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If you need an explanation – then you just won’t get it.

Psychotic Left Goes Berserk Over President’s Border Speech

Illegal immigration is crisis for our country. It is an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists to enter our country. It is straining our economy, adding costs to our judicial, healthcare, and education systems. ~ Timothy Murphy

Hospitals are closing across the country due to the burden of illegal immigration, college students find that summer jobs have dried up due to illegal immigration, and wages across the board are depressed by the overwhelming influx of cheap and illegal labor. ~ Elton Gallegly Continue reading

Sartre: A Border Barrier Solution

The uncredited cartoon (below) is dated 1904, with a caption reading “A Crying Need for General Repairs: American Labor Calls Uncle Sam’s Attention to the Inefficiency of his Immigration Restriction Wall.” It depicts an unsavory group of immigrants pouring over (and through) a border wall, including a stereotypical Italian with a stiletto between his teeth, and a bearded man (apparently Jewish) preparing to descend the ladder. Meanwhile, an American laborer pleads to Uncle Sam for protection against the horde. ~ Swann Galleries

The Saturday Globe

Rational discourse has been the overriding casualty of the border war. The break down in language is more than semantics. It has elevated into a divergence of culture that no longer shares a common value system or a cherished dream. The camps of discontent reside in separate and distinct jurisdictions. Government has failed at every level. People have become so polarized that trust in a community of citizens has been discarded for the purity of totalitarian globalism. The continued controversy over a border barrier differentiates more than a line between two countries. (Continue…)

The Biggest Problem with Illegal Immigration…

…and Nobody is Talking About It

That “goddamned piece of paper” – again

It has become hard to discuss illegal immigration in our country today because if you have any misgivings about anything remotely related to it, everybody thinks it’s about race. And now that I have noted the elephant in the room, everything I say will be considered to be code for race… Continue reading

Yes, The President Can Declare A ‘National Emergency‘ To Build A Wall

A section of the reinforced U.S.-Mexico border fence in the Otay Mesa area, San Diego County, is seen from Tijuana in Mexico. President Trump says he may declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and build a border wall. ~ Guillermo Arias/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump declared over the weekend that he and his advisers were “strongly” considering a presidential declaration of a national emergency to bypass Congress and build a border wall. Continue reading

Dead By Illegal Alien? You’re Just An Anecdote

THE topic: American lives snuffed out by illegal aliens.

The forum: The ubiquitous, Fox News, dual-perspective panel.

Arguing in favor of letting potential killers come: Geraldo Rivera, a former daytime talk-show, bosom buddy of Sean Hannity, and a permanent fixture on Fox.

The Rivera “argument”: That some criminal aliens kill is incidental and immaterial to their status as uninvited, unvetted interlopers.

Here are some of the stories Geraldo dismisses as anecdotes sensationalized: Continue reading

More than 7-in-10 California Immigrant Households Are on Welfare

~ Forewords ~
These ILLEGALS are just getting FOREIGN AID via the welfare office. They come from countries that Americans have sent foreign aid (a welfare program) to for years and years. So they come to America and get another form of Foreign Aid – called Welfare (free medical, education, etc) and they see nothing wrong with what they are doing. WELFARE should be restricted to LEGAL AMERICANS only. NOT A CENT TO FOREIGNERS who are here, most likely, illegally. If they want American tax funds then stay in their home country and demand payment from their national leaders. Continue reading

Filmmaker Embedded in Caravan Gets to the Truth. Migrants Themselves Expose US Media as Total Liars

A filmmaker traveled to Mexico and did what the U.S. media didn’t do: he witnessed the migrant caravan for himself and exposed the truth.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to Oaxaca in southern Mexico to uncover the truth about the migrant caravan.

The caravan, consisting of thousands of Honduran illegal immigrants, has caught the attention of the media as it heads toward the United States. Continue reading

November 2, 2018: …and the beat goes on!

Evidence piles up about caravan’s criminals, terrorists and human shields
As candy-coated accounts from lefty activists saturate the airwaves to assure Americans “We have nothing to fear from the migrant march,” and President Trump’s warnings about criminals within the invading army are dismissed in the press as “without evidence,” the Department of Homeland Security put paid to the nonsense with a new report warning that the migrant army of mostly unemployed military-aged males has at least 270 convicted criminals within its ranks… (Continue to full article)

Mexico official suggests U.S. election-related conspiracy behind migrant caravans
Mexico’s top security official has appeared to suggest there was some kind of conspiracy behind the two migrant caravans already in Mexico, related to the Nov. 6 U.S. midterm elections. Well, well, well…. isn’t this interesting – and from the Washington Times, no less…. (Continue to full article)

Migrants traveling to US sue Trump, government; claim violation of constitutional rights
A dozen migrants traveling by foot from Honduras to the U.S. to seek asylum filed a class-action lawsuit Thursday against President Trump, the Department of Homeland Security and others, claiming a violation of their due process under the Fifth Amendment. The Fifth Amendment states that, “no person… shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”… (Continue to full article)

When Laws Are Not Enforced, Anarchy Follows
when one law is left unenforced, then all sorts of other laws are weakened. The result of hundreds of “sanctuary cities” is not just to forbid full immigration enforcement in particular jurisdictions. They also signal that U.S. immigration law, and by extension other laws, can be ignored.

The presence of an estimated 12 million or more foreign nationals unlawfully living in the U.S. without legal consequence sends a similar message. The logical result is the current caravan of thousands of Central Americans now inching its way northward to enter the U.S. illegally… (Continue to full article)

Author of 14th Amendment: ‘Removes All Doubt as to What Persons Are or Are Not Citizens’
Today, debate is raging in Congress over whether or not the 14th Amendment grants automatic citizenship to the children of illegal aliens born on U.S. soil – but, the author of the amendment said its intent couldn’t be clearer.

On May 30, 1866, Sen. Jacob Howard (R-Michigan), the author of the amendment’s language, gave a speech on the Senate floor explaining its meaning and declaring that that the amendment “settles the great question” and “removes all doubt” about citizenship… (Continue to full article)

Immigration Act of 1882
Setting the basic course of United States immigration law and policy, the Immigration Act of 1882 established categories of foreigners deemed “undesirable” for entry and gave the U.S. secretary of the treasury authority over immigration enforcement… (Continue to full article)

FEDS Raid ‘Maternity Hotels’ Where Tourists Paid Up to $80K to Give Birth in U.S.
Department of Homeland Security officials stormed 20 locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Bernardino County looking for suspected “birth tourism” operations, in which Chinese nationals allegedly paid “handlers” between $40,000 and $80,000 to advise them on obtaining visas, flying through the least suspicious airports and even disguising their pregnancies… (Continue to full article)

IRS Admits It Encourages Illegals To Steal Social Security Numbers For Taxes
We have the top dog at the IRS, the IRS Commissioner himself, admitting that, well, there’s a problem with illegal immigrants and taxes. In fact, the top IRS official this time wasn’t talking about how the IRS wipes some hard drives or can’t find emails. He wasn’t even asking for a bigger budget to give bonuses to IRS employees… (Continue to full article)

Central American Migrants Set Fire to Mexican Immigration Facility
A group of Central American migrants facing deportation set fire to a Mexican immigration facility in an apparent attempt to escape. The alleged arson comes at a time when Mexican authorities reported the use of firearms and Molotov cocktails within the migrant caravans as they make their way through Mexico to the United States …and sooooo – we really want these guys here – huh?… (Continue to full article)

Mexico Deports 2 Caravan Migrants Wanted for Murder, Drug Trafficking
Mexican authorities deported two fugitive Honduran caravan migrants wanted for their respective alleged roles in a triple murder and drug trafficking. The arrest took place as part of a joint effort between Mexico’s Federal Police and the National Migration Institute (INM) in conjunction with Interpol, Mexico’s Secretariat of the Interior said. The two men were part of the migrant caravan from Honduras and requested permission to travel through Mexico. … but they wanted to enter Estados Unidos – ILLEGALLY – huh? … (Continue to full article)

Border Patrol agent, 36, killed by ‘rock throwers’ in ambush attack near US-Mexico border in Texas that also injured his partner
Border Patrol spokesmen said they could not provide any details on what caused the agent’s injuries or what led to them, but a National Border Patrol Council official told KTSM the assailants were ‘undocumented immigrants’ who used likely used rocks to beat the agents… (Continue to full article)

John Quincy Adams on Immigration

“But there is one principle which pervades all the institutions of this country, and which must always operate as an obstacle to the granting of favors to new comers. This is a land, not of privileges, but of equal rights. Privileges are granted by European sovereigns to particular classes of individuals, for purposes of general policy; but the general impression here is that privileges granted to one denomination of people, can very seldom be discriminated from erosions of the rights of others. Emigrants from Germany, therefore, or from elsewhere, coming here, are not to expect favors from the governments. They are to expect, if they choose to become citizens, equal rights with those of the natives of the country. They are to expect, if affluent, to possess the means of making their property productive, with moderation, and with safety; – if indigent, but industrious, honest and frugal, the means of obtaining easy and comfortable subsistence for themselves and their families. They come to a life of independence, but to a life of labor – and, if they cannot accommodate themselves to the character, moral, political, and physical, of this country, with all its compensating balances of good and evil, the Atlantic is always open to them, to return to the land of their nativity and their fathers.” ~ John Quincy Adams

Smith: Tell Me This Isn’t An Invasion

A caravan of illegal alien invaders, waving Honduran and Mexican flags, is marching towards America, and its lawless nature should not be lost on any American, as it impatiently crashed the borders of Guatemala and Mexico, and most of its travelers refused to apply for “asylum” status in either country. This anarchy, along with anti-American sentiment exhibited within its ranks, witnessed through the recent burnings of the American flag, will only become worse, once this caravan that gains financial support from George Soros and Pueblo Sin Fronteras – translated People Without Borders – reaches our southern border. Leftist propaganda has convinced them that America is a “fascist nation”, and yet, some 10,000 to 14,000, by some estimates, continue to march towards our border, vowing to cross our border. Continue reading

Lansbury: The Caravan of Crap

Just another point of view-but it seems to make a lot of sense

Where do they shit?

The Hondurans in the caravan, the 7,000 people walking north to America, where do they go to the bathroom?

And eat and sleep and store their clothes?

And how is it that after a week on the road they are clean and their hair and clothes are well kept?

How is any of this possible? Continue reading

Juntti: Silver Bullets

There have been numerous reports about the FLAG these *caravaners* are flying. Invading troops always carry the flag of their HOMELAND – not the flag of the country they are intending to invade and destroy. That in itself should tell all what this bunch intends. It is far more than just getting all Americans have and worked for – it is to take over America and take all that they can take – without firing a shot. If we sit in SILENCE then they will succeed.

SPLC did a hit piece on me some time back due to my posts saying to Shoot on sight and that will deter the invaders. The invaders understand STRENGTH and they also understand WEAKNESS. They are not seeking REFUGE – if they were they would take Mexico up on their offers of same. The GOAL is to TAKE AMERICA. Continue reading

INVASION: Commentary…

Wooldridge: Caravan Filled With Terrorists, MS 13, Drug Smugglers, And Welfare Seekers
President Donald Trump, by authority of the Constitution, may send troops to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to defend our borders against the impending attack. But he could face a Federal judge neutralizing his authority as president, and negate his orders. Thus, any Federal judge can stop the president from his duties of office… (Continue to full article)

Nelson: Hordes Of Third World Migrants Storm Southern Border
Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales announced this week the Central American country apprehended almost 100 ISIS terrorists in addition to capturing more than 1,000 gangbangers, including members of the vicious MS-13 gang, just as the horde of migrants is pushing its way to the US border. The illegal procession is full of military-aged males, despite the media constantly showing pictures and video clips of female migrants with crying babies… (Continue to full article)

INVASION: They are Coming…

Second migrant caravan storms into Mexico: ‘Violent’ group from Central America carrying BOMBS and guns defies a huge police presence to cross the border from Guatemala as Trump deploys 5,200 troops
The second migrant caravan, including members believed to be carrying bombs and guns, crossed into Mexico on Monday despite a huge police presence. Hundreds of migrants following in the footsteps of the first caravan heading to the U.S. border crossed a river from Guatemala. A low-flying police helicopter hovered overhead as the migrants waded in large groups through the Suchiate River’s murky waters, apparently trying to use the downdraft from its rotors to discourage them. Guatemala’s Noti7 channel reported that one man drowned and aired video of a man dragging a seemingly lifeless body from the river.

Once on the Mexican side the migrants were surrounded and escorted by black-uniformed officers as sirens wailed. The second group back at the Guatemalan frontier has been more unruly than the first that crossed. Guatemala’s Interior Ministry said Guatemalan police officers were injured when the migrant group broke through border barriers on Guatemala’s side of the bridge. Mexico authorities said migrants attacked its agents with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks when they broke through a gate on the Mexican end but were pushed back, and some allegedly carried guns and firebombs… (Continue to full article)

Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade under fire for saying the migrant caravan will ‘bring disease’ to the US
Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade warned viewers on Monday about the migrant caravan making its way up to the United States from Central America, saying that the country can’t have “entire populations” of refugees seeking asylum come in and bring ‘diseases’ into the country. ‘What about diseases? I mean, there’s a reason why you can’t bring a kid to school unless he’s inoculated. There’s things that happen in this country. We already give 40 to 50 percent of our taxable income to the government for social programs,’ Kilmeade said. ‘Is it too much to say that we just can’t have countries, entire populations come in here without being looked at as hard-hearted?’ he added. ‘To me, it’s a practical way of having a nation that everyone looks up to and wants to be a part of. That’s part of the reason why America’s America. There’s a process.’… (Continue to full article)

What to Know About the 1952 Law Invoked by President Trump’s Immigration Order

…and so the lower Court’s continue to violate the Laws already on the books. ~ Ed.

Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

On Monday (February 6, 2017) , the San Francisco-based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to rule on whether to reinstate U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial Executive Order on immigration, which temporarily prohibits refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. (and blocks Syrian refugees indefinitely). In turn, the Department of Justice is expected to put out a filing defending the Order. Continue reading

Hey – Let’s Just Let ‘Em All In!

“There is overwhelming bipartisan support outside of Washington that we need to finally secure our borders, enforce our laws, and stop the problem of illegal immigration.” ~ Ted Cruz

“Quite simply, federal laws already on the books aimed at stopping the flow of illegal immigration must be enforced. Furthermore, states must be given the resources necessary to confront the problem, which includes strengthening the border patrol.” ~ Allen West

They are Coming…

The throng of Central American migrants advancing toward the U.S. border in southern Mexico has now swelled to a whopping 5,000 people as they defy the efforts of four governments to break them up.

Thousands of mostly Honduran migrants rose at dawn on Sunday from the shores of a river between Guatemala and Mexico and continued their trek northward, overwhelming Mexican government attempts to stop them at the border.

Their numbers swelled from 2,000 to about 5,000 overnight and at first light they set out walking toward the Mexican town of Tapachula, 10 abreast in a line stretching approximately a mile. (SOURCE)

In spite of President Trump’s crack down on illegal immigration, illegal aliens are pouring into our country in large numbers. For the months of March, April and May of 2018 over 50,000 illegal aliens have crossed our southern border each month, according to the U. S. Border Patrol. 50,000 illegal entries per month equals 600,000 illegal entries per year and you, a legal American, get to pay for each one of them, and pay through the nose.

Right after the U. S. Government’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decided to end family separation at the southern border due to irrational Democratic pressure and U. S. District court decisions, the word traveled like a wildfire to Central and South America. On September 13, 2018, DHS reported a huge spike in the number of families crossing into the U. S. seeking asylum. Of course, we have to take them all in under U. S. law. Continue reading

Consequences Cut Illegal Immigration

Research shows prosecution reduces migrant reentry after deportation

Prosecuting illegal immigrants, or banning them from obtaining a visa, substantially reduces their likelihood of attempting to cross the border a second time, a new study concludes.

Although it only discusses a policy rolled out between 2008 and 2012, the study may have major implications for President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance approach to immigration enforcement, which still requires the prosecution of most childless border crossers. Continue reading

The Ravages of Leftist Thought Control

The “Newspeak” of Orwell’s 1984 is here…

On September 12, 2018 the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) posted an article in its official website, Twitter Ads Rejects Tweets for “Hateful Content.”

The CIS article noted:

Yesterday Twitter rejected four Center for Immigration Studies tweets for use in the Center’s Twitter Ads campaign, alleging hateful content. (Several others were approved.) All four tweets use the statutory phrases “illegal alien” or “criminal alien,” and all of the tweets referenced law enforcement, either at the border or in the interior. One of the tweets contained a powerful Daily Caller video showing illegal aliens in camouflage carrying large backpacks across the border unimpeded.
Continue reading

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration’s Termination of TPS

A federal judge in San Francisco placed a temporary injunction against the Trump Administration’s actions to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for approximately 300,00 illegal aliens. Judge Edward Chen ruled on Wednesday that TPS recipients from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan would suffer irreparable harm and hardship if the status is terminated. Continue reading

Border Patrol agents arrest 264 immigrants near Arizona border

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, agents patrolling west of the Lukeville Port of Entry found two large groups of immigrants, totaling 264 adults and children, in a 24-hour span. (Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

AJO, Ariz. (KSAZ) – Border Patrol agents have arrested 264 immigrants near the Arizona border. Continue reading

22 Million: Double the Number of Illegals

A critical bit of “conventional wisdom,” long treasured by the Leftmedia, the Democrat Party, and the RINO wing of the GOP, has been debunked. Three college professors, Yale’s Edward Kaplan, colleague Jonathan Feinstein and MIT’s Mohammad Fazel-Zarandi, conducted a study and discovered what most Americans unpersuaded by progressive propaganda have suspected all along: The number of illegal aliens residing in America is likely double the long-stated estimate of 11 million. Continue reading

Border Crossings Rise Just As 39 Million SSN’s Are Swiped (…and MORE!)

Maria and Jose purchased their Social Security numbers in Chicago. They know the numbers are “fake,” but say they were not stolen from someone else

The Trump administration’s tough stance on illegal immigration has been met with mucho resistance from within the halls of Congress, but it certainly isn’t all bad news. Continue reading