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As of this post, since 1973 and the Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade, America has been responsible for somewhere in the area of 60 MILLION murders – of innocent children – by ABORTION. This is our topic.

Culture of Death: The Murder of Unborn Children

New York Mandates Infanticide

Abortion is nothing less than the murder of Unborn Children, Babies, and on the anniversary of Roe v Wade, January 22nd 1973, the Empire State of New York passed its abominable Baby Murder Act, the “Reproductive Health Act”, that attempts to give legitimacy to this abominable, heinous and horrific practice, by calling abortion a “fundamental right”. This act stands in direct contravention of the virtues and principles, that built America, often referenced as a “shining City on the Hill”, and there are consequences for these actions, which are unacceptable under any set of circumstances. We must protect the lives of the Unborn Children. Continue reading

The Devil Wears Pink

The shade Cuomo chose was a putrid pink that could be called Luciferian pink, a color that comes with an acrid odor of sulphur.

The devil wears pink and it is more than certain that political pinkos are among his most favored people.

The devil – who crawls into the woodwork by pretending that he doesn’t exist – dons pink pussy caps as he does dust-ups behind the scenes, stuffs his cloven feet into pink stilettos, plants pink petunias where only roses should grow, and on Monday night was singularly honored when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had the One World Trade Center lit up in pink to celebrate New York’s new Abortion-Up-Til-Birth law.

The devil wears pink for every thing other than blushes because Satan, who has no shame, never ever blushes. Continue reading

Daubenmire: Are We Eating Our Children?

This one is not an easy one for me to write. It might be even more difficult for you to read. I know we all run a risk if you simply laugh off what I am about to share with you today.

I am edgy. I get that. People often accuse me of being crazy, harsh, or conspiratorial but everyone who reads my thoughts knows that I don’t pull any punches.

Well, I am going to swing hard today and I am sorry if the punch to the gut makes you sick. I wish there was a softer way to inoculate you from the lies, but Truth and sunlight are the best disinfectant and usually is the best thing to use to lighten your path. I pray you are sitting down while you read this.

Have you noticed recently how much mankind has changed? I don’t mean the clothes we wear, or the latest fashion trends, but the actual PHYSICAL changes that you see in people around you? Have you noticed how fat people are? Don’t you see the rash of “cancers” that folks all around you are developing? Autism is rampant in the young. Haven’t you noticed the blending of the sexes and how some men are becoming so much like women and some women are becoming so much like men? Have you noticed how many people are unable to think? Continue reading

For One Actress ~ It IS a Wonderful Life

When Ashley Bratcher took the leading role in Unplanned, she wasn’t ambivalent about life — but she wasn’t exactly passionate about it either. Then came the revelation that turned her world upside down. Ashley, who was about to star in a movie about abortion, had almost been a victim of it.

Her emotional true story came tumbling out in interview on Fox & Friends Tuesday, giving the project a whole new meaning. And not just for Ashley. Like a lot of actresses, Bratcher had no idea who Abby Johnson was when she first auditioned to play her. “I was given just six pages. Six pages that ignited my curiosity… How could this incredibly [devoted] woman one day change her mind about everything she believed in? There had to be more to the story.” Continue reading


This post is probably going to start issues and make people mad but I could honestly care less.

This time last week I was laying in a hospital bed being asked questions no parent should ever have to answer.

“Do you want to see your baby when he is born?”

Uhm? What in the hell kind of question is that.. the fact this question even has to be asked is sad…

“What funeral home do you want to use?”

“Do you want an autopsy completed?”

“Do you want to bathe your baby, or do you want the nurses to?” Continue reading

Meet America’s Most Hated Doctors

abortion_animateYou received years of specialized training in a field that you’re passionate about. You’ve decided to work in an area of the country where you feel you can make a difference. You have a family, and you’re primarily concerned about helping other families thrive. But at every turn, the state is enacting more barriers to your professional success. Your job options are limited because you’re not welcome in some American communities. And sometimes, protesters show up outside of the home you share with your children, shouting that they hate the work you do.

You’re on the front lines of the abortion wars. Continue reading

Juntti: The value of human life and the killing of children today

Editor’s NOTE: I was privileged to share this commentary on my daily radio program, “Life, Liberty & All That Jazz” on Thursday, November 2, 2010. (JB)

December 2, 2012 ~ I have been watching the increasing reports of children being killed – horribly murdered and dismembered in many cases, by their parents or care givers (boyfriends). I remember when one report of something like this would have been SHOCKING – today it is just another news item in the paper like a shoplifter being caught. Continue reading