The intelligent woman speaks wisely…

I was born in 1962…not in the 1800’s. I love history and I honor all my ancestors and current family that have served in the military. Yes, even those that were misguided enough to serve in the British or Union Armies. As long as they were not traitors and didn’t desert one for another, so Benjamin Church Jr. that leaves you out. Getting lost at sea, was too good for you. Getting back to my intended topic. I had many relatives that fought in the War of Northern Aggression some as officers and some as privates. It is a clear point that no one chooses to understand living in the South in the 18th and 19th century. I am not to debate the slavery issue, though I would never own another person regardless of race. Those that enjoy and relive Confederate history do not get a fare shake, it doesn’t mean that we support any race being better than is just we love and support history. History is so important to the running of our nation.

I often speak of the enemy. The enemy is socialism in all forms, it goes against the grain of what this country was founded on. It destroys freedom and your rights. It is bigger than honoring Confederate Ancestors. That was just an easy dividing point, which has brought out all the white supremacist. They are not interested in honoring history a bit more than Antifa, World Workers Party, and other socialist platforms. They think that eventually it will come down to the point that historians will support their cause if enough chaos is created. This is one junior historian that will never support their cause, nor will she support the socialist platform.

I support America with all her good and bad, it is still my country of choice. But folks the socialist, are ill informed about this country, (hint: no history is taught). This is their mindset in the picture.

Wake up all your freedoms are at stake. There is nothing free….payment will be expected. ~ Margaret Anne