How do you save the planet?

I used to be of the mind that the most peaceful method that a people have to deal with a tyrannical government is through a general strike… even though this is almost never a peaceful resolution. The tyrant demands pain and blood no matter how the people choose to revolt. Iceland is the only example I know of where the criminals were done away with somewhat peacefully…. I guess the bankers thought that Iceland has such a small population and presence on world affairs that no one would notice, so they gave in to the demands and left town. (I noticed).

At this point in time however, I think the best “high ground” course of action available is the vote.

A lot of people would stop reading or listening any further….. because they are convinced that voting doesn’t matter, and they can’t change anything…. but we’ve all witnessed recently how wrong that premise is. You need look no farther back in time than 2016 with the Brexit vote, and then the National elections here in the U.S.

The two elections had a lot of similarities….. first, there was massive voter fraud in many forms. Second, the media conspired with the fraudsters by not reporting the obvious, and also putting out fake poll information to condition the voters ahead of the illegal outcome. Third, the criminals did NOT achieve the desired outcome (and are still screaming about it now), and forth, high voter turnout managed to overwhelm the election scheming to defeat that “system”.

As evidenced, there were enough people in Great Britain who were sick of Brussels, and enough people in the United States that would not accept Hillary, that they changed the planned outcome through sheer numbers. There’s no reason to believe this cannot happen again, and again. Anyone studying these two elections and still tells me that they refuse to vote, all I can say is “thanks for nothing….. you are obviously satisfied with what you have.”

In 2016 these two examples really mattered to the voters, and they managed to at least win the election…. but there are much bigger fish to fry!

I’ve heard so many intelligent people now writing or speaking of the various major problems here in the U.S…. but I don’t hear many solutions. It doesn’t really matter at all what the biggest problem is, even if we all agree….. “yes, that’s the tap root.” What really does matter is this….. what is the biggest problem we can actually do something about?

The biggest problem in this country is by far and away the Congress.

Unfortunately the American voters have been lulled, brainwashed, and conditioned to believe that the president runs the country…. some even think the president runs the whole planet. But no, the executive branch has almost no power compared to the Legislative branch. The executive has the duty of carrying out what congress instructs. Congress writes all the laws, and can pass veto proof laws. They can also nullify any Executive Order. Congress has the last say on any appointments, be it a judge, an ambassador, a department head. Even the presidents own cabinet must have congresses approval. Congress is authorized alone to control all spending, and can micro manage any budget pertaining to government spending. Congress has the last say on all international matters such as treaties, pacts, agreements, and of course, Congress is constitutionally the only body authorized to approve of financial or military action towards a foreign nation.

America has been trained to blame everything on the president…. just as you’re supposed to do. While the 535 people who actually run the country get a free ride, and manage to get re-elected 95% of the time. Everything that went wrong, and is still getting worse is this way because that’s exactly how 535 people want it to be.

November seems like it’s 100 years away some days, but it’s actually 6 months from now. And in 6 months, the voters by sheer numbers can hand about 460 of these useless parasites their hat. The entire 435 members of the House of Representatives, and one third of the 100 Senate seats are up for re-election very soon.

Stop crying that the president didn’t “drain the swamp”…… only you the voter can do that.

Stop crying that there ought to be term limits….. only you the voter can remove these people from office.

In four and a half years from now, all 535 of the current criminal congress can be done away with…. this simply requires everyone to get out there and vote, and of course never, ever, never re-elect anyone.

Just imagine having real honest representatives in your government. They can actually deal swiftly with all those bigger problems we the electorate cannot deal with directly. Is this not worth the minor effort on your part to simply get out there and vote? Please prove me wrong.

If nothing else, you’ll keep bad actors like General Dynamics, Aipac, Merck, etc, so busy trying to re-purchase the government they might go out of business trying?

Will this actually save the whole planet….. maybe not.

Never mind….

Wolfgang Rauh
June 11, 2020

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