Unconditional Surrender!

Conservatives and Christians are in the midst of a war with the Left that has been raging for decades.

At the end of both world wars, German military leaders reached out to the Allied forces to discuss terms of surrender. The terms were simple: unconditional surrender; no terms, no negotiating. Lay down your arms and stop fighting. The same terms were offered to the Japanese when they wanted to negotiate after the second atomic bomb.

Conservatives and Christians are in the midst of a war with the Left that has been raging for decades. We didn’t ask for it, but we have it. How will we conduct the war? That seems to be the unknown factor here. When COVID-19 came to our shores, the Left was blessed by good fortune — namely, the near-total shutdown of the American economy. Millions of us were now out of work, and leftists couldn’t believe how quickly we complied with their unconstitutional demands.

The Left was also given a gift when a Minneapolis police officer kept his knee on the neck of George Floyd until he died. Now the “woke” culture reveals its true colors by pursuing the total destruction of our country. Our culture, our history, and our safety are all under assault.

Leftists demand that we tear down every statue, even the ones honoring those who fought against slavery. Virginia Senator and former Hillary Clinton VP pick Tim Kaine actually stood on the floor of the Senate and declared, “The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody. We created it.” Where do we find such people? I’m guessing history wasn’t his strong subject.

Black Lives Matter leaders openly admit they are trained Marxists. They tell us plainly that if they don’t get what they want, they will burn the system down. We’re left to ponder the meaning of that threat — whether it was hypothetical or literal. Based on the destruction inflicted upon the nation so far, I’m guessing they mean it literally. Antifa? Well, what can we say about them? They are anarchists, and they will be at it as long as George Soros continues to fund them.

In less than four months, we will be voting for what type of future we are going to have. You might not like Trump because he sends out mean tweets, and I too wish the president would quit shooting himself in the foot. But the alternative this time is much more dangerous than when Hillary was the candidate.

We’re promised higher taxes and the defunding of police and ICE. Open the borders, give healthcare to illegal immigrants, and allow abortion right up to and just after birth. Top Democrat leaders have said there’s no room in their party for pro-life Democrats. Senator Bernie Sanders is on record saying those with strong Christian values and faith are not fit to serve as judges.

I’ll bet you think I’m overstating the problem. In New York and California, criminals have been released back onto the streets only to commit more crimes. Did you know that some Democrat-run states now have laws whereby if a thief steals only so much of your business goods — say, less than $900 worth — they won’t be charged? I didn’t think so.

In past elections, the candidates on the Left told us who they were, but we didn’t listen. Christians stayed home, and now our freedoms are on the line. Don’t think for a minute that if the Left wins, it will place judges on the Supreme Court who will protect your free speech, your Second Amendment rights, or your religious freedom.

Something to think about?

Written by Roger Helle for The Patriot Post ~ July 10, 2020

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