The Demise continues… with tears of sorrow

I never in my lifetime thought I would see this day come. The day our beautiful Lady Fame was removed from her pedestal in Salisbury, NC. And shuffled off to a unkept cemetery on the rough side of town. She stood proud in one place for for 106 years.

As a small child and even as an adult I was and still am mesmerized by this beautiful angel holding a fallen soldier, and I personally know that many true fellow locals of Salisbury feel the same way.

I do not see it with the hatred so many other do.

Even though technically it is a Civil War Monument I never thought of it as such, I always considered it a tribute to all soldiers that fought bravely or that gave their lives for our country, and any soldier that saw her could have peace knowing they where loved  no matter how far they went from home.

My family lineage in Rowan County is long and vest and can be traced back past the revolutionary war. I love my family & my heart swells with pride for the way they have served our country. I always saw the statue as a guardian of them as well.

To my GGGG grandfather –
Christopher Lyerly (Revolutionary War) that was directly under George Washington.

GG grandfather –
Corporal Isaac Lyerly Company C., 49th North Carolina infantry, who also carried the flag the entire war and was never shot down. (Battle of Harpers Ferry, Battle of Antietam, Battle of Fredericksburg and the battle at Appomattox Courthouse. To name a few.)

My grandfather Earl lyerly Navy SeaBee, World War II.

My grandfather Lee Swazy, USMC Buck sergeant Korean conflict.

My father Roger Ireland, Buck sergeant ARMY Korea

…and my husband Paul Earnhardt, Tech Sergeant, United States Air Force.

I love you all and I feel as if our nation is letting you down. I feel as if your valor is being swept under the rug. It breaks my heart. I also feel that removing an angel is a blow to Christianity and our society as a whole.

There are no winners in this and I am truly sorry.

May God wrap his arms around our nation and its people and let everyone find nothing but love in their hearts. Because if they don’t there’s going to be another war.

I’m not so sure it hasn’t already started.

Summer Lyerly Earnhardt
Facebook, June 25, 2020

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