The End of the Line: The REAL Storm Approaches

The storm is rapidly approaching, and many Americans are expressing a false hope that the current storm of violence, rioting and looting, our nation has witnessed of late, will all blow over, life in the disrupted, damaged and destroyed cities and towns will calm down and simply return to normal. They have ignored all the forewarning we have had over the past decade. These are some of the darkest days our nation has ever witnessed, and this is an ongoing communist-inspired insurrection, that will not be turned away any time soon, as civil unrest and upheaval will become more commonplace over the next decade, for reasons both economic and political.

If anyone thinks the Riots of 2020 are the last of the storms of violence and destruction, just wait. The REAL STORM is on its way.

Anyone who believes this is all going to just calm down all of a sudden and life in America will go back to normal, either doesn’t understand that we are facing a radical, communist insurrection in its early stages of development or they are purely delusional.

Short of a miracle from God or an epiphany of understanding and a change of heart by the hardcore leftists — not holding my breath on the latter — we can expect to see civil strife and violence increase exponentially over the next decade.

The Democratic Party is now the Communist Party USA , the party of godless, anti-American, communist-inspired and funded Antifa, Black Lives Matter, LaRaza, the New Black Panthers, along with CAIR and its terrorist overseers of Hamas. This party has become so evil in just a few short decades, primarily from 1965 to the present, that there’s no longer room for any compromise with it, especially if one is a Christian Conservative and an adherent to the Original Intent of the Constitution; and, in fact, they now either directly or indirectly demand the destruction of our very founding, American heritage and culture, Christianity, and the republic, either by way of their words or their deeds.

Today, seventy percent of Millennials between the age of 18 and 32 find socialism and communism to be acceptable alternatives to capitalism. The process that culminated with the successful brainwashing of our youth through the public education system, largely controlled by the Leftists, occurred over a century, and it will not easily be changed or reversed.

For this reason, in part, I have constantly been asking my fellow countrymen, what comes after President Trump? There are not too many men and women, members of the GOP, of the House and Senate, today, who aren’t Democrat-Lights, statists and globalists themselves.

America has been misled into a convergence of socialism and capitalism, since 1913 to the present, and America is now left suffering under a fascist system, directed by the President, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, that still picks winners and losers, by way of crony-capitalism, Wall Street bailouts and destructive Keynesian stimulus spending. Capitalism tied to equality under the law married to liberty has resulted in the most prosperity and individual liberty for the most people, more so than socialism, communism and any other system, in the entire history of all mankind; however, by adding the poison of socialism to it, as did Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and Barry Soetoro (aka Hussein Obama), America’s own destruction was set in motion, by Her “Enemy From Within”.

If and when the Democrats and their minions retake control of the U.S. government, after Trump, Americans will never again see a Republican president from that day forward. These anti-American, godless, communist Democrats will set about the business of abrogating the Constitution, with the help of Chief Justice John Roberts and the deeply flawed and feckless Supreme Court, that has its Black Robed tyrants legislating rather than adhering to their Constitutional mandate of simply ruling on any case through a legal prism and the U.S. Code and Constitution itself, a problem exacerbated by a weak GOP presence in Congress as well.

The few or the many American patriots and our country’s conservative liberty loving Americans have run out of time. We don’t have the time to make the necessary corrections and changes in our institutions and society, through information and delivering the truth to the youth, before an authoritarian socialist regime advances tyranny across America. We are already witnessing the abandonment of the rule of law and tyranny in states controlled by Democratic governors.

If we wait too much longer before we take an active part in defending America, we will find ourselves being sent to re-education camps and the new America gulags

When one group subscribes to an ideology antithetical to our founding, the Constitution, and the Original Intent of Our Founders, in the manner of the Democratic Party, there is nothing there that can or should be reconciled to the American way of life. Their worldview and aggressive, violent actions, designed to foist communism on all America by circumventing the rule of law, due process and Constitutional norms, will force America into another civil war to finally, once and for all, determine the direction of this country and whether or not America will be ruled by tyrants or governed by liberty loving fellow Americans, who actually uphold everybody’s inalienable rights, as enumerated in our Bill of Rights.

So, all that’s left is for Freeborn Americans to reject any and all tyrannical decrees and arbitrary acts by so-called “leaders”, those communist elected officials and their Antifa and BLM war dogs in the streets, who now violate all Americans’ unalienable rights. We must first raise our voices and engage in our own civil disobedience, just as many of us have already been doing, at the first signs of such ignoble and evil violations of our rights and the Democrats’ tacit approval and facilitation of the destruction of our cities, our businesses and homes. And, as the state and those at its helm move to more harshly oppress us, the freedom and liberty loving Americans, and suppress our unalienable rights, Freeborn Americans will have little recourse but to take up their rifles and stand and fight.

Americans either fight now to save America and freedom for America’s Children and Their Children’s Children and arrive on the other side with the forces of truth, liberty and life victorious over those of lies, tyranny and death, or we will have doomed future generations to a thousand years of darkness and lives spent in chains at the altar of the Leviathan, the totalitarian Super-Socialist State.

June 26, 2020

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

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