me open this bombshell up with a small explanation about an event that the John Birch Society taught me about. Reference: Oxford English Dictionary and the 11th Edition Encyclopedia Britannica: Bavarian Illuminati, founded May 1, 1776; by Professor Adam Weishaupt, University of Ingolstadt, which made a very organized effort to go after our Education system. Within this illuminated system, The Metaphysical Club at Harvard was set up that contained a plethora of muscular figureheads including Supreme Court justices, leading academic psychologists, and every scholarly profession you could think of. This was a major think tank that only the super elite and hand picked lawyers were allowed to attend. Continue reading

Turner ~ Maximus Retardicus

Alas. Here is some more quilled verbiage of thought from your daily wordsmith with hope that some poor soul out there just might find some light to what the hell is going on with this country. I shall place this graphic script into a bottle and throw it overboard. Maybe it will reach a dry land soon; but then again, alien bottlenose sharks are following aft and the “Post-it Ghosts” have trained them to swallow the message whole.

¸. ><((((º>`·.¸¸.·´¯`·…¸><((((º>`·.¸¸.·´¯`·….¸><((((º>
.·´¯`·.. ><((((º>`·.¸¸.·´¯`·…¸><((((º>`·.¸¸.·´¯`·….¸><((((º>

To whomever this message makes it…
Continue reading

Turner: The Hijacking Of America

September 16, 2010 ~ Just as terrorists took over numerous flights with box-cutters in 2001, a new Islamic communitarian terrorist, George Barack Bushama Bin Laden in Washington has forever changed the pitch-and-roll to America’s wingspan.

This hijacking terrorist has ruptured our sovereignty into an extreme left-wing Islamic dive that could possibly force the lot of US in this country to charge at the cockpit with a “Let’s roll” clarion call in a last ditch effort to save what our founding Fathers have created. Continue reading