I grow ever so weary…

Yes… I am weary – intensely weary – of all of the hatred, the ignorance and the destruction of this nation.

For those of you who have been long time readers of the Federal Observer – together we have gone though over 19 years of hell together – beginning some seven or eight weeks prior to the modern day of infamy – September 11, 2001.

On January 1, 2009 – the old Federal Observer was put to bed – which included well over 60,000 posts which had been submitted since our inception on July 22 of 2001. Happily – I still have the entire library of our first generation, but… no one really gives a damn any longer – and many who were with us from the beginning are no longer on the Earthly world.

Several years ago, I made a decision that I no longer gave a damn and began to wipe this site out all together. I do not know how many thousands of posts have disappeared. The works of Michael Gaddy, much from Neal Ross, Alan Caruba, Ron Ewart, J.D. Longstreet, Aaron Cantor and many other talented writers and friends.

After having erased nearly 75% of it’s content – I stopped cold and reversed coarse and have continued to reach out to readers and listeners and continue to challenge them each day. Early in the week of September 7th 2020 – I made a decision to “curb” every post on this site – for ONE purpose – to post the following…

It is now the day after the 19th Anniversary. It is time for me to begin restoring the content of the Federal Observer… but WAIT… is this what I really want to do?

The answer is emphatically – YES – however this will be a slow process for numerous reasons. Oh sure – I could have all replaced within one hour, but I am going to take my time.  I have decided to replace each of our archived columns by category. Frankly – there are some that require editing – some due to image issues, others for layout – and even others which should be brought to the forefront – so that readers may see exactly what our readers were warned of many years ago.

You will note that I have chosen to republish my own columns first. Apologies extended to my long-time contributors – but there are distinct reasons for this decision, but I’ll not bore you with them.

We ask that you bear with us for the next few weeks – as this is going to be an intense project – BUT if for some reason that it is never completed… well – my Journey over the River may have come.

UPDATE: The restoration has been completed. Yet, there may still be columns which need some additional work – chiefly older ones due to image issues – and SOME occasional editing – but in each case – the message has never changed.

Without Apology, I am

The Edge is heard at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), each Monday through Friday on Republic Broadcasting Network. Jeffrey Bennett, host of the program will be sharing over 60 years of his personal experience in the precious metals markets, in addition to educational commentary regarding YOUR financial health and welfare.

Jeffrey Bennett, host of the program shares over 60 years of his personal experience in the precious metals markets, in addition to educational commentary regarding YOUR financial health and welfare.

Added to the forum will be intense and sometimes dark and challenging commentary regarding daily events and circumstances, which are affecting the downward spiral of this once great nation. Programming will include topics such as the dark direction that our nation seems to be headed through the horrendous hatred in the political fields, our physical Health and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the nations’ public education system.

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One thought on “I grow ever so weary…

  1. terry friday

    I think that’s all part of the plan we who have experience the corruption for decades have been minimized by the school system, so our opinions are no
    longer as important as the older and more wiser. They just stare at their cellphones and get propagandized. We need to get the word out to those who are only getting the propaganda of the left. Unfortunately most are not on the internet, so another method has to be found. The left-handed media propaganda outlets. So how do we get to those people?

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