One thought on “Are We Being Told the Truth About COVID-19?

  1. Dave from San Antonio

    In short…no, we are not being told the truth about the ‘virus’. 20,000 to 30,000 people die each year, in the U. S. alone from complications with the flu. No lockdowns, mask mandates, quarantines, social distancing…nothing. Why? No lab has an isolated sample of the COVID-19 virus. The PCR test is designed to detect a ‘partial’ RNA stand of COVID-19 and it is ‘assumed’, after that, the person is infected. The PCR test has been proven to have a high ‘false positive’ result of the PCR test for COVID. Many physicians have stated they only ‘eyeballed’ the symptoms and if the patient showed ‘any’ symptoms related to COVID they were diagnosed as having COVID. That is ‘sketchy’ medical practice on the part of physicians. Hospitals were given significantly higher dollars for a COVID diagnosis over any other diagnosis. That is exceptionally suspect and would/could lead to more incorrect diagnosis of COVID. The ‘facts’ on COVID have flip-flopped, changed or otherwise been misused in ‘deliberate’ disinformation propaganda about COVID, especially when everything was getting ready to open up or the curve flattened. This happened ‘right on cue’, each and every time. The MSM and various ‘experts’ have used ‘fear mongering’ as a way to manipulate and control the population’s behavior. A population that has been made ‘fearful’ of something, or anything for that matter, is easier to manipulate and ‘control’. Fear, as related to population control and manipulation, has been used many times throughout history as it ‘is’ an extremely effective method to achieve control.

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