It’s Us Or Them: Killing Violent Radicals Is Justifiable

~ Foreword ~
Months of rioting, especially on the Left Coast and in the Northeastern cities and the Northern Midwest Region where armed, militant leftists have razed and burned entire towns is the sign of things to come, so long as half our residents continue to embrace so foreign an ideology that is so antithetical to the principles America has stood upon for over two-hundred years. And this is taking shape to be the biggest issue of the 2020 campaigns, one that Democrats are certain to lose, since they’ve essentially endorsed this violence and mayhem and they’ve denied the proper tools and resources to law enforcement needed to restore law and order, symbolically spitting in the face of their own cops; in the meantime, they also smear President Trump over his strong law and order stance, when he sent federal agents to enforce the law and protect federal buildings in these communist hellholes.

And then we have to hear the communist sympathizers, such as Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, a black woman, bemoan the fact that any white militias exist, as she recently told ‘Democracy Now‘ that they had been ignored too long. Sure she wants to suppress white militias. What better way to pave the road ahead for the Antifa and BLM Radicals and the new order of Communist and Globalist tyranny in America. ~ J.O.S.

These guys [President Trump and conservative America] are rooting for violence. That is what it is all about.” ~ Joe Biden, speaking to CNN on August 27th 2020

Sane Americans across America want to see an immediate end to the violence, including everybody I know, but let’s be clear and recognize that every single bit of this violence has been facilitated and initiated by his Democratic Party’s members, whether they live in the House of Congress and the Senate, State Governors’ Mansions or they are the radical nihilists and communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who seek to bring the entire U.S. system down. Americans want the violence halted, but they also want the assault against America and this radical communist insurrection halted too, so by no means will we stand silent, while these radicals loot, maim, kill and burn our cities to the ground; at some point, most of us will make use of our God-Given right to self-defense and act to stop it ourselves, in the absence of clear and effective leadership and an active, unrestrained police force.

Time and again, America has witnessed city mayors telling their police forces to essentially stay back and allow the “peaceful protester” Looters and Rioters have their way with their cities, as occurred in Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis and even here in Nashville, Tennessee where they have another raving lunatic for a mayor. These police do just the modicum to attempt to keep Antifa and BLM radicals separated from conservative counter-protesters, and the conservatives and liberals alike who have just simply been trying to get to their businesses. And in the process, we have repeatedly seen them injured by the scores and hit in the head with bricks and frozen bottles, even shot and killed.

The shooting of Jacob Blake was a good and justified shooting, because he had an outstanding warrant against him, he had already fought the police on the scene, he was armed with a knife, and he was refusing to comply with lawful orders from the police. However, now, under the new Black Lives Matter narrative, any shooting of a black person, no matter how justified, is just an excuse for violence by these Radicals, who need the illusion of “Systemic Racism” to advance their subversion of the Constitution and the rule of law. They could give a damned less about Black Lives or anyone else’s life, since racism is a divisive Marxist social construct always used to divide and conquer; they care only that communism rules the day in America and they get to raid and rape Her of Her wealth.

A slightly different perspective on these Radicals comes from Eva Silvers, political activist, American patriot and a great friend of mine, from Columbus, Ohio, who recently broadcast a video, stating, in part: “I’ve never been to a protest where the city [has] been obliterated, where we’ve looted and stolen and destroyed shit. No! … This is an entitled bunch of kids [I disagree in that most of them are grown-ass men and women well into their prime and radical Antifa and BLM thugs] and the Cancel Culture generation [thugs] who want an excuse to go steal shit because they’re too sorry to get a job.”

And, if any American of any color, especially those Black Brothers out there, doesn’t want to be shot by police or anyone else, don’t act stupid and unhinged around reserved, polite, decent, moral and cultured Americans, don’t become violent in situations that don’t warrant violence, and just act like a normal human being. Don’t go into communities for the sole purpose of looting, burning and destroying them under the pretense of one’s false grievances, attacking, maiming and killing innocent Americans.

We sure didn’t hear a peep from Black Lives Matter, when Darius Sessoms, a black man, executed little five year old Cannon Hinnant, a white child, with a shot to his head from a pistol, as he played in front of his two sisters. And where was the outrage from BLM, when little seven year old Natalia Wallace, a black child, was murdered by Terrell Boyd, a black man, on July 4th 2020?

Finally, on August 25th, the radicals of Antifa and Black Lives Matter were handed a taste of their own medicine, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, by a young seventeen year old Kyle Rittenhouse, a resident of Antioch, Illinois, twenty miles away from Kenosha, who killed two animalistic radicals [notice I didn’t say “humans”] in self-defense and wounded one, close to midnight, after one of them had assaulted employees at the store he was protecting. The “law” can be twisted and get murky once a case hits the courtroom, but there exists an abundance of cases of decent people shooting criminals who were stealing property or assaulting someone, in which the shooting was ruled justifiable homicide.

Joseph Rosenbaum, a white man thirty-six years old and a convicted sexual abuser of children, was one of the first men killed by Rittenhouse. One should also note that earlier in the evening, Rosenbaum had stepped up on Rittenhouse and angrily screamed, “Shoot me nigga”, and as the events unfolded, it wasn’t Rittenhouse who fired first; this fact is caught on video and undeniable.

From all the witness statements and available video, at the point Rittenhouse retreats and flees from the gathering mob of Radicals, i.e. Antifa and BLM, seeking revenge against him, he displays that he isn’t the threat here. And once they caught him and attempted to disarm him, as they beat him with fists and a skateboard, it does, in my estimation, exhibit a clear cut case of self-defense.

Anthony Huber, 26, was also shot and killed by Rittenhouse, during the riot of the Radicals. He chased Rittenhouse, along with others, and hit him with a skateboard as he lay on the ground. Huber has a criminal record of numerous assaults against innocent people, especially women.

The third Radical shot by Rittenhouse was Gaige Grosskreutz, who unfortunately survived. He’s a twenty-six year old member of the People’s Revolution Movement, and he was shot, nearly blowing his arm in half, as he held a pistol in his right hand and chased Rittenhouse. He too has a criminal record that involves alcohol and firearms.

Good-riddance to bad rubbish. Young Rittenhouse was defending his life in self-defense. As far as I’m concerned, the kid deserves a medal.

Now, young Rittenhouse faces first-degree murder charges; however, any prosecutor worth a plug nickel cannot support such a charge, in light of the facts, and if he does, he needs to shred his law degree and leave the business. Even without Rittenhouse’s viable assertion of self-defense, the facts of the case simply do not support a charge of first degree murder.

The Radicals, criminals and thugs one and all, I see on the streets under the pretense of “peaceful protests”, beating people into a bloodied mess and to the point of death, for the crime of being conservative and white and valuing and defending their property — these things that are less than human themselves have nothing of humanity left in them. They represent something barbaric and foreign to civilization.

Many of the great American patriots across this land knew it was only a matter of time before these Radicals of Antifa and BLM were brought down a notch by one or more of their countrymen, who would finally say “enough is enough” and hand them a hard day of reckoning. And Kenosha represents a dividing line all America recognized, as we watched a young man, who was clear in his purpose to defend people and property from roving groups of criminals, thugs and commies and nihilists, forced to kill two of the animals, and this is a line that we might not withdraw too soon.

These Radicals seem to think conservative freedom and Liberty-loving Americans are supposed to simply take whatever abuse and violence they serve up, because the media and many other weepy, weal-minded liberal have accepted the false narrative that America is a racist nation and that they have suffered being oppressed because of it. Most Americans, the greatest percentages in fact, have moved far past worrying about skin color, because we full well know it means absolutely nothing in the world today, and we’re sick to death of being beat over the head with the constant barrage of “race issues”, when any man and women in our society, as it has restructured itself over the past 60 years, can achieve a fine living and lifestyle, if they are of good moral character and willing to exert the necessary hard work to achieve it. And, if anyone wishes to hate me for this hard truth and the color of my nicely browned white skin, I really could give a damn less.

However, as Black Lives Matter propaganda gains ground in some of our largest cities and the halls of power, to the point that the Mayor of the District of Columbia, Muriel Bowser, paints its communist logo down the center of DC to honor BLM, all America should tremble at the import of this act, by an elected official. Every patriotic American must come to understand that communists, fascists, and nihilists are the driving force behind this escalating violence, and if that isn’t cause for enough concern to move good Americans to fight back hard on every front, at this point in America’s history, we are in for the darkest times this nation has ever seen.

The violence and the riots won’t die down until our nation’s radicals are taken to task and treated as the domestic enemies that they are. They’re growing more intense, and if one doubts the fact, just look at Kenosah, Wisconsin that pretty well appears to be a war zone at the moment.

America will not find peace, so long as a communist movement and domestic terrorists are allowed to continue their insurrection against America’s Founding and they are enabled by other communists in high government office, like Governors Kate Brown, Tim Waltz, Tony Evers and Andrew Cuomo and Mayors Ted Wheeler, LoriLightfoot, and Bill DeBlasio. They are forcing their will against good Americans, outside of any Constitutional norm and any real sense of the rule of law, in a manner that has brought many various groups, factions and individuals into the violent civil upheaval; and given their malcontent, evil agenda and their unwillingness to actually compromise and follow the set order of our system and the principles of liberty, this civil strife and bloodshed will continue to plague our communities for quite some time.

Sadly, this is only the beginning of our troubles, since police forces are being decimated across the country and ineffective at a time they are most needed, and whatever “law” still exists is being used against good citizens, such as the McCloskeys, and anyone else, who dare question the “new order” making its way into our system. It is this new order of things, communist at its roots, that is making many choose between staying silent and accepting the suppression of their rights or potentially facing surreal charges, as they stand up for their rights and defend all they have worked to acquire and all they love. And, as the Radicals, Antifa and BLM, overwhelm our streets and threaten our homes and lives, many American’s reluctance to cross the line into violent self-defense is diminishing rapidly, as we lovers of true liberty will not stand for this anarcho-tyranny and chaos in our streets any longer.

It’s becoming increasingly unlikely that the Radicals and normal, conservative America are going to be able to live with each other, especially since the Radicals won’t cease and desist their attacks against America on all fronts. And without them leaving us be in peace and simply going about their lives under “the rule of law”, conflicts can only grow and spread.

The Radicals tolerate no limits on their criminal behavior, and as communists, they believe the ends justify the means in the pursuit of their evil, tyrannical agenda. In this sense, the only natural conclusion to this is “it’s us or them”, and I only know that I’m not submitting to any Marxist vision. Rather than allow them to prevail, I’d just as soon fight them to the death, when that day arrives, since I’m a firm believer in “Better dead than red” and true freedom and liberty for all.

August 28, 2020

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

3 thoughts on “It’s Us Or Them: Killing Violent Radicals Is Justifiable

  1. Justin Other Smith

    One of the first videos that garnered the greatest attention started After the initial confrontation and the struggle with the police. It was this video that was used to propagate much of the false narrative that has sprung up around this incident, Blake had the knife in his hand at first, and as he walked away, he attempted to hide it in his waistband. Somewhere between that point and the time he was shot, it ended up on the driver’s side floorboard.

    What would You have had the cops do? Wait ’til he sprang around and stabbed one of them. And what if he had a pistol as he reached into the car? Thank God he didn’t. But, the cops had no way of knowing what he did and didn’t have, and after repeated commands ignored, it was clear he didn’t have the best intentions in mind.

    A little common sense goes a long way.

    Guys don’t usually get shot, when they simply stop and listen to an officer.

    Blake had shown up at his ex-girlfriend’s house, who he has children with, unwanted, since he had entered her home against her permission on May 3rd and sexually assaulted her, according to the Kenosha County District Attorney’s office and the criminal complaint that was filed in July, which also included charges of robbery, as he took her debit card and made two $500 withdrawals, as reported by AP News.

    Once again, just maybe if guys like this weren’t trying to get by “the easy way” and livin’ on the edge, they wouldn’t get shot. Too many young men these days seem to have become simpering, weak fools, who are too damned lazy to get out and work from sun up to sundown, like I used to do, in order to pay for electric, water, food, gas and clothes. And more than that, they wouldn’t be out getting in this sort of mess, if they were living a good, decent and moral life and at least trying to adhere to the bare minimum taught in the Ten Commandments.

    nope … Nope … NOPE ….. Can’t feel sorry for a shiftless, immoral fool who’s already got one foot in the grave ‘less he see the error of his ways and makes a course correction.

    No man is beyond redemption, but first he has to show a willingness to change and a desire to lead a more righteous life. I see none of that in any of the examples I spoke of within my article, which was primarily dealing with the anti-American radicals of our country seeking its violent overthrow and currently mounting an ongoing insurrection.

    Regardless of whether or not the shooting of Blake was justified, in fact, I was simply stating that I believed it to be justified, for all the previous stated reasons, although in the article, I did only give the barest of known facts, simply because his story was a very small part of the whole. And I presented it in this context; regardless of the justification — it may be justified, it might not be, but as far as Black Lives Matter is concerned, it wouldn’t matter one way or another.

    A police officer could be having a suspect fire upon him and return fire and kill the guy, and BLM would still be screaming the shooting wasn’t justified and a “Bad shoot”. And in fact, this very thing has actually happened recently.

    “Detroit — Boisterous protests over the police shooting of a Detroit man concluded late Friday, hours after the release of video showing officers returned fire when the suspect shot at close range.

    Three Detroit officers shot at Hakim Littleton, 20, killing him on Detroit’s west side just after noon on Friday, sparking a call for immediate protests in the wake of nationwide unrest following the death of George Floyd during a police incident in May.”

    Try reading my articles in context. It helps.

    No Apologies ~ Justin O Smith

  2. Justin O Smith

    Barry, that was of course only a small part of the overall premise set forth in this piece. But, I really don’t give a damn what You think, since You’ve obviously had Your head rammed in the nether regions of one of the dark orifices of Your body and have failed to do Your due diligence and Your own proper research into the matter.

    Blake fought with the cops. He refused their lawful orders to “drop the knife” heard in several videotapes, so it is apparent that he did have a knife on him at one point, and He EVEN Admitted to having he knife in his possession at the time of the shooting.

    When a suspect or a person wanted on a warrant [note – he had an outstanding warrant] is combative from the start and leans into a car as if he’s reaching for something, I’m not waiting for him to turn around with a pistol in his hand and give him the opportunity to shoot me. I’m going to drill him seven times with whatever caliber firearm I have at the time. That’s the damned JUSTIFICATION.

    More Justification: “All three officers drew their guns. At least twice they told Hughes to drop the knife. Viewing the record in the light most favorable to Hughes, Chadwick said “take it easy” to both Hughes and the officers. Hughes appeared calm, but she did not acknowledge the officers’ presence or drop the knife. The top bar of the chain-link fence blocked Kisela’s line of fire, so he dropped to the ground and shot Hughes four times through the fence. Then the officers jumped the fence, handcuffed Hughes, and called paramedics, who transported her to a hospital. There she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Less than a minute had transpired from the moment the officers saw Chadwick to the moment Kisela fired shots.

    All three of the officers later said that at the time of the shooting they subjectively believed Hughes to be a threat to Chadwick. After the shooting, the officers discovered that Chadwick and Hughes were roommates, that Hughes had a history of mental illness, and that Hughes had been upset with Chadwick over a $20 debt. ” ….

    In 1989 in Graham v. Connor, the court held that the question of whether an officer used excessive force “requires careful attention to the facts and circumstances of each particular case, including the severity of the crime at issue, whether the suspect poses an immediate threat to the safety of the officers or others, and whether he is actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest by flight.”

    The 9-0 decision found the “reasonableness of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, and its calculus must embody an allowance for the fact that police officers are often forced to make split-second decisions about the amount of force necessary in a particular situation.”

    And Blake’s lucky I wasn’t holding the gun, ’cause I would have popped a few extra in him.

    In these days and times, with so many violent offenders, all it takes is one careless moment with a criminal or some street thug to see that one more police officer never makes it home to his loved ones.

    If some sorry-ass thug doesn’t want to get his ass shot off, the self-made son-of-a-bitch needs to follow the police officers commands and comply. If Blake had simply listened to the officers, rather than trying to fight them and then walking to his driver’s side door, all the while ignoring their repeated commands, HE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SHOT AND HE WOULD NOT BE PARALYZED TODAY.

    If You had expended the bare minimum of effort on this story, You might have arrived at the same conclusion, unless You’re one of those weak-kneed sobbing bleeding-heart liberals who always blames the cops for the criminal’s Bad Acts that get him in a jam and plum messed up.

    You can take Your mess somewhere else. I have no sympathy for ignorant thugs like Blake, none whatsoever.

    From Fox News 6:

    “According to the DOJ, during the investigation following the initial incident, Blake admitted that he had a knife in his possession. DCI agents recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of Blake’s vehicle. A search of the vehicle located no additional weapons.”

    NO APOLOGIES ~ Justin O Smith

  3. Barry

    In the video I saw, he wasn’t holding a knife! So I don’t know how you can say shooting an individual in the back was justified!

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