Satire? ~ It doesn’t take much…

“…to realize the the problems of this world don’t amount to much. After all – we’ll always have muffins!” ~ Rick

hot humaAugust 29, 2016 ~ For someone who is “manhandled” by her boss, I always thought that she was rather attractive.

As Craig T. commented in our initial commentary about Huma ‘severingrelations with the Weiner:

What are the chances that the whole debacle has been written, rehearsed, and laughed at by them before it was turned into the contemporaneously publicized vomit? It seems to me that they’re all going to hell as fast as they can. But who am I, shy of another idiot? As for Hilrod & Huma making each other’s carpet minty fresh…good, they’ll breed each other outta existence.

But let’s face it here, what the hell was a Muslim woman doing marrying a Jew in the first place. It was only a matter of time before she would cut his ‘head’ off – but then – he always was a dick anyway. But, putting all of that aside, always the optimist (hahahahaha) I always try to find the beauty in everything and every one – and lets be honest – she really is a gorgeous woman…


C’mon you sickos – would you have kicked her out?

What about that skinny little prick she has been ‘married‘ to – if you want to call that a marriage – now he is taking pics of his ‘little smoky‘ link right in front his kid? Huma should turn little Anthony over to ISIS for a REAL head job.

But let’s not forget – in the end, she’ll always have muffins…


And you think that I really give a shit (a Neal Rossism) about the “problems of this world? Not anymore.

Without Apology I am,


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