The Death of America

… and what you are about to watch – and do NOT ignore this video – was filmed and produced in March of 2019 – before Antifa and BLM took over – and the politicians walked away from their responsibilities – or maybe they did that a long time ago. …and Seattle is not the only city in America dying – Portland, Oregon, Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis… and so many more.

My wife and I used to travel to Seattle often as a departure for Cruises and would arrive several days early or sometimes stay a few days afterwards as we enjoyed Seattle. No more, never-again. How many others have abandoned Seattle – besides the Elected Official-DUMB!

We post this – in part – to honor the Good Cops who are forced to battle the politicians and the evil each day – Cops like Todd Wiebke – who finally walked away and retired. ~ Ed.

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