The Hidden Mob: A Tale of Two States

…and they are right out in the open!

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is an Italian Fascist Mafia Mob Boss and has been from the days of his father Mario Cuomo’s Regime as Governor.

Do you know anything at all about the Italian Mob? Of the New York City, Poughkeepsie/Highland, Albany, and Buffalo, Regions of New York State.

I grew up in the midst of Little Italy and know them very well indeed, how they operate, and what they do to enforce their Regimes, Region to Region.

Heroin/Drug Trafficking and Pornography, Prostitution, Extortion, Coercion, Graft and Corruption, are all at their Core of The Glorified American Godfather.

They attack by Economic Subversion, Blackmail, and by Drug Chemical/Psychiatric Warfare means, with Mental Health Outlets everywhere in New York State.

Ready to put you on Forced Psychotropic Disabling Meds to finish-you-off by Corrupt Court-Ordered Mafia Mental Hygiene Law Under Doctor’s Orders.

Real Gulag Business. Anyone who complains about them to the police, or writes, or speaks out against them, finds themselves out of a job, or otherwise BEING molested.

You are being betrayed here, because you have been geared to thinking in Beneficent American Terms of Standard to the Sacred Principles of our Constitutional Democracy.

The Italians are allied for their Drug Supply, with their Mafia Politicians and Crooked Cops, to the Black/Heroin Mafia, as is the New York Jewish Mafia Murder Incorporated.

If you did not know that the Jews have a Mafia, it is because they only show you the effeminate Hasidic Orthodox Jews with their beards and curly haired sideburns on T.V..

Editor’s NOTE: For those readers who are taken aback at this posting – WAKE UP… you have been had for your entire life. Remember the names Meyer Lansky (the mob’s accountant), Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel or Arnold Rothstein? These are but three names within the “Family.” Hollywood has made them all out to be heroes, kind men with families at home, but there is far more to their story… Jewish-American organized crime ~ Ed.

Most, if not all, of the Italian Mob Males are raised as Aggressive Homosexuals from puberty; and most, if not all, are aggressively involved in Pornography and Blackmail.

And, like the Black Mafia, they will entrap you by guile, if they can, and kill-off everything you love to make you do what they want. The Black-Hand and the Black Face.

As The United States is being eyed to be Broken Up now into diverse distinct Racial and Ethnic Nationalist Regions: New York is slated to become an Italian/Jewish State.

Their Motto/Shibboleth Is: “We Move In – They Move Away.” And their motive is to Take-Over Our Territory by Sabotage, Brainwashing, and by Murder/Mayhem Terror.

When WE went away to Fight the Vietnam War in 1964, WE found a very different United States, overrun with Heroin, LSD, and Other Deadly Drugs, when WE returned.

With our American Hippie Brothers and Sisters succumbed and allied to Itself, called “The New Regime;” and with NO ONE, and to this day, ever MUSTERING to intervene.

When I enlisted in The United States Army under the Patriot Draft in 1964, I took The Sworn Oath Of Allegiance To The American United States of Our Founding Fathers.

And it is to this Oath that I remain Faithful. ALL of us have a great and profound love of God and Country that is one of the deep and powerful emotions of humankind.

To Protect and Defend Our American United States With Our Own Lives Against ALL Enemies Foreign and Domestic is a feeling that lives with us forever and never dies.

Know Now that WE Are All Together IN THIS and Organized To A MILITARY WAR Footing AND Are Ready To Fight For AND TO DEFEND The American United States.

Before it is all torn asunder and divided up among the Heathens who are being allowed to invade and take us over here, about their declared intent for the future of us?

With our A-Bombs falling into the hands of the Black Muslim Islamic Jihadi Mafia Mob Terrorists, Et al.. You are not Naive about THE POLITICS going down here, are you?

WE would just as soon slaughter them the next time they are out in the streets looting and burning down our cities. Ugly Business to those of us who know the WAYS WARS are waged.

If they, the Minorities/Majority Coalitions, wish to live here among us as Respectful Peace-Loving Citizens, AS WAS THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT that is another matter.


New York is a good State TO BE FROM.

November 11, 2020

Gary L. Koniz, J.D.
Journalist Correspondent
Veterans of the Vietnam War
Republican Candidate
for U.S. House of Representatives
4th Congressional District, Florida

Submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications by the author.

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