Don’t Be A Sheep Mask Mandates: Refuse to Comply

As many of my contributing writers are aware, I have been in no mood to publish much of anything of late. Why? For there is nothing more than pure hate and ugliness out there – in addition to so much false “news”. I have my issues with Trump – but have greater ones with the opposition – no matter what their pigmentation may be… but then I also have issues with the deaf, dumb and the blind – something that far too many Americans seem to be. STOP buying into all of the Bullshit, for Armageddon is upon us! Once again, Justin Smith speaks for and TO a good number of you! HEED his WARNINGS! ~ Ed.

The American people are being spoon-fed a bunch of psycho-babble, pseudo-science bullshit, as their justification for making the wearing of masks mandatory, social distancing and contact tracing, even though the actual science points in the absolute opposite direction. And anyone trying to suggest otherwise by presenting the real science are shamed, bullied, ridiculed and ostracized professionally for supposedly having “such narrow-minded views.”

Never has it been clearer that the Technocrats, such as Dr Anthony Fauci and Dr Deborah Birx are working with other Technocrats in the country and across the globe, especially in the World Health Organization, despite President Trump’s objections and recent withdrawal from the heavily communist backed organization. They are the ones that must be exposed.

These people are behind the scenes right now, and they are advocating and facilitating these dangerous and destructive policies while creating the mechanisms to impede the economic recovery, disrupt and subvert our society and the republic in general, and control every single man, woman and child in America. These people are The Enemy From Within and they are traitors to America and ruinous to personal liberty.

“You can take your mask mandate and shove it right up your ass.” ~ Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent

All across America there is an insistent advocacy within the federal government and many local and state governments for mandatory mask orders, regardless of the fact that such orders are unconstitutional, an extreme overreach of power, and a violation of one’s inalienable rights; and, over the past four months, forty-six states have suggested that masks should be worn, while twenty-two states, and the District of Columbia, have made wearing them mandatory, through executive orders from their governors. And, as local and state governments have moved to enforce these illegal orders, the people have grown weary and angry over witnessing elected officials, little by little, ending freedom in America.

On July 3rd 2020, Governor Bill Lee authorized city and county mayors and councils to decide the question of whether to mandate masks or not, with Executive Order 54, that is in effect until August 3rd, taking the coward’s path. Immediately afterwards, although many mayors rushed to enact mask mandates, several chose to leave the matter, as a personal choice, in the hands of the individual.

No matter it’s temporary nature, the mandatory mask order stands in direct contravention of the principles of Liberty.

Rutherford County [TN] Mayor Bill Ketron wisely stood on the side of Liberty, and on July 6th, he stated that he wouldn’t enact a mandate. Previous to this, he had told Fox 17 that he didn’t have the power to make masks mandatory.

An opinion written Tennessee Attorney General William Slatery III, states: “The General Assembly has, however, authorized local health departments to adopt regulations more stringent or restrictive than those provided by state law or regulation. Tenn. Code Ann. 68-2-601 (f)(3)(authorizing adoption of regulations to “protect the general health and safety of the citizens of the county” that shall be at least as stringent as the standard established by a state law or regulation as applicable to the same subject matter.”

Nothing in Tennessee’s state code has ever been passed by any legislature, nor has any other state issued anything remotely related to forcing individuals to wear masks for public safety. If one reads further into Slatery’s opinion, one also finds that the code he uses for support is aimed at public and government establishments, which should suggest to most cogent thinking individual’s that this cannot be used as any authority or justification for allowing any government entity’s abuse of power to restrict personal behavior and individual liberty. So mask mandates have no precedent in actual “law”, and therefore, they are just another tyrannical act pulled from whole cloth that move against individual liberty.

On April 15th 2020, New York Governor Cuomo issued a mandatory mask order, noting: “It’s over when people know I’m one hundred percent safe and I don’t have to worry about this. When does that happen? Until you have a vaccine, until you have the medical treatment, what do you do? How are you building the bridge?

Cuomo’s assumption of powers not entitled to his position in the executive are an overreach of power used to regulate private behavior. He has no legislative power to write or create new laws, and so under the separation of powers and the Guarantee Clause of the Constitution, he is violating the people’s rights by enforcing an unConstitutional order and holding himself before them as a man who would be their master, their king.

Many authorities have empowered businesses to refuse service, to anyone not wearing a mask, if they have large concerns over COVID. Essentially and unfortunately, governments are turning corporations into another arm of government enforcement.

Williamson County [TN] Mayor Rogers Anderson arbitrarily made masks mandatory, without even one vote cast, and non-compliance a Class A Misdemeanor that carries a $2500 fine and a possible prison sentence of 11 months and 29 days. He has told his citizens that writing a citation will be a last resort, which means enforcement will be uneven; however, it may not be enforced much at all, since it would immediately be met with multiple lawsuits, as it is, in fact, unConstitutional. But, Anderson also made note that the order does call on businesses to help with its enforcement on a voluntary basis.

On April 29th, Constitutional Attorney Mark Meuser, with the Dhillon Law Group, who is currently challenging California’s mask mandate, stated: “We don’t need 58 sets of laws in California. We don’t need 58 county health officials who are unelected, that no one knew even existed until a month ago to pass laws that are contrary and we don’t even know the true health benefits … This statute has no exemptions no cut out. It’s flat. It simply says if You are a person in Riverside County you must wear a mask”.

In March, early in this COVID pandemic, Dr Anthony Fauci himself, in a ’60 Minutes’ interview, dismissed masks as essentially useless, even though he has since attempted to back-pedal on that early statement: “There is no reason to be walking around wearing a mask. When you are in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel better, and might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection people think it is, and often there are unintended consequences.”

As reported by Madeliene Farber, on January 24th [Fox News], Dr William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, in Tennessee, and a medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, stated: “Surgical masks will not prevent your acquiring diseases. … those masks don’t work to prevent inhaling diseases. When coughing, you can feel the puffs of air coming out of the masks.”

Each year ten million people are infected with tuberculosis by the 1.8 billion cases already existing in the world, and it is a fact that 1.5 million die from this illness each year. It’s quite telling that healthy people have never been required by any law to don masks to prevent TB, nor the infected either.

In a May 11th 2020 editorial, Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote: ” … until recently, the CDC did not recommend wearing a face mask or covering of any kind, unless a person was known to be infected … Non-infected people need not wear a mask. When a person has TB we have them wear a mask [not mandated by law however], not the entire community of non-infected. The recommendations by the CDC and the [World Health Organization] WHO are not based on any studies of this virus and have never been used to contain any other virus pandemic or epidemic in history.”

Blaylock also states: “Several studies have indeed found significant problems with wearing such a mask. This can vary from headaches, to increased airway resistance, carbon dioxide accumulation, to hypoxia, all the way to serious life-threatening complications.” He continues in some great detail in the body of the editorial.

From the very start of our nation, the Founding Fathers were well aware of pandemics, like smallpox, and yet, they placed nothing in the U.S. Constitution to address any concerns they may have had regarding them. They did pass quarantine laws long after the republic came together, but never did they, nor would they, consider placing restrictions of individual liberty, like sheltering in place and forcing people to wear masks. Doesn’t anyone think they could have done this at the time, if they saw it as a good idea?

Executive orders are not law and one’s inalienable rights never cease to exist, even in the time of crisis — especially in the time of crisis.

On June 23rd, in Washington state, Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza — not wearing a mask after Governor Inslee made it mandatory — addressed a crowd outside a church (Video has been REMOVED from You Tube) telling them “Don’t be a sheep.” There weren’t many in the crowd wearing a mask either, as they cheered his words, seen in a video, from the Daily Chronicle, while the nearby sign that read, “The Bill of Rights protects this sign and your house” seemed to capture a public sentiment against the pandemic overreaches of power as if they mockingly said, “Oh, no … a virus. Quick — burn the Bill of Rights.”

As an aside, one must also note that socialist inclined states led by Democrats are dragging their heels on reopening the country. They are using every excuse under the sun to explain the need for a slower opening, as they make it a more difficult process than need be along the way, including severe penalties for not wearing masks. They hope to slow the economic growth, in order to hurt President Trump’s chances of re-election, because they believe he stands in the way of their globalist desires and a governing system that contravenes and eradicates our Constitutional republic.

To date, the American people have seen data falsified to make COVID seem much worse than it actually is, and add to this the recent furor over the “Virus Surge”, and the possible need for a “second shutdown” being voiced by some governors. We have seen this used as an excuse to take measures never seen in U.S. history, like forcing healthy people to stay home and shut the entire economy down, resulting in a massive destruction of wealth and the economy itself. Approximately half of all small businesses in America are now projected to be on a path to failing, and now that want to tell us that before we can come back out and be productive, we all must submit to a wearing masks.

We already have great evidence that this is also about more than just a virus. Governing bodies are already moving to trace and track all U.S. citizens. They’ve already shown their willingness to dismiss and abrogate our inalienable rights all across the country, from closing what they called “non-essential businesses” to closing churches and infringing on our right to worship and to assemble. They tell us we must wear the mask, just a few weeks here in Tennessee — indefinitely elsewhere. Next they’ll be saying that it’s just for a few more months; it’s just until we get a vaccine; it’s just a microchip; it’s just a monument; it’s just an Anthem; it’s just a book or a movie; it’s just the police; it’s just your firearms; it’s just Christianity; and with less than five percent of the population crowding, attacking and herding the rest of the population, some tyrant wannabes suggest, it’s just your freedom and liberty.

Many of the anti-American, socialist Democrats and some fairly ignorant RINOs, on all levels of government, are using the mask mandate to create a consensus and build on the fiction that this is an emergency of such mammoth proportions, that it warrants extralegal authority for local and state authorities to subvert the Constitution, limit reopening the economy and trampling the Bill of Rights, in favor of a Cowardly New World Order and a “new normal” — more abnormal than anything one would ever wish to see again.

The good, decent and fine Americans across the country are nauseated at the sight of our liberties being sorely abused and suppressed by ridiculous, arbitrary, illegal measures mandated by people who are supposed to represent the people. They are charged with defending freedom, liberty and the Constitution, and yet, they do the exact opposite, as they weaponize COVID, in an attempt to condition us to accept the abuses of our liberty, in order to create a political environment conducive to forcing a “new normal” upon us all.

And this attack on liberty is an insufferable attack upon our nation, our freedom, especially when taken in conjunction with all the other abuses of our inalienable rights, the rule by fear and force without representation or legislation. So egregious have been the acts of our “leaders”, the situation demands all Americans must take a hard stand against mandatory mask orders and any other act of tyranny associated with the overblown, hyped COVID-19 event, by refusing to comply. We must fighting back, with every fiber in our minds, heart and body, in the courts, the public arena, city councils, state legislatures, and even the streets if need be, to save American Liberty now and forever more.

July 12, 2020

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Sheep Mask Mandates: Refuse to Comply

  1. Enlightened

    It’s a lot of reading but it’s all good – I promise.
    These type of people that spread misinformation should be arrested and charged for crimes against humanity.
    In today’s age to have some id…ts – come and tell you … I will be your enemy forever … it shows how mediocre majority of the population is …. how uneducated and unempower and therefore unable to think for themselves – how damaged, indoctrinated and mind control these people are.
    Knowledge and information is powerful … but not the wrong one … from the wrong places and from the wrong people.
    You didn’t choose to come to this planet to do a number – in a dark and negative way … to yourselves and your spirit.
    You came here … to evolve … and yet … what are you doing people … you are devolving … and down-regulating your genes by misinformation – that translates in fear … because when you are so low frequency and so uneducated and misinformed … that is exactly what happens … you will get into a panic … fearful mode … because you don’t know any better than that.
    So, do you really think that this is why you incarnated on this planet … to go down the rabbit whole even deeper …. ???
    You have to be selective with your information … and you have to keep empowering yourselves … and in this case …. with this virus … there is nothing complicated about it.
    Pretty much … there is no virus walking around – like man in black – ready to pick you up if you don’t fallow fake rules and lies … make no mistake about that … so stop spreading fear and and false information … and the younger generation and everyone else – that gets the wrong message from dark newscasters on TV , from dark doctors and nurses … from insurance companies … from technocrats that are censoring the good information, from stinky politicians and lawyers and regulators …. that come up with fake rules and fake laws … as they change their dirty socks … from corrupted teachers that teaches our children the wrong fake knowledge – therefore intentionally keeping people afraid and putting them asleep with the dark knowledge by making them slaves and victims to the dark system …
    Everyone involved in misleading , misbehaving – putting peoples health in danger … by refusing the correct treatments and spreading lies – for money and their own dark agendas – should be arrested, charged and executed for their crimes against humanity.
    So let’s talk virus …. learn it Fred …. learn rather than continue to stay an idiot.
    Virus info coming from Tom Barnett – from the truth about virus.
    You cannot catch a virus. Because it is impossible.
    Is a virus alive ??? … is a virus a living being ???
    NO NO NO … it is not alive or living.
    So why is it that people think that you can catch something that it is not alive.
    If you have unnecessary stress and fear …. that is because you are casing that to yourself.
    What is a virus anyway.
    A virus is nothing more than a solvent.
    These solvents are created within the cells of the body.
    This is why you cannot catch a virus.
    Viruses are created cellularly.
    The body can create hundreds and thousands of different viruses at any time.
    So, why does a cell need to create a virus or a solvent.
    It is created in response to the built up toxicity that we have in our bodies.
    So how does a cell become toxic ?
    A lot of people would spend a number of years putting shit in their minds and shit in their body.
    Supermarket food and you microwave it … just get flue shots injected into you every year …
    drinking tap water …. organic foods etc
    Nature doesn’t care what you believe.
    What is a flu ?
    A flu is a viral detoxification or a cleansing.
    A cold on the other hand is mostly bacterial. And for the most part … what needs cleaning out of the cells are environmental toxins … such as heavy metals, plastics, any kind of environmental industrial pollutants, the chemical that you use in your home to clean things with, things you put in your body … etc.
    Viruses does not attack cell tissue. What happens is that as a virus … which is a solvent breaks down the toxic residue within a cell … it creates essentially a toxic waste.
    So that is why you feel bad … if you got a viral infection.
    And what can happened .. is that … if there is a lot of shit in your cells … you are going to create a lot of toxic waste as that virus breaks down.
    So what happens is … if there is too much of it … it can actually cause cell damage and in extreme cases it can cause cell death.
    So there is actually one way that you can catch a virus.
    But people need to learn a little bit about the nature of viruses before you can understand how you can catch one.
    But millions of people are dying and you can catch some bad flu off of a counter or by being around your friends.
    A virus is specific to specific cells in the body.
    So somebody with hepatitis for example which affects the liver …
    Does that affect the heart ?
    Do they have lung problems ?
    Do they have brain problems ? etc
    Likewise … the virus that attacks the lungs will affect and modify the kidney.
    Is because the virus is specific to specific cells in the body.
    So because a virus is not transmissible within your own body it should make sense that a virus is not transmissible between people.
    And it is especially impossible for a virus to make the jump between species.
    This is why you can’t get an avian flu, a swine flu, a monkey flu, a bat flu, or any other flu that affects an animal … except for one way and we will get to that.
    So how is it that a number of people ca get a virus at the same time.
    If it is created within the cells … well … if somebody at home has a cold, or somebody at work or a sporting club … does everybody in the place get a cold ???
    You that the answer is NO … despite the fact that a bacterial infection can be contagious.
    And why can a bacterial or fungal infection be contagious ?
    Because they are living things.
    A virus remember … is not a living thing.
    So how is it that a nr. of people can get a virus at the same time ?
    There is an intelligence that runs through all of life … is why seeds no when to germinate , is why animals know when to mate, or to hibernate or to come out of the hibernation.
    So the body knows when it is a good time to undergo a cleaning.
    It knows when it is a good time from the environment and climatic conditions.
    This is why a number of people in the same area can undergo viral detoxification …
    but again … does everybody get a viral detoxification at the same time.
    You already know that the answer is NO.
    So why is that.
    They might have already undergone a recent cleansing , they might just be very healthy people and they always watching the way they eat , the way they think , the way they move , the way they sleep.
    Intelligence that runs through all of life means … that body knows that it does not have to undergo a viral detoxification at that point in time.
    Additionally our bodies … all talk to each other … particularly our immune systems … this is one other ways that we are attracted to the opposite sex.
    We can sense their immune system.
    It is how we know that we can create a genetically diverse offspring … that will have the greatest chance of survival.
    We sense in others immune system … partly by scent.
    This is being taken away quite a lot in modern life … things like perfume and cologne … especially when women go on the pill it can affect their ability to sense the male immune system.
    This is why some women that come off birth control … when they decide it’s time to have a baby with their partner and they smell him for the first time … and they realize that they are actually not attracted to him.
    What is this Corona virus really about ???
    Not everybody buys into what they hear from the media.
    People are asking questions that led to finding about the vaccine patents.
    So what you can do … is to look up this patents numbers:
    Patent US2006257852 – And when you look at that you will see how long ago Corona virus was patented.
    Patent EP3172319B1 – And that one you will find to be a vaccine patent which was finally enough just to proof … in 11-20-2019.
    When did we start seeing Corona virus ?
    The only way that you can actually catch a virus is by heaving it injected into your blood stream.
    So remember a virus is created cellularly as a response to your internal environment which means … yes … taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions and believes.
    All believes being a form of ignorance … because you know if you have to believe something … is because you don’t know.
    So how can a human get a virus from a pig , bat, bird or monkey.
    Remember the viruses used to be blaming on other races such as mexican and spanih flu.
    Remember the viruses cannot cross species and you can’t even catch it from within the same species because it has to be created within animal tissue … remember that we are human animals.
    So the way that you can create a virus … you can get sick and unhealthy animal tissue … put it into a Petri dish … it will create a virus … you can incubate that virus.
    The only way that they can stay “alive” … remember it’s not alive … the only reason that a virus can actually be there and being played is it … it’s taking care toxicity within cells in animal tissue.
    So what happens with that incubated virus … is sterilized and put into a vaccine.
    That is straight away … you don’t want that because that is bad news … that when it is added 70 or 80 chemicals … you definitely don’t want that in your body.
    So when this viruses are loaded into vaccines and are flown all the way around the world and people are getting their flu shots and all the other vaccines.
    That is the only way you can get animal tissue into your own blood stream.
    It is so far beyond the real of possibility to get animal tissue into your blood stream by being around people, or from surfaces, or from the air, or from any other way – other than injection.
    So you really want to question all this advise is being giving out … about your toilet paper and your hand sanitizers and everything else.
    And the idea that this “virus” is killed upon contacted heat or anything else … because a virus isn’t alive in the first place.
    So how can you kill something that is never alive.
    So there is only two things that you need to do:
    1. Don’t get a flu shot. Don’t get any shot.
    2. Don’t stay in your house.
    You want to be outside and getting sun light and fresh air if you want your body to run optimally and not need to undergo a viral detoxification.
    There is something else you can do actually … and that is to turn off your TV and Social Media.
    By the way – who is verifying this deaths, who is actually counting these deaths and who is actually verifying that the deaths that do occur aren’t from any standard flu.
    By the way flu kills half million to a million people every year. Every year.
    And if it is not a natural virus that is happening within your own body for beneficial purposes … the only way you can get that is to have an injection.
    A lot of people are patting themselves on the back for staying inside.
    Like hand sanitizer heroes … except that germs ARE your immune system.
    So instead of thinking you are doing the right thing by using all that correct words like Covid-19 and – self isolating – and – social distancing – and instead of staying indoors …. like a self indulging cactus …. washing your hands like is going out of fashion and dictating to other people what they should be doing with their lives … when perhaps they are just immune to media.
    So if you are doing that … you are not actually helping anything.
    What you are really doing … you are letting the long arm of the system to get itself deep inside of you.
    You don’t know what is going on … behind the scenes.
    Most people have no idea about how the world works … certainly don’t have any idea about how the mind and body works.
    And there are some things going on that … if this goes down the way … people are letting it go down … you can say goodbye to what you have left of your rights and freedom in this world.
    So, if that is being you … put your finger out … get outside … do normal things … watch the streets … watch what is going on out there.
    Because if are staying in your house counting the number of days in your social isolation, counting death tolls – like it’s a Olympic medal tally on the TV.
    You are literally paving the way to loosing your rights and freedom and you are going to come out of your house with less than what you had when you went in.
    And I am not just talking about baked been and toilet paper.
    Start using your own mind … because if you don’t use your mind … someone else is going to use it for you and that is not going to be to your benefit.

    Does this have anything to do with 5G …. YES
    The kind of radiation that can affect our cellular health.
    Testing proceedings for the virus are completely inadequate.
    Viruses are created as a result of cell trauma.
    Viruses are created within the cell as a response to stimulus.
    Independent media …. showing that a lot of the hospitals that are supposed to be full … are actually empty …
    They are only full of beds.
    To this day … no body on earth really, truly understands the true nature of viruses.
    So you can either go with the independent researches who came to their conclusions or you can go with the standard medical model who just happens to sell trillions of dollars worth of medicine and vaccines and they also founded the medical and education institutions.
    Nothing of any value or importance in life is out there … anything that is ever going to be meaningful to you … is in here … within yourself.
    Ok, we got that out of the way – now … let’s get back to other things I want to say ….
    You should up-regulate your genes … not down-regulate your genes.
    This kind of people, like you … are as much of a problem for this planet and the progress on this planet … as much as the controllers and corrupted ones.
    In my opinion – in today’s age … the age of technology and evolution and awareness … people have no excuse for allowing some idiots telling you that this is good science coming from fake scientists and doctors ….
    You want good science and good information – go and search it for yourselves in the right places from the right people – that actually put their life in danger to present you with the right information … not from the doctors and scientists that are part of the pharmaceutical crimes and dark cabals – these are dark criminal doctors and politicians.
    To be a good doctor – you should be a good person to begin with … and than from there you should posses integrity – and than from there you should be open minded and consciousness awake and aware – willing to learn and explore integral medicine …. learn it from multiple places that covers traditional with natural homeopathic medicine …. and learn the power of nutrition … etc … etc …. much to be said about this subject and everything else.
    So Fred … trolls like you – dark low level beings … that are here to make shade on this planet instead generating light.
    You should move out of this planet …. and as a matter of fact …. you and everyone like you will …. is just a matter of time …. because you are not compatible with the energetic changes and rise in frequencies that are taking place on this planet.
    Per Dr. Bruce Lipton some good points – for your mind and spirit.
    The moment you change your perception – it the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.
    What happens to you …. body, your health, your cells, your life – it is determined by your responses to the environmental signals that propel life.
    As you as you start to tell yourself in your perception that you can’t do something anymore, then your biological system will adjust to prove you right.
    Each of our cells is a living entity, and the main thing that influences them is our blood. If I open my eyes in the morning and my beautiful partner is in front of me, my perception causes a release of oxytocin, dopamine, growth hormones – all of which encourage the growth and health of my cells. But if I see a saber tooth tiger, I’m going to release stress hormones which change the cells to a protection mode. People need to realize that their thoughts are more primary than their genes, because the environment, which is influenced by our thoughts, controls the genes.
    Beliefs and thoughts alter cells in your body.
    Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.
    Most illness is just stress from not living in harmony.
    The ‘secret of life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives.
    We are the master of your genes, not victim of them – We can control our lives by controlling our perceptions.
    Your children’s genes reflect only their potential, not their destiny. It is up to you to provide the environment that allows them to develop to their highest potential.
    It is far easier to be entertained by a reality TV than to participate in our own reality.
    So therefore – stop allowing mediocre teachers – down-teach our children with the wrong fake industrialized type of education – information … stop watching TV – stop watching fake news – stop listening to your corrupted and dark – fat as pig governor … stop watching bad movies with the wrong messages in it …. stop listening to the wrong music with dark lyrics – and fake sounds that are not harmonious with your body … stop programming your subconscious mind and your life to be a slave, a failure and a victim to the dark criminals that use us and our children for their dark criminal agendas …
    Your life is not controlled by the conscious mind, which is wishes and desires. It’s controlled by the subconscious which has been programmed by observing other people.
    95% of your life comes from the subconscious.
    We are conscious co-creators in the evolution of life. We have free will. And we have choices. Consequently, our success is based on our choices, which are, in turn, totally dependent on our awareness.
    Your own beliefs are selecting your genes, and if you don’t have the right genes to handle the stress that your are in, your belief will rewrite your genes in an effort to do so.
    We are living in a world that is in the late stage of a Caterpillar. It is very important to let go of the old and start to gravitate to the new because we are leaving behind a world that is no longer sustainable and moving into a world in which we can thrive.
    A person’s health isn’t generally a reflection of genes, but how their environment is influencing them. Genes are the direct cause of less than 1 percent of diseases: 99 percent is how we respond to the world.
    The future is to heal back to the mind again. Recognizing that the mind is all-powerful – it controls every cell to every degree of its genetic expression.
    Your life is printout of your subconscious programming. So you don’t need to go back in your life to find out who did what to create the life that you have;
    All you have to do is look at the life you have because it is the expression of your programs!
    The things that you like that come into your life easily are there because you have programs to encourage and support that!
    Anything you work hard at, anything you put a lot of effort into, anything you sweat over to make it happen, and the question is why are you working so hard?
    The answer is your programs in the subconscious mind don’t support that!
    Because we’re not in harmony with the environment, we’re destroying the environment that supports us.
    This is just a fraction of how much good information and empowerment you can actually choose to educate yourself with .
    Your spirit … your mind …. your life – is asking for it.
    By having the awareness to go about it the better way you will become a beacon of light …. contributing to evolution in a constructive way …
    Dr. Joe Dispenza – The way you think – and the way you feel – creates your own reality !

    Peace, light and knowledge !

  2. Darin Hinman

    Excellent article I applaud you for standing up for our freedoms. Here in Arkansas our sheep republican governor has passed an illegal executive order mandating masks or a fine or misdemeanor charge. I flatly refuse to wear one as our governor does not pass law.

  3. Fred

    You are a danger to society. The mask mandate is to protect all of the people. This is a medical emergency and the mask requirement is based on good science.

    I will be your enemy as long as you hold this anti science point of view.

  4. Denise Jensen

    Love this but how do I argue against being told I have to have a mask to enter a grocery store?

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