Challenge: That which MUST be said…

Good day to you all. My name is Jeffrey Bennett and I am the Editor and Publisher of this site and several others. What the other sites are and what they deal with is of no matter as relates to this post – however, what you are about to read and review MUST be viewed and what is stated – MUST be said.

For some months now, I have been receiving several emails a week from “Education Week” – a post that I have come to looking forward to receiving – until September 24, 2020 – the one you will soon be able to look over (snapshot images). I do this, so that you will also understand my response to the publishers of their web-site. It is harsh – but I felt that it had to be said.

Why? Let my comments explain my reasoning. Did I go too far… or did I not go far enough? There are times that something just gets into your system that you must finally respond to – and THIS – was it! Decide for yourself – and for the benefit of your students, your children and grandchildren. The reasons for Homeschooling become more clear with each passing day… for if you choose NOT do provide it for your charges – then THIS is what they will become subject to.

Below the first images from Education Week‘s email, you will be able to read my response to them. ~ J.B.


Good day to all,

I love receiving your updates on a continued basis. In addition, I have also forwarded them to a number of schools, districts and educators that I am more than familiar with – and ALWAYS get a hearty thank you for this information… HOWEVER…

THIS ISSUE of your weekly mail-out IS is pure NONSENSE:

“The nation has also embarked on one of the largest movements in its history, as Black Lives Matter protests surged across the country over the brutal killing of George Floyd in May.” ! ! !

Is THIS what you people actually believe? The development and unbelievable riots and destruction – has NOTHING to do with the death of George Floyd. His death merely became the excuse for what is transpiring in this nation. Is THIS what you have become about – the promotion of more of the ongoing hatred and so-called “education” of our nation’s students?

There are two sides to EVERY story – and you have not only taken the wrong side of the issue – but you are once again showing EXACTLY what is wrong with the entire Public Indoctrination System.

“deep fault lines in our nation’s schools.” ? ? ?

Oh yes – you are correct there… because YOU, the Districts and the Department of Education have allowed our system to fall so far… BUT – in addition – the Parents have sat back and allowed the system to become nothing more than a high-cost Baby Sitting and Indoctrination system.

“Educators see the need to equalize and improve the educational experience for Black students.” ? ? ?

Sorry my friends, but students of ALL colors each have the ability to make their own choices in this life – along with their parents. Color has nothing to do with the choices that THEY make!

Please READ the following – and then tell me whose responsibility all of this is.

The Dishonest Lunacy of Claiming ‘Systemic Racism‘

YOU can’t fix stupid, while playing directly into the hands of the idiots.

My wife retired from teaching some nine years ago, and yet has remained in high-demand as a full time substitute teacher at many schools and Districts within our area – sometimes being contracted for months at a time – and in fact – one year – for the entire year at ONE High School. She does not receive those kind of accolade by playing into the idiocy of this nonsense.

It is time for YOU to cease buying into it and Promoting it as well!

Please understand, while I have emphasized the word “YOU” in this commentary – I do not necessarily mean ‘Education Week,’ but frankly – you are playing directly into the war FOR Socialism. Maybe it’s time for folks to “Go Back to School.” You may start by entering Mr. Adair’s classroom… (My 5th grade teacher of six decades ago who taught me to “Do NOT buy into everything that you hear or read, or that is represented as truth. NEVER stop searching for the Truth!”)

Jeffrey Bennett
Broadcaster, Author, Publisher and Teacher
Metropolis Café

One thought on “Challenge: That which MUST be said…

  1. Jackie Juntti

    I couldn’t have said it any better.
    As you know – I have fought against the public school system since my two oldest were in grade school when two teachers told me I just didn’t understand – I was JUST A PARENT!!!!!
    I have voted NO on EVERY school related ballot item since then (the mid 1960’s).

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