Bill & Hillary: The Movie

… well – not really.

The image posted to the left (of course) was recently lifted from a column which I was perusing…. but that is all that I did, for her “story” never changes – the point of our ‘historical’ post today. From a position on the Watergate hotel investigation (where she got fired for deceitful practices and lying), to the First ‘Lady” (LOL) of Arkansas, to the First Beotch in the White House along with her ‘husband’ Willy Jeff – oh and her ‘relationships’ with Vince Foster and ultimately Webster Hubbell (the sperm-donor who created Chelsea) – Hillario has had quite a ‘career.’ But then she always yearned for more – MUCH MORE.

The year is 1999 – Hillario and Willy Jeff are still in the White House and she is laying the groundwork for HER future – running for the U.S. Senate from the state of New Yawk in the November election of 2000 – but she is facing a MAJOR problem – a much bigger name to defeat – of a man who she will NOT be able to overcome – a young, good looking and accomplished man by the name of Kennedy – the son of the late and highly popular President of the untied States – John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Issue solved! July 16, 1999 – approximately 18 months before she and Willy Jeff were scheduled to leave the White House (with a lot of stolen Historical artifacts) Kennedy Junior died in a tragic “accident” along with his wife in an airplane crash. Hillario won the election for the step-up Office that she desired – for now!

Hmmmmmm – seems to be that there have been a lot of mysterious “deaths” of those who had chosen to take on the Clintons. It continues to this day…

January 10, 2003 – Hillario has now been in office for almost two years while Willy Jeff flies around the world with his best ‘friend,’ Jeffrey (I didn’t kill myself) Epstein – and very special broadcast – Bill & Hillary: The Movie – was heard on World Wide Shortwave hosted by one, Jerry Moraine. To go back and listen to this satirical offering and reviewing of the then current political scenario being displayed was a shock to me… for in many respects – it was merely a look deep n the future. Yes – you will roll your eyes, sometimes you will laugh, while other times you will cringe in horror. Hell – you might even be offended – but you WILL understand after this one hour presentation from the archives of Perspectives on America – Bill & Hillary: The Movie

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