Disciples of the Great Cornholio…

August 24, 2019 ~ The following is an emphasized version of an email which I sent out moments ago to my old friend, Bill O’Brian in PA – you know – where the City of Brotherly Love (Whey amz de Bruitah’s don’ eben be lovin’ each otha) is located? The image was posted on Facebook – and few typical dumb-assed comments were left except which caught my eye, “Why are the numbers so big in Pennsylvania?

Also – notice the relatively small numbers registered for the Virgin Islands – which did not surprise me – because there are no virgins there anyway.

As relates to Utah – forget indictments – the Smith’s disciples all monkey around with each other anyway. Talk about Hillbilly’s – why hell – they “marry” their own ‘sisters’.

Not much in Minnie-sota because it has been invaded by goat-phuockers and few are going to be indicted there or you’ll get your head cut-off. Forget Wyoming – I have too many friends up there who will just take care of business of the perverts anywhere.

…and check out Gollywood – the land of Carpet-Munchers, Illegals and every brand of perverts – not to mention the piles of poop all over the streets. Then you add Oregon and Washington (state) to the Kahl-ee-forni-kate numbers – and you have the REAL numbers – nearly 20,000 in-dick-ments – and that’s all of what – 234 teachers screwing their students?

As for DC – Pedo’s don’t go after each other – and other than the street jiggah’s – the only ones left to indict were all friends and clients of Epstein. And Virginia and Merry-land are now merely the ‘burbs of DeCiept. Do you eve look at the faces of those “staff” members of ever Senator or Representative as they sit behind their ‘bosses’ while they pontificate in CON-gress? None of them ever smile… They look as if they have just been to lunch with the Great CornHolio. I mean – c’mon – their butts are sore …and what do you actually believe that all of those ‘Pages’ and young IN-terns were really hired for – to Blow Gabriel’s horn?

I guess that they will all be returning to work soon – then they’ll be going after our guns. Well – they are welcome to mine – barrel first…

Oh – that’s right – all but one of guns were stolen from me by a family member. Oh well – I still have Bond.

See ya’ at Sundown

Without Apology I am pissed…

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