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A holdover title from the previous variation of the Federal Observer. This is where you will find a range of Editorial postings and comments by a select group of writers, many of who have had long term relations with Kettle Moraine Publications.

How Stalin Hid Ukraine’s Famine From the World

Welcome to the future under Bernie Sanders…

In 1932 and 1933, millions died across the Soviet Union – and the foreign press corps helped cover up the catastrophe.

LVIV, UKRAINE: Shadows of people burying dozens of coffins in a mass grave are seen on November 25th, 2006 during a day of remembrance for up to 10 million people who starved to death in the great famine of 1932-33, in the city of Zhovkva. SERGEI SUPINSKY / GETTY

In the years 1932 and 1933, a catastrophic famine swept across the Soviet Union. It began in the chaos of collectivization, when millions of peasants were forced off their land and made to join state farms. It was then exacerbated, in the autumn of 1932, when the Soviet Politburo, the elite leadership of the Soviet Communist Party, took a series of decisions that deepened the famine in the Ukrainian countryside. Despite the shortages, the state demanded not just grain, but all available food. Continue reading

Disgusting and Shameful: Open to Every Stranger Under the Sun

Democrats Flaunt U.S. Immigration Law

Today in America, there isn’t any other issue more dangerous to all Americans and poised to completely ruin America and tear Her asunder than the necessity of stopping the anti-American, communist inspired globalist and Democratic Party initiatives and policies, that advocate and facilitate Open Borders, free healthcare, voting rights and U.S. citizenship for ILLEGAL Aliens. America is either a nation of laws and the rule of law or it isn’t. America and Her people either stop this madness or Americans will watch as we lose our culture and our American heritage, and indeed, America as She has stood for over 200 years. Continue reading

Cutler: Fake News Begins With Fake Language

Politically Correct” language is really Orwellian Newspeak.

Human beings think with words. We express our thoughts with words.

What truly differentiates humans from all other creatures is our ability to use language and preserve our thoughts in writing, thereby enabling us to pass down our knowledge from one generation to the next. This is why the study of history is so important, but it is not only history that is passed from generation to generation but knowledge in general. Continue reading

Dancing In A Pool of Gasoline ~ America’s Twilight Zone

Traitors to America, one and all, the perpetrators of the Russian collusion hoax are dancing in a pool of gasoline, highlighted by the past two years of Democrat and RINO subversion of every branch of the U.S. government to effect a coup against a duly elected president. This plot required high officials of the CIA, FBI, and Obama’s Department of Justice to commit felonies, and most of America knows who committed them. And, in the certain knowledge that Special Counsel Robert Mueller set out from the start to frame President Trump with either collusion or obstruction, battle lines are being drawn ahead of Mueller’s July 24th testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.

Nothing could reveal the sham investigation Mueller pursued more than his team that was filled with obvious Clinton insiders such as Andrew Weissman, an attendee at Hillary’s aborted “victory party” on election night 2016, who just happened to run the DOJ’s Fraud Section for Obama during Hillary Clinton’s “Uranium One Scandal, at the same time Mueller was FBI Director and Uranium One was being investigated by Rod Rosenstein. Jeannie Rhee, a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation, and several other former Obama era DOJ staffers were also assisting Mueller’s attack on President Trump. Continue reading

Three Things Wrong With “Atlas Shrugged

…that Have Nothing to Do With Objectivism!

Atlas Shrugged tells the story of Dagny Taggart, who, while technically only the vice president of Taggart Transcontinental Railway, is the true ruling power of the company. In the face of worldwide economic crises and nefarious politicians, she struggles to save her railway and revitalize the nation.

This novel has been a source of ongoing controversy since its first publication in 1957. Ayn Rand considered this to be her magnum opus. Through the interwoven narratives of the industrial elite, she offers a full realization of her own ideological creation, objectivism. This unique philosophy is often the most divisive element of the novel.

But I’m not here to talk politics. Instead, I’m here to present some purely literary problems I found within the pages of “Atlas Shrugged.” Continue reading

That ‘Green Thing

Yesterday after shopping in our local supermarket, I was in the queue at the Check Out, and heard when the young cashier suggested to the much older lady that she should bring her own grocery bags, because plastic bags are not good for the environment.

The woman apologized to the young girl and then sighed, “We didn’t have this ‘green thing’ back in my earlier days.” Continue reading

Ignoring The Guidelines Of Our Constitution Concerning Who We Have In Office Is A Constitutional Crisis

That “goddamned piece of paper” – again

~ Forewords ~
The TWISTING of what words mean is how we have reached this point of easy law breaking.

The use of the word GAY (original meaning was HAPPY and carefree) to cover the sinful acts of what God calls ABOMINATIONS (Sodomites and Lesbians) is just one of the many TWISTINGS we accept today. NATURAL BORN when used with citizenship has been totally twisted to allowing anyone from anywhere to live here and worse yet to serve in public office.

We need to return to the ORIGINAL and CORRECT meanings of words and not go along with the TWISTED versions.

WRONG is WRONG – RIGHT is RIGHT – Jackie Juntti
Continue reading

Finley: Today’s Democrats are tyrants

Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.

As a life-long registered Democrat and retired academic who grew up in California when it had the best public education system in the country and was a lovely place to live for the vast majority of the population, I watched with incredulity the recent Democratic presidential debates (“The noisy parade of the debutantes,” Web, June 27). Continue reading

San Francisco School Board Votes to Paint Over George Washington Mural

They’ve come for George…

Victor Arnautoff, “The Life of George Washington,” 1936, at George Washington High School in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Board of Education unanimously voted last month in favor of painting over a George Washington mural series on a school wall depicting Washington standing over a Native American’s corpse and another in the company of slaves on his Mount Vernon estate… Continue reading

Oh What Fools We Mortals Are When We Practice Stupidity

“There is no nonsense so gross that society will not, at some time, make a doctrine of it and defend it with every weapon of communal stupidity.” ~ Robertson Davies, Canadian novelist/ journalist (1913 – 1995)

Dumb Beotch!

There is no way to explain the insanity that is taking place in America today. There must be some poison in the water or the air that makes people, especially politicians, act in a fashion so bazaar as to defy credulity. Continue reading

DEMS Look to Take Massachusetts-Style Gun Licensing Nationwide

Massachusetts is one of the few states that require a license to own any firearm, including a permit-to-purchase which is needed to buy a handgun and a 6-year license that is needed to maintain possession. A bill would help expand the program nationwide. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Democrats on Capitol Hill (last) week unveiled a program to use taxpayer dollars to help bring Massachusetts-style gun control laws to the rest of the country. Continue reading

Gunny: Let’s Talk about Flags

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you are aware of the Nike flag flap that got Colin Kaepernick’s panties in a wad. He objects to the original (Betsy Ross version) of the flag of these united States saying that it is racist. How could that be?

Well, this was the first uS flag and it represents, and is closely associated with, the “original” constitution. That would be the constitution prior to the War of Yankee Aggression and subsequent constitutional amendments. In other words, it was the uS flag before America died at Appomattox. Continue reading

To The Victor Go The Spoils

Aside from the Mayflower landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts, how much American history do you know from the period prior to the War for Independence? The settlers at Plymouth disembarked the Mayflower on November 13, 1620 and the Declaration of Independence was written and agreed to in 1776; meaning there is 156 years of history between those two events. So why is it that we know so little about what happened during that period of American history? Continue reading

Antifa: America’s Fascists

Antifa Violence Supports Democrat Progressivism

Communist ANTIFA group

The exercise of one’s Free Speech is not an unpeaceable act or an act of fascism, but if one is exerting one’s right in the defense of America and our republic, it is called “fascism” by America’s Leftists, and one is attacked by real fascist communists, such as ANTIFA, in much the same manner as happened last June and July and again this June 29th, during a Patriot Prayer rally. Freedom is not any the less endangered, if it is attacked by actual “anti-fascists” or by outright Fascists, and America’s ANTIFA, just like yesteryear Germany’s Antifaschistische Aktion, a Communist Party front, is no stranger to authoritarianism, political repression and political violence. Continue reading

Is a Lawn Jockey Racist?

An owner tells us what it REALLY means

September 22, 2017 ~ For a long time, lawn jockeys have adorned the front yards of American homes, but you may have noticed in recent decades that the number of them is fewer and fewer. Somewhere along the line, they started being touted as a symbol of racism. One woman says that she grew tired of people trying to ‘educate’ her about her lawn jockey, and of complaints that she needs to take it down. With a single social media post, the woman blew away her critics. Continue reading

The True History of Fake News

L.M. Slackens: The Yellow Press, showing William Randolph Hearst as a jester handing out newspapers, published by Keppler & Schwarzmann, October 12, 1910 ~ Library of Congress

In the long history of misinformation, the current outbreak of fake news has already secured a special place, with the president’s personal adviser, Kellyanne Conway, going so far as to invent a Kentucky massacre in order to defend a ban on travelers from seven Muslim countries. But the concoction of alternative facts is hardly rare, and the equivalent of today’s poisonous, bite-size texts and tweets can be found in most periods of history, going back to the ancients. Continue reading

Justice Dept. Reverses Course on Citizenship Question on Census, Citing Trump’s Orders

WASHINGTON — A day after pledging that the 2020 census would not ask respondents about their citizenship, Justice Department officials reversed course on Wednesday and said they were hunting for a way to restore the question on orders from President Trump.

The contentious issue of whether next year’s all-important head count would include a citizenship question appeared to be settled — until the president began vowing on Twitter on Wednesday that the administration was “absolutely moving forward” with plans, despite logistical and legal barriers. Continue reading

Subjugate, Subjugate… dance to the music!

Tomorrow, July 4th, this country celebrates its independence from the government of Great Britain led by King George III.

Forgotten by most who will enjoy the celebration with cookouts, ball games and fireworks is the fact that compared with the government of today, those who rebelled in 1776, chose to leave a much more benevolent government than the one which controls almost every aspect of our lives today.

How did we get here from there you ask? Could the answer be found in our full embracing of the 10th Plank of the Communist Manifesto? Continue reading

AMERICA: As it once was…

So Where Is The Southwest?

So where is the Southwest in this country? Depends on whose map you look at or whose definition you agree with. Just tonight I looked at about eight or ten maps of what were supposed to be our Southwest. Almost none of them agreed with one another. Some said the Southwest was just four states–Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. I couldn’t agree with that. Others included Oregon and Northern California Wrong again! Others included the whole of Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. They got it half right. The southern halves of those states are part of the Southwest, but not the whole state in each case. Continue reading

Google to block all anti-cancer, “anti-vax” and anti-GMO websites at the browser level as tech giant goes all-in with pharma drug cartels

America as we all knew it – is D-E-A-D. It is only a matter of time. Twitter, Facebook, Google and now Chrome… There is no Freedom of anything left. You have slept – and now ANTIFA and the Socialist bas-TURDS in DC (funded by the illustrious Soros) have won. You voted – and you are so damned proud of it – now look what you have wrought. ~ Ed.

By late 2020, Google’s Chrome browser will automatically block all so-called anti-cancer, “anti-vax” and anti-GMO websites as part of Google’s collapse into a Monsanto/Pharma criminal cartel. Users who want to visit websites that expose the scientifically-validated risks and potential harm of vaccines, chemotherapy, glyphosate or GMOs will have to switch to alternative browsers and search engines, since the search engine is already in the process of eliminating all such websites from its search results. (Continue to full story…)