Skewing the Story

We are not being told the entire story by the main stream media, just agitation for panic and hysteria.

Lots of stories are being reported about Italy’s death total. Well, that’s not exactly true. Italy has high death tolls related to this flu, just like they do every year. They average 70,000 flue deaths a year.

Right now, most of Italy has low new Coronovirus case outbreaks. However, Northern Italy does. A word about culture. This area has a very high percentage of very old people and extended families live with each other. The very old live side by side with the very young. It is custom to embrace and kiss. Heavy smoking is common and they have a hasty smog problem which makes them prone to upper respiratory infections.

Other countries, such as Germany and many other countries are experiencing a diminishing of new cases.. China is now fully back to work as is Hong Kong. Factories are ramping up. Now, why are we not hearing about this?

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There is a vested interested by those satanic globalists to create panic and an economic collapse to bring down the sovereignty of this country and bring in the fascist new world order. Think I’m hyping this up. Take a drive and notice the store closures and patrolling of police. I had to leave Snap Fitness this morning at 8 a.m. due to mandated closure (read Martial Law) Zeig Heil.

There is an effective treatment for this Obama sold, American Army Bio Weapon known as the Coronovirus. Hydroxyquolloquin has been found effective but there is a natural form of this on the shelf. Quinine. It’s in Canada Dry Tonic Water. In addition to supporting your immunity with D-3, Vitamin C and Elderberry, take 30 mg of Zinc a day and when feeling sick, drink 2 liters of Canada Dry Tonic water over the course of a day. You should be ok the next day.

Recall what Bill Gates financed last year. On Netflix, he financed a movie about a worldwide viral outbreak that required a re-alignment of the countries into a global government and he came up with the money that led to the development of a vaccine (of course).

Marital law is illegal.

One other thing. If you don’t know by the third hand of a poker game who the patsy is………….you’re it!

Bill O’Brian, RN

March 23, 2020

The author is a long time listener to the broadcasts of Editor and Publisher, Jeffrey Bennett, a friend and traveling buddy. ~ Ed.