Beaman: If Biden ‘Wins’

If Joe Biden wins the election on November 3, there will be a gradual imposition of a communist dictatorship. It will likely take at least five months but by July 4, 2021, Labor Day at the latest, The United States Constitution will be defunct.

Labor Day may be the more likely, due to the additional two months necessary and symbolic, in and of itself but July 4 could offer a more tempting target.

By Memorial Day, Biden will have, somehow, been toppled and Kamala Harris will be de facto president. Between the two of them, they will have begun the seizure of all firearms, possibly under the management of Beto O’Rourke. Black Lives Matter and Antifa will have been declared the national police force, replacing all locals. As they roam, everyone will be confronted, including erstwhile allies who actually thought they’d be exempt from the Inquisitions.

Ideologic purity will be demanded of all, and this is where it will become most interesting. People like the progressives of OPP will be confronted and will be required to agree to all of their positions or face the consequences, which will include arrest, assault, torture and probable execution. Execution and torture will be spontaneous and, with firearms confiscated as they themselves demanded, they will be powerless to resist.

It is important to realize that The Night of The Long Knives was a coup that ousted many of Hitler’s fellow Nazis who disagreed on some details. Fellow communists were the targets of Stalin’s Show Trials of the 30s and 40s’. Stalin saved some of his worst tortures for erstwhile allies. Leon Trotsky was stabbed to death in an eye with an icepick in Mexico City by a KGB agent. Similarly, progressives will be the targets of BLM & Antifa.

As bands of BLM and Antifa wander all the streets and neighborhoods, if they are confronted with resistance, people like the McCloskeys will be indicted and arrested. Any weapons they have will be confiscated as has already happened. Their homes may be burned, possibly with them inside.

The finishing touches will follow. Look for movements to ban Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas as offensive, for obvious reasons.

Do not be surprised if Alien & Sedition Acts are re-instated and all criticism will banned and prosecuted, especially that of impure progressives who will, in all likelihood, be treated worse than conservatives, Republicans and libertarians.

Churches and religious schools will be targeted as enemies of the state with their reliance on God. Private schools may suffer the same fate as elitist. Civic organizations such as The Masons, Knights of Columbus, Rotarys, Lions, Elks etc. may be disbanded as subversive.

Look for secessions, resistance and street warfare. Elections for 2022, could be suspended and martial law declared.

October 17, 2020

~ About the Author ~
beamanDr. Roderick T. Beaman is a board certified family osteopathic physician who practices in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a published poet, has composed a blues song and is trying to have his first novel published. It deals with the dangers of big government. He offers anyone who wishes to dignify the trash he writes with a comment, to do so.

One thought on “Beaman: If Biden ‘Wins’

  1. D Hata

    I don’t think Biden winning in an uncontestable landslide is the plan. Trump is the fuel for the chaos. The Dems are under a spell and Trump is the main ingredient. Once that is gone, the Dems’ irrational rage will be gone and a portion of them will be able to see a bit more clearly what wokeism will mean for them. They may even turn on Big Tech.
    Not to say that the globalist agenda wouldn’t continue under Biden – it would – but it would have to continue under the normal processes of government and courts, which is slow. And Trump’s base would still be around, and would continue political involvement, all the more since they don’t have “their guy” in office doing all the work for them. And the globalists don’t have time for that. They need Trump for the chaos and the division. (And for Israel).
    A more likely outcome in my view is some kind of prolonged election drama during which political unrest is carefully amped up to max to bring about a color revolution.

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