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A holdover title from the previous variation of the Federal Observer. This is where you will find a range of Editorial postings and comments by a select group of writers, many of who have had long term relations with Kettle Moraine Publications.

President Pelosi’s Coming FEMA Camp Incarcerations

On August 1, 2019, Mike Pence is forced to resign as the President for misdeeds he allegedly participated in Indiana.

In a classic October surprise, Donald Trump is forcibly sequestered in the Oval office by a contingent dispatched by the Pentagon. The President’s family is fathered up and held prisoner at the Trump Towers. The President’s family is essentially held hostage but they are alive so long as what the President’s captors say. The cover story is that the President has taken ill as has many in Cabinet. The President “voluntarily submits to the 25th Amendment and resigns for “health reasons”. Meanwhile, a fake virus is sweeping America and the UN has already emerged under the Kigali Principles to take over the handling of this co-called epidemic which involves the unveiling of FEMA camps which are ostensibly being used as quarantine centers (ie detention centers). Continue reading

Clemens ~ ‘The Origins of the War

The following is an interesting take on war, written by Mark Twain in 1916. Published on the first generation of the Federal Observer, October 13, 2001. ~ Ed

“… I know your race. It is made up of sheep. It is governed by minorities, seldom or never by majorities. It suppresses its feelings and its beliefs and follows the handful that makes the most noise. Sometimes the noisy handful is right, sometimes wrong; but no matter, the crowd follows it. The vast majority of the race, whether savage or civilized, are secretly kind-hearted and shrink from inflicting pain, but in the presence of the aggressive and pitiless minority they don”t dare to assert themselves. Think of it! One kind-hearted creature spies upon another, and sees to it that he loyally helps in iniquities which revolt both of them.

Speaking as an expert, I know that ninety-nine out of a hundred of your race were strongly against the killing of witches when that foolishness was first agitated by a handful of pious lunatics in the long ago. And I know that even to-day, after ages of transmitted prejudice and silly teaching, only one person in twenty puts any real heart into the harrying of a witch. And yet apparently everybody hates witches and wants them killed. Some day a handful will rise up on the other side and make the most noise – perhaps even a single daring man with a big voice and a determined front will do it – and in a week all the sheep will wheel and follow him, and witch-hunting will come to a sudden end. Continue reading

Smith: Never Thought I’d See The Day…

FREE again! Free again!

Mr. Smith Goes to Jail: The author has been handed 13 thirty day bans in 30 months, including the two most recent suspensions,  which were back-to back 30 day bans. I guess that the Zuck does not like TRUTH! ~ Ed.

I stay on Facebook simply because it has inserted itself into all sectors of public life, somewhat insidiously I might add, and as such, it wields far too much power as a political tool to simply be abandoned, due to its tyrannical and arbitrary censorship of everything conservative, pro-American, pro-Liberty and pro-Life. If not for this fact, I could care less if I’m on FB or not, until someone in government brings them in line to where they must follow the same guidelines as regular businesses and at least honor our civil rights and the Bill of Rights. Continue reading

Up Against the Wall, Muther Zucker!

Government, that supposedly necessary evil, is very hard to get rid of. You’re allowed to vote for the lesser of two evils. But it seems We are never allowed to vote for no evil at all.

It would be very easy to get rid of some unnecessary evils, among them? Facebook!

We can’t vote Mark Zuckerberg out of an office he was never elected to serve in any capacity. However, he is trying very hard to assume a position of Decider of our thoughts by making everybody fear the open expression of thought and the proper use of our God Given Right of Free Speech. Continue reading

Smith: The Chink in the Armor…

The Dragon” and America’s Unholy Alliance

Tariffs will make our Country MUCH STRONGER, not weaker. Just sit back and watch! In the meantime, China should not renegotiate deals with the U.S. at the last minute. This is not the Obama Administration, or the Administration of Sleepy Joe, who let China get away with “murder! ~ President Trump, May 10th 2019

The first opening salvos in the most bitter trade war between the United States and China, unlike any witnessed since the 1930s, are simply part of a broader agenda, as both nations jockey for positions of dominance on the global stage. For those who are crying that tariffs are a tax on the consumer, they are much more than a simple tax, and they are a means to ensuring our economy leads on all fronts in the global markets and the U.S. dollar remains the global reserve currency. And as such, this isn’t so much a trade war as it is an effort by President Trump to ensure America’s global dominance and national security far into the future, by increasing and safeguarding our technical advantage and ability to win any war forced upon us, including the next world war. Continue reading

The Children Demand ‘Medicare for All

If it’s FREE – it must be for me! ~ Robert Burns, 1990

Scratch the surface of any of us and not far down is the child. It’s not a bad thing for certain parts of adult life. It gives spirit to the fun, innocence, spontaneity, wonder, and joy that many of us can still muster even in mid or old age. Unfortunately, that child in all of us also seeps through into places of the adult world he does not belong. There he usually creates havoc and wreckage in his wake. There is where evil often occurs. Continue reading

Hang ’em High: America’s Traitors Must Face Justice

Nothing is clearer than the Democratic Party’s anti-American sentiment and the most shocking violation of the Constitution than the treason, subversion and espionage committed by former U.S President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, key leaders in both the FBI and the Justice Department and scores, if not hundreds, of lesser Democrat operatives, exhibited by their criminal attempts to stop candidate Trump and unseat President Trump. They aided and abetted and propagated a false narrative regarding “Russian collusion”, accused President Trump of being a “traitor” and misled the American people, and, in the process, they framed an innocent man by weaponizing the intelligence services of the United States against him. Now, they must face justice, prosecution and long prison sentences and executions for their part in an extra-constitutional effort to subvert our republic and a silent coup. Continue reading

The Systematic Dismantlement of the Constitution

The following is from the archives of the first generation Federal Observer, originally published in our ‘Conspiracy Chronicles‘ category, October 13, 2001. Written for, The Winds – a web-site which is sadly needed and missing in this world today. ~ Ed.

Men today who want to save this nation hold up the United States Constitution as if by presenting a piece of parchment those holding the reigns of government will be induced to say, “Oh, I never thought of that. Here, let me lay down my guns and power at the ‘feet’ of that piece of paper.” They attempt to rally an anesthetized nearly comatose populace to stand in allegiance to something that is perceived as only a mindless piece of paper that virtually none of them have read. Continue reading

Ross: The Ends Do Not Justify The Means

Have you ever heard the old saying that “the ends justify the means?” What that basically means is that if the outcome is good, then whatever means are required to obtain it are justified; no matter how evil or bad they are. An extreme example of this might be burning down your house to rid it of a single mosquito.

So, when it comes to government, or your peace and security, I have a simple question: Do the ends always justify the means? Continue reading

Dwyer: Advice to Trump’s “Prosecutors

The Death of Justice

Messrs. Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff keep attacking President Trump and his defenders, against the publicly-known evidence and common sense, with weaponized Congressional oversight powers. The President is a surviving victim of an unprecedented in American history plot to derail his election campaign of 2016 and to obstruct his presidency after he won. Yet Messrs. Nadler and Schiff are shamelessly threatening the victim rather than going after the culprits in the Obama administration who were caught on blatantly abusing the executive Power in order to secure the favorable for them outcome of the election. Continue reading

Charlottesville: The Last Stand of American Freedom

What I post below was submitted to me several days ago. It has been a soul-searching, gut-wrenching series to read. As you reach the end – there are three links to numerous updates to the story – or maybe it goes to the beginning… Or more importantly – IF you do not pay close attention to the warnings of the writer – then we – as a people – and a nation are DOOMED – it will be the end. I – with great fear for our future want each of you to READ, STUDY and SHARE with all whom you are able. Lessons learned will expand far beyond Charlottesville… The battles are coming to your city, village, your town, to your family. Gird up your loins my Brothers and Sisters – and prepare to FIGHT. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, May 2, 2019

The extreme left and politicized elements of the government are using Charlottesville to crush your rights and solidify their power

A remarkable thing is happening in Charlottesville. Although the Unite the Right rally happened over a year and a half ago, Charlottesville is where the organized, militant left and its establishment backers intend to crush popular resistance to their near total control of American political discourse. If they succeed, public free speech–speech that challenges prevailing attitudes at any rate–will be nearly impossible. The American citizen will have been reduced to the status of a serf. Fight now, or that will be your destiny. Continue reading

Educating America

Enough is enough, it is time for all real Americans to ban together and demand some drastic changes in our society. We have had enough of our children growing up in public schools that bend their young minds to suit the idiots in Washington and Major cities across the land. We have had enough of the lies our politicians tell us and then go right ahead and destroy our freedom to live according to scripture.

We have had enough from liars in Congress supporting laws we do Not Want. We do not want the millionaires in the media industry publishing death and destruction every hour of the day and night. We do not want our sons to be homosexuals, or our daughters to be lesbians, and we do not want them associating with these scum bags in public schools. Continue reading

Let Them be Seen Standing on Sacred Ground

Hello, my brothers, sisters, and friends. Before I get started on this piece, I want to say that although Dixie’s Land and her children are specifically addressed within, this is a message for the entire nation. I say this because the destruction and erasure of American history will soon spread out from the South. Once the monuments to the Confederacy and her fighting men have been destroyed, these “anti-fascists” will start attacking other eras of American history. They will attack monuments to those who served in other wars; especially World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the wars we have fought and are fighting in the Middle East. They will attack monuments to great statesmen and patriots. They will attack anything that reminds America that it was once a nation founded upon freedom. So those of you who aren’t Southern take heed and mark my words: They will come for your history when they are done raping ours.

Now, on to the reason we’re here… Continue reading

Lust, Sex, and War ~ On the Depravity of the Pagan Gods

“The Rape of Proserpina” (c. 1638) by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

Lust, sex, and war reign supreme in the pagan mythologies; rebellion and war run riot through the rise and fall of the gods. The pagan must ask himself in light of these stories: If imitation of the gods is what leads to virtuous character, is virtue attainable at all?

The decline of Christianity has been met by the rise of a new, so-called, paganism. These pagan romanticists are, in most cases, ignorant of the “paganism” they praise—the redeemed paganism of Christianity depicted in the transfigured water of the True Well of Life. Wrestling with the Greek gods, however, leads us to see the hyper-anthropomorphization of the gods with one intention in mind-justification of sexual lusts and displays of power over the weak. Continue reading

He has Risen ~ Do you know my King?

The Resurrection of Jesus – Gustave Doré

My Dear God, how hard life is, how easy life is, how great life is for Us, sinners one and all. Our blessings great and small come to us by Your hand, and our punishments too. You are great and we are small.

Men, women and children all revel in the wonders that abound in this magnificent creation of Yours, and we rejoice in the miracle of our salvation that we have received through the Blood of the Lamb and the sacrifice Jesus performed upon the Cross. Continue reading

Williams: Millennials for Socialism

If one needed evidence of the gross ignorance of millennials, and their teachers and college professors, it’s their solid support for socialism and socialist presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. Socialism has produced tragedy wherever it has been implemented. Last year marked the 40th anniversary of nearly 1,000 Americans perishing in a mass suicide/murder in the jungles of Guyana. Just as Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez see socialism as mankind’s salvation, so, too, did Rev. Jim Jones, who told his followers, “God is Socialism, and I am Principle Socialism, and that’s what makes me God.” Continue reading

What Julian Assange’s Arrest Tells Us About Our World

Will Julian’s arrest wake up millions to the reality of what truth is trying to be hidden from our world? Is it time for us to start discussing how we can leave our current power structure behind?

John Kiriakou, a CIA-anti-torture whistle-blower recently tweeted, “a fair trial in the Eastern District of Virginia, under Judge Leonie Brinkema, is utterly impossible. They don’t call the EDVA the ‘Espionage Court for nothing.’” Continue reading

Longstreet: Obama Wins Because America Is Dumb As A Post!

Obama may no longer be in the White House, but he doesn’t seem to think that this is the case…

The words of our late friend and contributor, J.D. Longstreet may be dated, but – are they really? Let us go back in time – but remember – we are running out of it… BUT – it’s all Trump’s fault? ~ J.B.

I am sick and tired of the lie that the GOP shutdown the US government. That’s what it is — plan and simple — a bald-faced lie. Anyone repeating it is a liar. God hates liars — as do I. If a man will lie, he will do anything — especially if it is deceitful.

Obama could not get away with his avalanche of lies if the American people had the least acquaintance with their constitution.

Let’s clear some of the BS away. Continue reading

History Burned to Ash: Muslims Rejoice as Notre Dame Burns

“Should that subduing talisman, the cross, be shattered the frenzied madness of the ancient warriors, that insane Berserk rage of which Nordic bards have spoken and sung so often, will once more burst into flame.” ~ Heinrich Heine 1834

Flames danced and leaped across the rooftop of Notre Dame Cathedral on April 15th 2019, and the world stood aghast and watched helplessly and somber from along the banks of the Seine River, singing hymns, weeping, embracing each other and praying. Onlookers gasped in horror, as they watched the fire ravage the 859 year old historic cathedral in catastrophic fashion, and they cried out as the 295 foot tall spire of this iconic symbol of Western Christendom plummeted and slid into the flames and centuries of history were burned to ash. Continue reading

Notre Dame ~ No Sanctuary…

(image © Kettle Moraine, Ltd., for the Estate of Richard Cook)

No rest for Richard tonight…

All of Paris is covered in smoke this day. Richard my friend… you are looking down from Heaven this night, and your eyes are flowing with the tears that will bring the storms – hopefully to wash away the hate and anger which circles this globe…

You are in a better place.

I dearly miss you my Brother…

I’ll see you at Sundown…

Worden: The Fatal Mistake of Peter Buttigieg

Carl has stated the TRUTH as clearly as it can be stated. God calls the ‘practicing’ Sodomites & Lesbians ABOMINATIONS. They flaunt their SIN and shall pay the PRICE for doing so. Sodom & Gomorrah will look like a afternoon picnic in comparison to what they are facing for eternity. ~ Jackie Juntti

Petey Boy Butt-Gig and his ‘husband,’ Glezen

Openly homosexual Peter Buttigieg just announced his run for president, but before that he chastised Vice President Pence that Pence should take it up with Buttigieg’s creator (GOD!) if Pence had any criticism for Mr. Buttigieg’s lifestyle.

Let me explain something: You don’t ever want to publicly suggest God created homosexuals just for kicks in order to condemn unrepentant homosexuals to the Lake of Fire! To do so is to bear false witness against God himself, but if you do it publicly you are just begging for personal calamity. Continue reading

Smith: Now I See The Light ~ Benezuala!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, all the other Democratic presidential candidates, and all the other communist and socialist curiosities have finally broken through my clouded, obtuse logic, with their resounding, sublime and superb nuanced intellectual arguments, and now I am proud to say that I have finally awakened to just what an ignorant reprobate and low-life sinner, living in moral darkness and beyond redemption, I have been. Their efforts have led to my reformation, and now I join them in their calls for white people to pay reparations for slavery, even though I once thought anyone calling for this was as crazy as Ol’ Uncle Buttermilk, living under the bridge on South Church St. and roasting fat rats on a spit. Continue reading

Dwyer: Soviet Roots of the Hostile Party

It appears that the main purpose of Trump’s continuous “investigations” that we have been seeing for the last two years is to produce enough dirt that his future Democrat challengers can use while running against him. It is a prelude to a large-scale smear-campaign that the Party and its operatives are engineering for the 2020 presidential election. It is a glimpse into the future American political system where the Party that gave itself a mandate to cheat, betray, and deceive in order to save the planet and dispense “social justice” turns every federal agency it can into a weapon against those who challenge its supremacy and the rule of its permanently empowered and behemothic apparatus. Continue reading

Yeah Brutha.. Tellz me ’bout dem repusrashuns!

Well, THAT got your attention, but you see – what we present here, is not some racist BS (although the title above may indicate otherwise). Nope… going through some archives a few minutes ago, I came across one of our posts from September of 2019 that certainly merits bringing back to the front – given that these past few weeks has got EVERYBODY (well… that is an exaggeration) – just polly-ticians – hawking the old ‘Reparations’ garbage.

Remember the words of Annie Lennox, “Everybody wants something for nuthin’…” So let’s see what Lance Spivey has to say about it. ~ Ed

Spivey: Slavery in the World

Reparations for Clowns?

I’ve been seeing a lot of internet posts and hearing a lot of talk about white people paying black people reparations for slavery, and how the “Rebel” flag is racist. First of all, I’ve never owned a slave, nor has any living relative of mine, nor has anyone I know or any member of their families. Second of all, you’ve never picked one single tuft of cotton, nor, probably, has any member of your family or anybody you know. So take those “reparations” and shove ‘em. Third, that flag stands for freedom, not racism nor slavery, and to treat it as such is to defame the characters of all the men who fought for Her, black and white alike. (Continue to The Metropolis Café)