Knifeman: Fasciunism Revisited

I have been writing about Fasciunism for over twenty years now and what I am seeing today scares the snot out of me. For those of you who have not read any of my writings or do not remember I will give a short explanation as to what Fasciunism really is.

Fasciunism is a political philosophy combining fasciunism and communism in order to take over a country and turn it into something it was never meant to be. So Fasciunism as you can see is the combining of the words fasciunism and communism. The most frequent question I get asked is, “Aren’t these two “isms” on opposite ides of the spectrum?” That is what the mainstream media and the so called upper education system would like to have us believe. They, along with the rest of the Democrat party (it’s really all one big organization) continually to call all people who are centrists or to the right of center fascists.

How can fascism be right wing when it is a socialist organization. The political spectrum should be looked at as it is; reading from left to right: communism-fascism-socialism-constitutional republic-democracy-anarchy. If you put these in a circle you will find that anarchy comes just before communism and fascism. For those who still believe that fascism is right wing, they need to check history and they will find that Hitler was the head of the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party, Better known as the NAZI’s.

Now let’s look at where we are today. First let’s look at ANTIFA, a group that claims to be anti fascist. This group uses every fascist tactic known to man and would have made Hitler proud. They are actually a mixture of anarchists and fascists that are working to tear down the country. Next we turn to Black Lives Matter (BLM). This group has nothing to do with black lives and admit they were trained by communists. Once again this is a group dedicated to tear down the country. If black lives really mattered to them, they would be in Chicago protecting the black children that are being shot every week.

These two organizations have pretty much combined forces to take down the country. They both want to defund the police which would allow them to take power and control the people. Anyone who has read the Communist Manifesto should see what is going on here. Marx saw the proletariat rising up against the upper class and causing a revolution after which the communists would take over. As the United States has no proletariat the ANTIFA and BLM have joined forces to take their place. They are the ones now attempting to foment a revolution to change this country, through all of the riots and looting, burning and other incendiary exploits of both organizations, whether together or independently.

Antifa, Portland

When are Americans going to see what is going on? All professional sports have signed on with BLM and what they are promoting. To see a bunch of millionaires that play games for a living kneeling at the flag and the national anthem makes me physically sick. If they hate the country that much they should take their money and get out. I will probably never watch another professional sporting event again unless I become a hockey fan; they seem to have kept their senses.

All of the cities that are painting BLM and ANTIFA slogans on their streets and buildings are playing right into the hands of the enemy. Or maybe not, maybe these Democrat mayor are just showing their true communist colors and are now joining the hate America group out in the open. If you look into history you will find that the fascists took over Germany and the communists took over Russia in much the same manner. First getting rid of the governments that were in place by rioting and then replacing it with their own form of dictatorship. This is exactly what is going on in this country today. Many cities and states have governments in place that are already on board with what is taking place.

Remember when they started tearing down statues. At first it was of the people that fought for the Confederacy. Next it was slaveholders, then Columbus and anyone that fought the American Indians, then it just didn’t matter. the fact of the matter is that what they really wanted to do was and is to erase American History. When Stalin took over Russia they tore down all of the old statues and renamed many of the cities to reflect communism. What do BLM and Antifa want? They want all American statues torn down and Army bases renamed along with museums and many other public buildings. If they can get that done they feel that they can take over and eliminate the great history of America. They hate America and everything it stands for. Those statues of confederates are all part of American history and should be left standing. If these people in Antifa and BLM do not like it they should go to a country that is more to their liking.

Much of what is going on cab be attributed to what passes for our education system, especially the colleges and universities. Those colleges and universities are the ones that are training our teachers of the K to 12 youngsters. These teachers are then passing what they were indoctrinated with down to the youngsters they teach. One of the biggest problems of colleges and universities today is that they continue to hire the hippie, communists of the 1960’s. Those hippies who fought for free speech on campus and now quelling it on the campuses. If you do not agree with them keep your mouth shut. Aggressions, micro-aggressions, safe spaces and no conservative speakers is now the order of the day. This means that only the communist and fascist teaching are allowed and no discussion can take place.

One thing that has not taken place thus far is the ethnic cleansing that took place in both Germany and Russia. However, if you listen closely to what is being said, whites are no longer welcome. It would be kind of hard to eliminate all whites, but maybe they will try. When the Corona virus struck a number of states required that people with the virus be sent to nursing homes. This was done knowing that the elderly were the most susceptible to the virus Thousands of elderly Americans died due to this. Why would they do this? Was this a test to see if they could get away with elderly cleansing. Remember, older people remember more history and are much more patriotic. I have no way of knowing about this, it is just something to think about. Hopefully I am dead wrong.

Never in the over twenty years of writing have I been more concerned about the future of this country. At this point even another civil war is possible. Let’s hope not and do all we can to avoid it, But we also need to be ready if it happens.

Publisher’s NOTE: The image embedded above, was the front cover for a multi-audio-tape album of Mr. Norling’s original 2000 book, “FasUNsim” which we were privileged to record in our studios in that year. Norling’s definitive rendering of TRUTH, which once and for all set the record straight about AmeriKa in that day – is bringing this horrid tale up to date in 2020. The original presentation was written and recorded during the closing days of the Clintonian Regime, its message continues to transcend all Administrations. ~ J.B.

~ The Author ~
Knifeman, the author (Stephen J. Norling) is retired from the work world and does freelance writing. He has served in the armed forces and worked in various industries, has worked for both political parties and found them both to be lacking. After watching politics for a long time he came to all new conclusions and why he is warning people of the politics of this country. He has remained a (somewhat) regular contributor to the Federal Observer and Kettle Moraine Publications for these past twenty years. We are glad to have him back – as accurate, angry and straightforward as a TRUE Patriot can be. Send the Knifeman an email with your comments.

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  1. jus chris

    It should be plain clear and obvious Anti-Fa / pHS are truly unleashing “Facist” acts very likely funded by ‘George Soros’ a.KA Georgy Schwartz and His Deep State Intel associates. Also worth observing: cHA-OS is the assembly of WARshippers of O’Sirus and Cryisis is the Cry of Is for Blood Lust War Death and Sexuality; for those with Eyes to See and Spirit of Discernment we think.

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