My coffee break for a few days…

As I am stuck in my home office from wake up until I can work no more, I tend to go out later at night to get some coffee, sometimes some late-night eats – or just a slice of cheesecake and to visit my “girls” up at Denny’s (no funny business here) and listen to some tunes… and during those late hours – oh man – what I come across…

Sure – I could stay at home and do it – but it gets me off of my computer for an hour and a half or so…

What is posted above is from the great Dave Brubeck Quartet of 1964 to 1966, and to watch the interaction of these great musicians is a pure joy to watch. Gene Wright on Bass,  Joe Morello on drums, Paul Desmond on Sax – and of course – Brubeck.

Tonight I made the decision that with all of the ugliness going on in this nation – the hell with the website for a few days. The hell with work (for the most part). The hell with all of the hate… I am kicking back, and each day for the next few days – there will be no posts on the Federal Observer – except for some music mix. Each day – I will decide what I want to post. It may not be music of your type or liking – but it’s being posted to give YOU a break as well.

If you need me – you know where to find me.

Without Apology,

I’ll see you at Sundown!

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