Robby Noel: End of an Era

noelSeptember 8, 2014 ~ By now, most of you know that Robby Noel will be leaving this geographical region of the Earth within a matter of days from this post.

September 8, 2014 marked the final broadcast on the Micro Effect and September 9, 2014 for the Republic Broadcasting Network. Time marches on and Robby has made a decision to return home to his family rather than participate in the ongoing destruction of this once great republic.

My personal history began with Robby on June 28, 1995 while we were brokers and co-broadcasters at the now defunct Viking International Trading. By 1996 Viking had begun to unravel for many reasons – part of which was theft of specie from the organization by those representing the firm. Other reasons included a naive owner who thought that the party would go on forever and continued to buy homes and cars as if there was no tomorrow. Tomorrow came and all was lost.

I went on to form my own firm, Kettle Moraine, Ltd, – which is still in existence – and Robby went on to other endeavors within the industry that we both have represented for so many years. Our mutual goal was always the satisfaction of out clientele.

In 2004 Robby was invited by John Stadtmiller to join the fledgling RBN and form a precious metals division – hence Republic Trading Group. If you do a Google search today – you’ll note the the Chamber of Commerce lists Robby Noel as the principal – a fact that surprised even him.

In 2012 I received a call from Robby while I was in the White Mountains of Arizona for a few days. He told me that he was coming back and wanted to work with me and represent Kettle Moraine, Ltd. with our ongoing endeavors. The deal was struck instantly and we have continued to work together, both as representatives of Kettle Moraine, but in addition for REpublic Trading Group once more.

Throughout all of these years, Robby has remained one of the most erstwhile and reliable broadcasters on the alternative media – only slowing down several years ago, when his health began to suffer. It is partially due to those same health issues that he has made the decision to return to the region of his birthplace.

For myself, I will miss my daily banter with Robby and wish him well – as do his longtime listeners. Who knows – maybe he’ll drop in from time to time from South Africa and let us know how he is doing, and challenge us with his vision of world events as seen from the other side of the world.

Vaya con Dios my friend,


PS: Through ongoing conversations with his daughter, with tremendous sadness – I was notified some time ago that my old friend had passed on the glory. Rest in Peace Brother.

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