FINALLY: 1984 is here…

This encounter with Black Lives Matter is not a fight to abolish racism, it’s a fight to abolish our existing culture, i.e. Western Civilization (including Law & Order) through fear, brute force, and raw violence.

Our government not acting in a proscribed manner simply means that they are complicit.

A friend offered these cogent words: “What we are noticing is the overthrow of free speech, most intensively through Google & Utube, both Jewish organs. The ADL & SPLC are their managers”.

And I thought a protest was a peaceful group appearing before an appropriate body to rationally air their concerns about a specific issue, so says the First Amendment, in part “abridging the freedom of speech”, “the right of the people to peacefully assemble”, and to “petition the government for a redress of grievances”.

The Bill of Rights has not been modified. It stands as written in 1791 and first ratified by Virginia on Dec. 15, 1791.

The uncivil/unlawful conduct of Blacks, strewn with Whites, must not be tolerated by the people or it’s governmental representatives.

When Black Lives Matter made their presence known I thought Blacks & Democrats (same) were pushing legislation that would bestow more unearned largesse to the hands of Blacks. No not so! The stakes are far greater. It comes to pass they are emboldened to overthrow the U.S. national government. Surely you jest, no not for one minute. Cities, states and the federal government apparently have ceded their legislative powers, to whom remains to be seen. Huge corporations, professional athletic unions, Hollywood and billionaires like Elon Musk (builder of a rocket carrying 2 American astronauts now positioned on a planer_, Oprah Winfrey & others who made their money under Capitalism not Communism, etc. are funding the marauders who have launched a full frontal assault against our elected/appointed governments and law-abiding citizens, Murder, thievery, arson, rape, destruction while laying claim to whole sections of cities, and destroying & removing our roadmap of history along with antiquities that cannot be replaced, while making the demonic/idiotic demand to defund the police, leaving the law-abiding citizens defenseless.

At this point our governments have betrayed our peace-loving population, while the BLM is bent on destroying civil society and Western Culture. Most of the while citizens are no shows, waiting perhaps for November?

Strangely, I hear few protestations from we the people, why? The simple answer indicates ignorance, intimidation/fear, and/or cowardice. Our once vaunted Republic has become a citadel of Cultural Marxism. Meritocracy in our institutions of learning has dissipated, and can be explained in numerous ways—mass immigration of 3rd World nationals which makes our republic no more than a 3rd World dumping ground, all the while reducing citizens to the egalitarian status (the lowest common denominator).. The above coupled to the long presence of the Frankfort School which gave us political correctness—more effective than a surgeon’s scalpel.

The Frankfort School touched American soil in the 1930’s and immediately began to implement their destructive system. They understood that America could not be taken by force, therefore they cleverly understood the road to success was a philosophical “march through the institutions” with indoctrination which resulted in a magnificent success which has reduced Americans to mental automatons. Political Correctness and mass immigration has given us a scrambled population with no way of maintaining the growing multicultural miasma which will not and cannot be maintained.

Some of the major players in the Frankfort School’s ride to victory are German Jews, Horkheimer, Adorno, Frum, Marcuse, etc. It must be said here that Jews were responsible for the fascist Hate Crime legislation which as stated above nullified major parts of our language and will continue to do so.

Jews organize, fund, and sponsor minority non-white organizations that divide and set minorities against Whites, e.g. NAACP, Core, SNCC, La Raza (the race), Maldef, Mecha, CAIR.

Interwoven into our subject matter points out that Republican Senators James Lankford (OK), and Mike Lee (UT) have introduced legislation to bring in hundreds of thousands more foreign nationals to take American jobs. In times of 40 million Americans jobless and the Corona virus and already 25-30 million illegal aliens nesting in our republic. I count these two no more than traitors.

The Cultural Marxists of the Frankfort School (Communists) and the Global Elite controlled Deep State are winning the eternal war of the Collectivism vs. individualism…of tyranny vs. freedom. The lights of liberty are going out all over the world, most importantly the USA.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 1984 is here. The “Ministry of Truth”, e.g. the Smithsonian, all public education, universities, media, entertainment, et al are erasing and rewriting history as we watch the censoring of what made Western Civilization the finest ever devised by man.

Pity the young!

Joe McCutchen
July 16, 2020

Written by and submitted to the Federal Observer for publication by the author.

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  1. Pearl

    I am disgusted by your article that suggests that Jews are behind these actions. The fact that there happen to be a few Jews involved does not give you a right to paint all Jews in a bad light.

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