They’re Ignoring Immigration – ‘At Their Own Peril’

A conservative activist doesn’t believe the abortion issue will provide the big wins Democrats are hoping for this fall.

According to a recent Harvard CAPS/ Harris Poll, immigration is the top issue for voters ahead of this year’s presidential election. 35% of respondents listed immigration as their paramount concern, with inflation (32%) in a close second.

Only 7% of respondents cited abortion as their top concern for the presidential election.

“The open border issue is much more powerful than the Democrats or the pundits in the media think,” responds conservative activist and columnist Robert Knight. “Even Democrats are saying … you can’t have a nation without a border, and there’s a lot of human tragedy going on at our border by design.

“I think it’s as powerful an issue as it was in 2016, when President Trump was elected, and they ignored it at their own peril,” he adds.

Even so, the Biden administration thinks abortion will keep them in power.

“I think they’re wrong,” Knight states.

Rep. Rich McCormick (R-Georgia), a medical doctor who serves mostly in emergency rooms, recently told Tony Perkins that Democrats are on the losing side of the budget, the debt, with crime, the border, with energy and education, and “they’re on the wrong side with this, too.”

While he conceded that “maybe” the majority of Americans want some sort of choice as opposed to an all-out ban on abortion, “frankly, most of America does not want to see late-term abortions,” he said.

Knight predicts the abortion issue will elect some Democrats, especially in districts that have college towns that “brainwash” students into thinking abortion as a great human right.

“They can get away with the lies in certain areas,” he recognizes, “but overall as a nation, I think the immigration issue and the economy are going to prevail, and that bodes well for whoever the Republican candidate is.”

With big wins in Iowa and New Hampshire already under his belt, that will likely be President Trump, who has gone on record as opposing a national abortion ban.

Written by Chad Groening for American Family News ~ February 1, 2024

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