KENOSHA – The Real Story

…and a Boy shall lead us!

These are photos not shown to you by the media. These are from Kenosha shooting where 2 Black Lives Matters thugs were chasing this kid down the street… the kid fell and the BLM thugs started attacking him…. he shot and killed 2 Scumbags and wounded a 3rd. In my opinion BLM were the aggressors and were trying to injure the kid. The BLM Thugs got exactly what they deserved. ~ Marc Marshall

This kid right here. This kid saw a community that wasn’t his burning. He saw people being beaten, shot, having their livelihoods ripped from them. And he grabbed a rifle and filled a bag with medical supplies and went to help. He knew the risk he was taking when he made the decision. But he decided to go and help anyway. With what I’m sure was little to no medical training and just a rifle he was willing to put his life on the line to protect what wasn’t even his.

He was berated. Called a racist. Pepper sprayed. Cornered by a violent mob. Chased. Had a Molotov cocktail thrown at him. And he didn’t fire a single shot. Not until his life was in immediate danger. Instead of standing his ground he fled and only fired when he had no choice. The men he fired on attempted to take his life, make no mistake about that. One threw a Molotov cocktail at him, the other two hit him in the head with a skateboard, attempted to take his rifle, and pointed a gun at him. There is video evidence of ALL OF THIS.

He’s facing the consequences of his actions. He’s been charged with first degree murder. He almost had his life taken from him several times. He knew these were risks going into it. But he went anyway.

That’s what service is. That’s what being an American is about. Kicking people from their homes, burning, looting, attempting to kill police officers, assaulting innocent bystanders, destroying your community? That’s not American. That’s not patriotic. It is cowardice. This kid right here is more man, more American, than some of us could ever hope to be. ~ Author Unknown – but I “borrowed it from Facebook anyway.

3 thoughts on “KENOSHA – The Real Story

  1. Larry

    I would like to know why it is that black lives only seem to matter if taken by white people or cops ?
    I would like to know why all their martyrs and heroes are law breakers resisting arrest ?

    I would like to know why over 320,000 black lives taken in black on black crimes DON’T MATTER , and are not the focus of mass protest.

    But perhaps, most of all, I would like to know where are the BALLS of the rest of Americans to get out and protect their property and communities like this kid in Wisconsin ?
    Can anyone tell me …? Or is it a secret ?

  2. Charles R. Dickens

    The Black Lives Matters movement seriously erodes our sensitivity and sensibilities. Life is precious, so shouldn’t all life be cherished, and therefore all lives matter? It isn’t about color. It is about our state of mind.

    Being assaulted continuously with any issue diminishes the impact and weakens the message. The barrage of racial inequity messages, and especially black lives matter, makes me turn away in disgust. Slogans like “Black is King” and “Black History Month” and ” Right On” and “Black is Beautiful” are racial exploitation. They discount the cause to a cheap advertising cliche’. I find the phrase “what you white people need to understand…” from black celebrities to be racist and insulting.

    If black lives matter, why aren’t blacks tearing down crack houses instead of Confederate statues, and rebuilding their ghettos instead of burning down their neighborhood stores? Why aren’t blacks attacking the endemic problems in their communities rather than shifting blame to the white community?

    Where are the fathers of these predominantly single-parent black families? Children, especially boys, need a male role model. Celebrities may seem like ideal candidates and perfect role models, but even a casual examination of their lives exposes their problems’ enormity. Is this the best example for young people? Is that what we hope our children emulate?

    The self-professed men of God, these spiritual leaders, are the ones instigating these protests and riots. Is this what your religion teaches you? Is this how you perceive your god as angry and vengeful? Whatever happened to Christ’s message of love and peace? Are biblical lessons to be used cafeteria-style, taking what you like and disregarding the rest?

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