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A holdover title from the previous variation of the Federal Observer. This is where you will find a range of Editorial postings and comments by a select group of writers, many of who have had long term relations with Kettle Moraine Publications.

Charles Barkley’s Truthful Comments About Breonna Taylor Shooting Spark Backlash

AP Photo/John Locher

The truth matters, at least it appears to with Charles Barkley. The basketball legend is once again speaking out, this time about the police shooting of Breonna Taylor. While essentially everyone else in the sports community is afraid to say anything that deviates one millimeter from the Black Lives Matter narrative, Barkley appears to know some of the details leading up to Taylor’s death and isn’t afraid to share his thoughts.

On Thursday night during the TNT pregame show for game four of the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets, Barkley told Shaquille O’Neal that he does not consider the death of Breonna Taylor to be in the same vein as other high-profile shootings. Continue reading

The Long (Planned) March of Marxist Revolution

The unrest we’re seeing in our streets today is all part of a terrible scheme.

Just weeks away from the presidential election, rioters are wrecking our cities, police officers are being demonized and ambushed in their cars, and leftists in our nation’s capital are proposing changing the names of the Washington and Jefferson memorials.

If you get the sense that it’s all part of an organized revolution, you’re right. Continue reading

Triggering a Constitutional Crisis and a Revolution

Che ‘Bama

It’s a terrible statement on our society’s moral character that so much of our population holds a view so antithetical to all that is good and decent in the world, pure evil, driven by Satan himself, or so it would seem. One could almost envision them worshiping Baal or one of his demons.

Anybody with half the sense God gave a goose knows full well that these haven’t been “mostly peaceful protests” that we’ve witnessed of late. These are organized mobs and a manifestation of years of subversion, preparation, organization and support from many domestic and international communist organizations and networks, such as George Soro’s Open Society, whose members and leadership openly call for the eradication of the republic and the creation of a new Marxist State to be imposed upon all Americans.

This is nothing less than an insurrection that is rapidly pushing towards a full blown revolution. Continue reading

The Indoctrination BoX

When I was growing up I remember that some parents used to limit the amount of time their children were allowed to sit in front of the boob tube; or idiot box as some called it. Nowadays kids have TV’s in their bedrooms. Hell, most of them carry a portable TV in their back pockets that are capable of streaming their favorite shows 24/7; although why someone would want to watch a TV show on a 2 inch screen is beyond me.

Back when I was a kid, not only was our television viewing time restricted to a certain extent, there weren’t as many channels available either. If I recall correctly, I think there were only 13 channels on the television; and not all of them came in crystal clear. With the advent of cable TV the number of channels skyrocketed; with there now being hundreds of channels available to keep your minds satiated with mindless drivel. Continue reading

Debunking Demo Objections to President Trump’s Third SCOTUS Nominee

“It will be a woman — a very talented, very brilliant woman.” Calling Amy Coney Barrett…

“There is not a syllable in the plan under consideration which directly empowers the national courts to construe the laws according to the spirit of the Constitution.” ~ Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers No. 81 (1787)

Apparently, all the Democrat Party operatives and their legions of useful idiots got the Demo memo and are singing the same chorus line: “Let the people decide!” They insist that, so close to a presidential election, only the candidate who wins that election should put forth the next nominee to the Supreme Court, filling the seat vacated by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. Continue reading

According to Our Glorious Media White Lives Don’t Matter…

It doesn’t get any more clear than this!!!

Hello. Don’t recognize me? That’s OK; I Understand. My name was Antonio West Santiago.

I was the child who was shot in the face and killed at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.

A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty. It’s too bad it was me who got the death sentence from my killers instead because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded. See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.

I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood. Continue reading

Smith: America Lives or Dies on the Moral Character of Her People

Don’t Let America Fade Into the Sunset!

America abandoned a pretty good system rather quickly with the onset of our first Civil,War, that led to a gradual dismantling of our federal system, under the idea of “liberal democracy”. But, the abandonment went to light-speed after 1913. and the rise of economic fascism, something that will be written about for years to come, assuming America doesn’t descend into those “thousand years of darkness” Reagan once spoke of regarding if America should ever lose Her way.

America is far and away from the Founders’ original vision for the country, and I fear that we may never return, not without a hard fought war and thousands more left dead and dying. So, the only question one need ask must be “What price are you willing to pay to live free?” Or, do we allow ourselves to be subjugated and so let the tyrants live? What life is it under any totalitarian or authoritarian government? It is no life worth living, least ways not as a broken subject; it is a life that any liberty-loving individual lives as a rebel, and “outlaw”. Continue reading

Baldwin: The Spirit Of Fear Has Conquered Our Country

Let’s be honest enough to face it: America is no longer the “home of the brave,” and as a result, we will soon no longer be “the land of the free.” In many respects, that description of America is already passé.

Of course, America is still home to a few truly brave folks. But these people are more and more in a smaller and smaller minority. Nothing proves this reality like what we are witnessing in regard to the coronavirus.

Anthony Fauci’s and Bill Gates’ bought-and-paid-for medical establishment, along with the completely controlled mainstream media and their political lackeys in both parties at every level of government (local, county, Continue reading

Some People Did Something: September 11, 2001 ~ America Must Never Forget

Each year, as the anniversary of September 11th 2001 approaches, I become nauseated and angered all over again, as I recall the events of that morning, especially if the cable stations are replaying the many documentaries again. And as one listens and watches survivors giving their personal eyewitness testimonies from this horrendous day, it’s all too easy to see the pain etched across their faces, as they too relive those moments, wishing that they had each of those 599,616,000 seconds back, so they could tell a loved one, “I Love You”, just one more time …so that they could hold them in their arms just one more time.

Yes, if September 11th 2001 taught Americans anything, it taught us all just how truly fleeting life really is and that any of us can be snuffed from this life in a single terrible moment. It gave new meaning to the old Biblical teaching that no man has any guarantee of tomorrow, and at the same time, it awakened us, if only for a moment, to the actual existential threat Islam represents to all America and to civilization itself. Continue reading

Prelude To Martial Law

On the heels of government lockdowns of almost the entire country over the coronavirus, we are now witnessing nationwide riots over a Minneapolis policeman’s murder of George Floyd—and, predictably, Donald Trump is threatening to invoke the Insurrection Act and turn the U.S. military loose on the protesters and rioters. Continue reading

Will The Bureaucracy Be The Downfall of American Freedom?

“One of the greatest threats to mankind today is that the world may be choked by an explosively pervading but well camouflaged bureaucracy.” ~ Norman Borlaug (1914 to 2009) An international agronomist

Most Americans have no idea as to the scope and power of the federal, state and local bureaucracies. Although all bureaucracies grow by their vary nature, local government has grown the most. From 1990 to 2010 federal government employment has stayed relatively steady. In the same period, state government has grown by about 1,000,000 employees, or a growth rate of almost 24%. Local government on the other hand has grown by 3,700,000 employees, or a whopping 34.3%. The growth rate is directly related to the passage of more laws and the explosive growth in social services.

In the Open the Books Oversight Report entitled “Mapping the Swamp” that analyzed federal employment in 2016, the following observations were made: Continue reading

Mercer: Racial Violence Isn’t a One Way Street

For America to have incorporated and assimilated the unreason of “racism” on such a self-immolating scale, as American society has done, is to be mired in self-contradiction.

Racism is a lot of things. But there is one kind of thing we are not permitted to believe it is. When a 5-year-old white child is executed by a black man with a bullet to the head, as the tyke rode his bike, that can’t be racism. Ask the cultural cognoscenti. They’ll tell you: That’s never racism.

Otherwise, almost anything involving the perpetually aggrieved black community counts as racism… Continue reading

Barbarians At The Gates: Is Our Great Republic In Danger Of Falling? ~ (VIDEOS)

The Sacking of Rome is starting to resemble what we’re seeing in America’s cities. JN Sylvestre 1847-1926 / Public domain.

The Barbarians are at the gates, the cities are in flames, the war for the soul of America is in full swing. What I say here I do not say lightly. America is on the brink of falling, and if history is a guide and a repeating cycle, there will be very little to stop the demise of the greatest nation in the world, just like there was little at the end that could stop the fall of the Roman Empire once the decay and rot had set it.

What we are watching in our streets is nothing that happened overnight, it’s a product of years of social decay, corruption, indoctrination, and just flat out apathy. For as long as I have been active in politics, twenty-five years, which isn’t that long, I have seen the decline of this country, the spread of the corrupt cancer that’s been eating the heart and soul of America spread from the federal government to the states, to the smallest towns. It’s in our colleges, schools, our movies, television shows and in the very fabric of our everyday lives. Now add to that a virus that some would say is dubiously overblown and regulations that a year ago would have been laughed off as insane paranoia but are now seen as patriotism that must be enforced, and you have the perfect storm for the complete downfall of this republic. Continue reading

It’s Us Or Them: Killing Violent Radicals Is Justifiable

~ Foreword ~
Months of rioting, especially on the Left Coast and in the Northeastern cities and the Northern Midwest Region where armed, militant leftists have razed and burned entire towns is the sign of things to come, so long as half our residents continue to embrace so foreign an ideology that is so antithetical to the principles America has stood upon for over two-hundred years. And this is taking shape to be the biggest issue of the 2020 campaigns, one that Democrats are certain to lose, since they’ve essentially endorsed this violence and mayhem and they’ve denied the proper tools and resources to law enforcement needed to restore law and order, symbolically spitting in the face of their own cops; in the meantime, they also smear President Trump over his strong law and order stance, when he sent federal agents to enforce the law and protect federal buildings in these communist hellholes.

And then we have to hear the communist sympathizers, such as Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, a black woman, bemoan the fact that any white militias exist, as she recently told ‘Democracy Now‘ that they had been ignored too long. Sure she wants to suppress white militias. What better way to pave the road ahead for the Antifa and BLM Radicals and the new order of Communist and Globalist tyranny in America. ~ J.O.S.
Continue reading

It’s time to have an honest, rational conversation with your family

When the captain came on the announcement system yesterday morning to introduce himself to passengers, the first thing he said was,

“Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of us have been cooped up and under tremendous stress for the past several months. So the most important thing we can do right now is be kind, patient, and understanding with one another.”

It was an interesting way to start off a flight… Continue reading

There is a Cancer Upon the Nation

November 28, 2018 ~ No, no, no… we are not talking about political cancer here – although politics do have a nasty way of contributing to this epidemic by way of ignoring the economic drain upon the afflicted, including the cost of care (they really don’t), ‘treatment’ and drugs. In addition – THEY have chosen – by corporate bribe – to ignore the Truth as relates to the dreaded dis-ease known throughout the world as… CANCER.

I have been involved with a program for nearly twenty years – due to unusual circumstances – which brought me together with one of the great modern pioneers in the education of cancer, Dr. William Donald Kelley. When I first met Kelley, it was via a request to be a guest on my then daily broadcast, Perspectives on America. I’ll not tell you the entire story at this point as it is not germane to what we are posting this day, however the one key element that Kelley taught me, was that…

No one can cure you of any disease. If you have a broken bone, your doctor can set the bone in a cast – with or without pins if necessary – but if your body is not healthy, the bone will never properly set nor become totally healthy. Choose your ailment, heart-disease, cancer, arthritis, or many other maladies – it matters not – for it is YOUR responsibility to properly treat your own disease, through nutrition, exercise and proper supplementation in many instances.” Continue reading

It Is Live Or Die Time America?

Among the great principles The United States was founded upon are life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We the People are blessed to reside in a “republic” of rugged individualism and self sufficiency. Since the time before Nimrod, the wicked builder of the first known city until now, no nation or empire used as much of it’s accumulated wealth to bless and advance the human condition. Since before the founding of the United States until this very moment you are reading this column, there have been those demonically inspired individuals and organizations seeking to destroy liberty, equal opportunity and justice for all. Continue reading