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It is more than obvious that the title says it all. But why… WHY bring this issue back to the forefront after so many years?

Because more and more they are becoming more and more vocal against the united States… and what is worse – they are involved with more underhanded efforts to destroy this nation and we the people. Just remember what Michael New stood for so many years ago… and just where do YOU stand?

United Nations Facilitating Invasion of our Southern Border

I personally spoke to a Mexican Woman today about this article and the 10,000 Caravan are criminals; not nice poor Mexicans trying for a better life. She said, “Caravan being supported by foreign money in UN.”

The United Nations is now openly aiding and facilitating an invasion of the United States’ southern border.

In 2017, Trump took a hatchet to the United Nations’ budget. He ended up cutting well over a hundred million in “donations” that Obama had promised to the UN. That included funding to the United Nations’ humanitarian relief agencies, programs that were highly politicized.

RINOs in Congress teamed up with Democrats to restore a lot of that funding. For example, Republican Senators Collins (ME), Graham (SC), and Alexander (TN) teamed up with the left to restore funding to the United Nations’ radical climate change agency. Continue reading