Is America Doomed?

“Evil requires the sanction of the victim” ~ Ayn Rand

Never before have we witnessed the enabling of violent criminals inspired on by the collective culture of guilt. While the elite “celebrities”, banksters, “mainstream” media pundits and corporate executives hide behind locked gates and try to “prove” they are “understanding” and “empathetic” with the misdirected rage, the real victims… the innocent third parties who are losing their jobs, their businesses, their property, as well as being violently attacked…are not defended nor upheld. Even most of those in law enforcement do not deserve the hostilities they have had to endure, restrained from normal human reaction due to “politics”. The real statistics would demolish the media propaganda, so the big lies are repeated and the flames are fanned.

Store and other business executives all “forced” to issue statements shaming themselves, shaming us! Drew Brees, Hall of Fame Quarterback with a 20+ year history of successfully working together with teammates of all races, with off-work friends of all races, with community charity and activism supporting all, having to issue a public “apology” for affirming that he would never disrespect the flag of the USA. Hollywood and sports celebrities are donating money to bail out the looters and rioters, but not a penny for their victims.

This has been the most disgusting week-plus in America in my lifetime. But it is result of the deliberate miseducation of at least two generations of Americans, the deliberate media promotion of a collectivist culture and a narrative that is fake, double-standard, and deluded. Being color-blind with personal responsibility, self-regulation, a market for integrity and reputation, volitional relationships, and self-ownership of the fruits of your labor has been successfully discredited by the Statist power brokers, corrupt politicians, educrats and bureauRats who become more powerful the more rage they incite. Further, economic inequities today are NOT the result of racism, they are the result of banksters, controlling the pathway of new fiat credit. They are the result of corrupting the minds and culture of the new generations through classroom miseducation, false history, false economics, “music” and “entertainment” glorifying depravity, drugs, body mutilation, violence + hate, and false outrage at the real entrepreneurs and producers while the politicians, banksters, and corrupt corporations get a pass or are portrayed as celebrity heroes.

Then there is the false science “Covid-19” plandemic/scamdemic shutting of the economy to enable a political and financial agenda bailout of indebted government and banking entities while destroying many jobs, incomes, and business yet — hmmm — putting certain other businesses in their most profitable positions ever. What a perfect flammable situation to be ignited by the next “incident”.

And of course, blame it on Trump. “Somehow” Caucasians, Asians and cops became anti-black racists the moment Obama left office. Black cops must be racists too.

I remember an America that had more color-blind harmony and fair opportunity before there was Obama. Before set-asides, “affirmative action”, quotas based on race, questionnaires based on race, all re-instituted in a “reverse” way what the the 60s 70s & 80s generations tried to undo from the pre-60s unjust culture.

All forms of collectivism are morally unhealthy and industriously counterproductive. As well, they brew resentment from individuals who must defer to who controls the collective. Neither should the sins of generations ago be a tax on the individuals of today, many of whom came to America long after slavery then segregation and institutional discrimination died out.

Politicians & power seeking social engineers are shameless with their false outrage, double-standards being used to discredit their political rivals. But it is at the expense of national peace, dialogue and cooperation. They have created masses of “useful idiots” who follow their narratives. Is America doomed? ~ Anonymous

The following comment was left on the YouTube post above:

1) I’m super dark skinned & fit the profile to be effed with by the police and HAVE Been until I SPOKE clearly to them; 2) I’m a ONE time felon 2001, 11 years in, I’ve been out 8 years; 3) I’ve been in recovery clean & sober for 16 years; 4) I live in Santa Monica and saw these riots ACROSS the street from my house, stood and helped my neighbor protect his store front from looters with “BLM,” black power fist on their shirts, white kids, Hispanic kids with George Floyd’s picture on their shirts; 5) this is the first time I’ve EVER heard this woman speak, I’m blown away by her courage. ~ Bartholomew Garcia