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Yeah – sure – I am offended. The question is, “Will YOU be offended enough to take ACTION? But then again, you might just be offended due to the language and/or comments posted by other readers. Either way – It’s all up to YOU! If you don’t like it, well then, “Piss on you!

Leading to War: How Long are Americans Going to Allow the Corrupt Media and Government to Set the Narratives?

Every country has the government it deserves.” ~ Joseph De Maistre

As I have long observed, the collusion between corrupt media and corrupt government in this country has continued to set the narrative for far too long. It is a history lesson that needs to be learned in the present.

Adolph Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said:

It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.”

He goes on, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Is this what we see today in America? Absolutely, it is! Continue reading

When Israel Attacked USS Liberty: ‘But Sir, It’s an American Ship!’

‘Never Mind, Hit Her!’

USS Liberty (AGTR-5) receives assistance from units of the Sixth Fleet, after she was attacked and seriously damaged by Israeli forces off the Sinai Peninsula on 8 June 1967. Credit: Official U.S. Navy Photograph

‘The Americans have findings that show Israeli pilots were aware the ship was American,’

Amid the jubilee celebrations for the Six-Day War, the tragic story of the American spy ship USS Liberty – which was bombed by an Israeli fighter jet and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967 in the eastern Mediterranean – was somewhat overlooked. Thirty-four American sailors were killed in the Israeli attack and many others were wounded.

Israel apologized and paid compensation to the victims’ families. Israeli and American commissions of inquiry found that the attack was a mistake. But naturally, as often happens in such events, to this day there are some who believe Israel attacked the ship with malicious intent. Continue reading

The Daily Vomitry: September 15, 2019

…The insanity will not end

Book: Alleged Victim of Brett Kavanaugh Does Not Recall Incident
The alleged victim of a previously unreported claim of sexual misconduct by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh does not actually recall the incident — according to the same authors who… (Continue to full article)

Democrats Call for Justice Brett Kavanaugh to Be ‘Impeached’
Democrat presidential candidates and groups are lining up behind calls to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh… (Continue to full article)

Elizabeth Warren Joins Other Democrats Calling for Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Impeachment
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is calling for Brett Kavanaugh’s impeachment after the New York Times wrote about a new sexual misconduct allegation… (Continue to full article)

Cruz: At the Next Democratic Debate, They’ll All Be Saying Impeach Kavanaugh
I read that New York Times article this morning. You know, I got to say they apparently spent ten months with undercover reporters trying to track down every person that went to school with Justice Kavanaugh 30 years ago. You know, it’s an amazing level of reporting trying to just really dig up any dirt they can on the guy. I think that follows up with the rather shameful circus we saw during the confirmation hearing where they took allegations, they sat on them, they didn’t make them public, they revealed them at the 11th hour… (Continue to full article)

Sen. Doug Jones: Kavanaugh Can Be Impeached If He Lied to the Senate
Reacting to a New York Times report about Kavanaugh’s potential involvement in unwanted sexual contact, Jones said, “It is inevitable. I think the point that people are making is that we didn’t have a proper investigation. There was a real rush to make sure that the nomination got through according to the timetable that Senator McConnell wanted it to get through. There was no point in that… (Continue to full article)

Klobuchar: Kavanaugh Confirmation Process Was a ‘Sham’
Klobuchar said, “My views on Justice Kavanaugh are very clear, George. I think most people remember my questioning of the justice when he went so far as to ask me if I blacked out and had to apologize to me. I strongly opposed him based on his views on executive power which will continue to haunt our country as well as how he behaved, including the allegations that we are hearing more about today… (Continue to full article)


Assessment: Never Forget…

Never forget the bloody, crying firemen who screamed about the bombs in the towers and the lobby.

Never forget the $2,300,000,000,000 dollars that was reported missing by Donald Rumsfeld the day before 9/11.

Never forget that the controller in charge of the Pentagon’s budget was Doc Zakheim who lost the $2.3 trillion dollars by doing poor book keeping (lost $1.55 billion dollars, per day, for five years….)

Never forget that Dov Zakheim was also the CEO of Systems Planning Corporation in 2001 which manufactures Flight Termination Systems for commercial airliners so they can be remotely controlled by computers… Continue reading

I Was Born This Way: Queer Is As Queer Does

~ Foreword ~
The news cycle has quite a few serious items to be discussed, but none so pressing that they can’t wait for a much needed overview of the damage and harm that is created in America by a very small minority of vocal and militant Queers – their own self-ascribed name per ‘Them‘ magazine.

The Democommunist ideology of staggering imbecility, that has embraced Marxism and Leninism and their offshoots in “diversity and inclusivity“, consistently justifies and attempts to legitimize the glorification of teenage prostitutes and high school porn stars, drag queens, perverts parading down the street in bondage leathers and deviant moms teaching their children how to be strangled by their sex partners for the sake of an orgasm. The New Sodom and Gomorrah has arrived, to the shame of all America. ~ J.O.S.
Continue reading

Morning Coffee with Bonnie: September 3, 2019

…and the beat goes on!

Sheriff Stops Sharing Info With Police Database To Protect Illegal Immigrants
The *Seattle* that I knew in the 50’s and 60’s is long gone and I doubt it will ever return. The Sodomites and Lesbians have turned it – like they do all they get near – into Sodom on the Sound with all the filth – all the crime (the shootings and other attacks have greatly increased recently), all the things that make good people flee (Abstain from all appearance of evil) has taken Seattle over as the Evilness has taken over L.A., SF, Portland. What is doubly sad is they have been spreading out to all the suburban areas around them and turning them into Out Houses of Abominations.

As scripture says – we shall be as in the days of Noah – and be washed away in the Flood. We have not held back the invading infiltrators whose agenda is to destroy us. ~ Granny (Continue to full article)

CA Court Overturns Conviction Against Steinle Killer
If there wasn’t already more than enough insult added to injury in the sad case of the death of Kate Steinle at the hands of a five-time deported illegal-alien felon, a California appeals court on Friday overturned the lone conviction against her killer. In the case against Mexican national Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate, the First District Court of Appeals overturned his felony possession of a weapon conviction on a seeming technicality… (Continue to full article)

The Low-down Dirty Blues…

It’s Time to Hold Big Pharma Accountable
Of course, most Americans aren’t surprised to find out that big drug companies are making shady deals behind closed doors and abusing the system meant to keep them in line in order to make more money – that’s been their business model for decades. But people may be surprised to learn just how far they’ll go to make a buck… (Continue to full article)

Bay of Pigs
A liquor store robbery in (1973) from man returning from bank, and theft of $4,000.00. Found ammo that was spent in robbery was specially made for the CIA for Bay of Pigs operation… (Continue to full article)

The Bolshevik Revolution – Mostly Made In America
Most folks who look at the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia think it was totally carried out by Russians revolting against the cruelty of the Czar. If that is what you believe then you are wrong on both counts. What’s more, you were probably lied to on both counts… (Continue to full article)

Leftist Politician Decides Cleaning Poop Off Seattle’s Streets With A Pressure Washer Is Racist
Oh SHIT – here we go again! Even though the courthouse and plenty of Seattle’s streets are covered in human fecal matter thanks to the socialist policies that have pushed people into poverty, a democrat has decided the streets cannot be cleaned up using a pressure washer. Using this method to get the feces off the streets is racist said city council member Larry Gossett in a tweet …because power-washing “brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists…”… (Continue to full article)

Feminist Thought-Leader Claims Milking Cows Is The Same As Rape
The City of San Francisco is back at it. A few weeks ago we told you they were ‘gender neutralizing’ the English language, changing words like “manhole” into “maintenance hole”.

They’re terrified that someone might be offended by words like “manhole”, so they’ve cleansed the dictionary and demanded that all city workers and agencies begin using the new gender-neutral language. Now they’re extending their sensitivities to even more groups…

Humans have been breeding livestock for their milk for about 10,000 years…But we are now such an advanced species that feminists now claim artificial insemination of cows is rape, and milking them is sexual abuse… (Continue to full article)

CAIR Gets Dropped!
CAIR should be banned from America – as an enemy agent. Why it is allowed to be here is beyond me. CAIR has been an instigator for decades that I am personally aware of. I see no difference in their presence than I would see of Hamas or ISIS or any other foreign group whose agenda is to destroy America. Omar & Tlaib are their legislative agents. INFILTRATE – LEGISLATE – DOMINATE – ADJUDICATE – DECIMATE. ~ Granny (Continue to full article)

Teen Scarred by Nude Woodstock Photos of Grandmother!

Chris Smiley, 17, was horrified to learn, that the photos he had been enjoying a little too much, were actually naked photos of his Grandma at Woodstock.

“I was just playing around on the internet and I came across some photos of hot chicks at Woodstock, 1969. There was one particular photo that caught my attention and fancy. My Grandfather walked in and caught me and said to me ‘hey you know that’s your Grandmother, right?’. Continue reading

The Difference Between Men and Women

I wanted to title the following, ‘The Difference between the Sexes,’ but there are too many different ones to choose from today… It’s too confusing! Let’s keep it simple – you know – the way it used to be… ~ Ed.


* A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.

* A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn’t need but it’s on sale. Continue reading

Law Professor: Stop Saying Football Players Have a ‘Constitutional Right’ to Kneel During the National Anthem…

They Don’t!

Teresa Stanton Collett, a professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, sets the record straight.

Football was once the place Americans could go to get away from anxiety, division, and politics.

No more. Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel for the National Anthem during the 2016 season has set off a chain reaction of sorts, one that is seriously threatening America’s pastime. Continue reading

Teen Vogue Promotes “The Legacy Of Karl Marx” To Its 3.3 Million Twitter Followers

Calling him the “famed German that co-authored The Communist Manifesto“, as if the work should be celebrated, the historical scholars over at Teen Vogue are now indoctrinating their young readers as to why they should be reading Karl Marx.

A recent article in Teen Vogue celebrates Marx’s 200th birthday and says Marx’s ideas “can still teach us about the past and present.”

Yeah, here’s what didn’t work – any why we should never attempt it again.

And perhaps in an attempt to align themselves with the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates (we’re only half joking), Teen Vogue tweeted out “The legacy of Karl Marx’s ideas” to its 3.3 million Twitter followers just days ago. Continue reading

GOOGLE Scrubs Natural Health Websites From Its Search Results

Earlier this month, in one devastating algorithmic stroke, Google removed many of the top natural health and health freedom websites from their organic search results — some losing as much as 99% of their traffic. In fact, the term “organic” should no longer be used to describe Google’s referral traffic, as a jaw-dropping undercover investigation by Project Veritas reveals: Google surreptitiously manipulates its search results and auto-suggestions to conform to a very specific set of sociopolitical and economic agendas intended to manipulate elections and promote private interests.

 . . .

… what happens when the gate-keepers of the content that flows through this incredible invention, like Facebook and Pinterest, censor and shadow ban certain of its users or content, or their ability to send you messages via email service provider platforms like Mailchimp, as we’ve recently experienced on Where do we go for information then? (Continue to full report…)

The Sounds of Darkness…

California State Assembly passes resolution forcing church leaders to embrace LGBT Ideology
The demons of hell are running wild in California in every matter that is in obedience to God. Those who know scripture know what happened to the Sodomites who knocked on Lots door and demanded to be able to have relations with the *visitors*. Can you picture the FIRE & BRIMSTONE??? The wildfires in California are just the beginning… (Continue to full article)

The Final Nail in the DNC’s Coffin: ‘rejoicing in the queerness of God’
The DNC is truly the party of SIN and SODOM. People can ignore the word of God all they want but they need to know that their refusal to obey the Word of God (the God of creation not the gods of Babylon) shall (not might) result in the consequences of eternity in the Lake of Fire. God’s Word WILL be fulfillede… (Continue to full article)

FBI Documents Show Alleged Child Sex Abuse, Drug Trafficking at Twelve Tribes
Do you know where your child is right now???? How many types of SEMEN are left in the young children’s bodies????? This isn’t restricted to the ILLEGALS coming into America. This goes on every day by LEGAL AMERICANS – many active in politics. I am sure most have read of the Clinton’s connections to these sexual organizations. Strange how the media grabs onto any kind of claim against Pres. Trump realted to some sexual offense but totally ignores the Clinton’s, or the names that came forth in the book, “The Franklin Coverup”. Seems as how if you are politically connected on the LEFT you can sniff and grope all you want and the media and the LEFTISTS smile… (Continue to full article)

America’s First Third-World State
If someone predicted half a century ago that a Los Angeles police station or indeed L.A. City Hall would be in danger of periodic, flea-borne infectious typhus outbreaks, he would have been considered unhinged. After all, the city that gave us the modern freeway system is not supposed to resemble Justinian’s sixth-century Constantinople. Yet typhus, along with outbreaks of infectious hepatitis A, are in the news on California streets. The sidewalks of the state’s major cities are homes to piles of used needles, feces, and refuse. Hygienists warn that permissive municipal governments are setting the stage ­ through spiking populations of history’s banes of fleas, lice, and rats ­ for possible dark-age outbreaks of plague or worse… (Continue to full article)


Texas Medical Professional: Migrants Quarantined with UNKNOWN Disease, 10-Year Old Girl Found With 20 Types of Semen In Her
This is what the open borders Democraps and RINO’s want to welcome into America. They want 10 year old girls to be containers for at least 20 different types of semen… not to mention the many diseases they are bringing in.

If the voters elect a DEMOCRAP or RINO (Romneyists) to ANY political public office they are saying they want America to be destroyed. This goes far beyond political party – that is why it is SO important to really check out the person not just accept the party label they may pin on their lapel. Do not forget the FAUX republicans like BONER and SCOTUS Roberts. Dressing up as a Conservative does not make you one.

The Butt-hurt that reparation seekers are feeling is what’s called Demoroids. They’ve been deceived into thinking that the cure for this is Reperation-H. Think of what the 10 year old girl went thru to have 20 different kinds of semen in her body. Is that what any 10 year old girl (or boy) should have to endure in life????? I am of the thought that this is NOT an unusual situation… (Continue to full article)

Lot Leaves Sodom with His Family (painting circa 1615 by Peter Paul Rubens)

Human trafficking in America among worst in world
The United States is again ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. According to a recently released report by the State Department, the top three nations of origin for victims of human trafficking in 2018 were the United States, Mexico and the Philippines.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered the Trafficking in Persons report, which is created annually by the State Department to document human trafficking in the year prior, and highlighted the growing focus that government agencies and nonprofit organizations have dedicated to stopping human trafficking. At the heart of the human trafficking trade in America is simple economics: Supply and demand… (Continue to full article)

Put Me In Charge…

The following letter was submitted to the editor of the Waco Tribune by Alfred Evans back in 2010. Almost 10 years have gone by and not much has changed….

Put me in charge of food stamps. I’d get rid of Lone Star cards; no cash for Ding Dongs or Ho Ho’s, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.

Put me in charge of Medicaid. The first thing I’d do is to get women Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligations – then, we’ll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and document all tattoos and piercings. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, smoke or get tats and piercings, then get a job. Continue reading

The Illuminati and the One World Government


I just finished watching this program – it is just over an hour in length – but the information presented should be heard and paid attention to by everyone.

The speaker goes into great detail on the Illuminati, the Free Mason, The Satanic Rothchilds and Rockefeller, the banking world, – all things that are going on in this world right now – preparing for the Anti Christ. The last 15 minutes will really blast you out of your chair.

Please take the time to watch and LISTEN to what Amir says – after you have watched this – please let me know your thoughts. I have never heard anyone put it all together as he has in this video. ~ Granny

Vermont Minors Need Parental Permission To Get An Ibuprofen From The School Nurse… but Not An Abortion

The Republican governor of Vermont signed legislation this week which makes it legal for minors to obtain an abortion without parental consent. Vermont law also allows non-physicians, including registered nurse practitioners, to perform abortions. To put in perspective how radical the state’s abortion standards are, consider that parents have to give their child written or verbal permission to obtain so much as an ibuprofen pill from the school nurse, but do not have to approve of their daughter’s obtaining a life-altering decision like abortion under GOP Gov. Phil Scott‘s new law. Continue reading

PURE Horseshit!

Judge accused of helping illegal immigrant evade ICE has $127,000 legal fees paid for by taxpayers
Taxpayers forked up $127,000 in legal fees for a Massachusetts judge accused of helping a twice-deported illegal alien evade Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Judge Shelley M Richmond Joseph used the public money right up until the day she was indicted on April 25, according to the Boston Herald. Joseph, 51, was placed on unpaid leave after she appeared in court on obstruction of justices charges. She has since appealed to have her $184,600 annual salary reinstated…. (Continue to full article)

Tomb of Obama ~ the Unknown Kenyan

When a president dies, the country pays for their burial. In the case of a president like JFK, who was a war hero and assassinated in the middle of a term, something extravagant is in order. His burial at Arlington with the memorial paid for by the people cost almost $4 million in today’s money, adjusted for inflation. The Kennedy family paid for the casket, vault and the eternal flame. Continue reading