Liberty: The Most Divine Thing

It’s extremely hard today to keep a positive mindset, when we are constantly bombarded by so much “Bad News,”from more “refugee” ills and immigration subterfuge to the fake, evil and manufactured wrongdoing of President Trump in this impeachment hoax perpetrated by the Democrats — thank God he was rightfully acquitted on February 5th. I have my own axe to grind against Trump on several issues BUT, He Hasn’t Done One Thing That Warrants His Impeachment. My God, I’ve never encountered so many ignorant people in my life, as in any time or moment I make the slightest endeavor to address any of the aforementioned topics with some Leftists.

It’s a relief, and the only time I get any peace of mind, to simply ignore the “News” Cycle at times and let the world proceed without me for a few hours, or even days. I take a good bit of pleasure from viewing various artworks I am offered daily through Saatchi Artworks and from my musical library that I find so soothing in the evenings after a long day, as I sit with Big Ol’ Sweet Mutt in my lap, rubbing his ears and tickling under his chin.

So much has been going on these days, that I’m just now slowing down in my normal work day, what with the Virginia rally, the Senate election here in Tennessee, the $1.4 trillion dollar spending bill, measures in the spending bill that add gun control regulations by way of the FBI, ATF and DEA, Trump signing the USMCA [dammit] and so much more that has kept me extremely busy with The Reader … my home-base news paper, where REAL News is delivered.

We all have to be more than just the politics of the country, but just as the old adage states “if You don’t involve Yourself in politics, politics will find their way into Your life”, we do need to be aware of what our so-called “representatives” are doing in Our names. I’d just as soon see government disappear altogether, but of course, we need some modicum of it, if simply to keep men’s demons in check; however, isn’t that an ironic statement, given that it’s the demons who seem to be in charge in most of the States’ governments, Congress and even spread throughout certain bureaucracies in the Trump administration.

One of the most divine things next to God Himself is Our Liberty based upon our own choices and emanating from the Free Will God gave to Us all. If only all Our Countrymen loved them both so well and would allow all Americans the very same Rights they claim for themselves, what a wonderful world, a wonderful country, this would be.

The youth of America need to be taught simpler Truths and the Absolute TRUTH regarding life and how best to make it through life. It need not be so complicated as Our modern day society has made it in so many regards, from the finances of it all to just circumnavigating all its laws, rules and regulations in order not to offend or end up on the wrong side of what passes for “the law” these days. The law today is far removed from anything remotely resembling true fairness, justice or morality, rather it is corrupted by the very same corrupted officials appointed to police forces, courts and other agencies, by corrupt elected officials who have been elected by a corrupted and immoral American populace, by and large, who are much more interested in security and the “free stuff” they will acquire from their “Chosen One” than in holding tightly to every aspect and segment of their own Liberty.

Teenagers today would benefit a great deal from Christian teachings and the Word of God from the Bible above many other works deemed to be more important by all the “experts” and learning to simply love one another as they would love themselves, to do unto others as they would have done unto them — yes, to follow the Golden Rule. And when they find that special someone, to cleave unto them and let no man put asunder what God has joined together; let no man of God consider joining a man with a man or a woman with a woman ever, or even remotely suggest that such pagan couplings are anything other than an abomination in God’s eyes and one more evil represented here on earth.

A man should try to always bring as much happiness as he can, into the life and the heart of the woman he loves. To marry or enter any relationship for one’s own happiness is a mistake at the start. And this same maxim should be followed by women too, since very often, each of us find great happiness of our own in helping others find happiness too.

The person we love never really grows old to us, through the wrinkles of time and the mask of years. A man always remembers his loved one as the exquisite, sophisticated, elegant and Beautiful Lady he fell in love with at first sight. A woman always sees the same gallant gentleman who first won her heart, even though the mirror may show a man who has become a mere shadow of the man he once was. Call me a dreamer, a romantic, an idealist, I like to think that love is eternal, when it is true and pure, and it helps us all in our later years in life, as we enjoy our children’s laughter, whether sons and daughters or nieces and nephews, and the cheery chirping of the morning songbirds, as we reopen new pages in our last days and close other chapters.

And far from being a socialist, I do have a social conscience that compels me to help others of my own free will where and how I can. There’s nothing wrong with giving charity to one or more or many, in order to help lift them up out of squalor and a miserable dire situation, but it is wrong for government to mandate it and to essentially steal the product of our own initiatives and hard work and creative endeavors to do so.

With that said, I find it damning and a gross thing for any man of wealth in the millions, fifty or even ten million dollars, to die without leaving at least ten percent of such a treasure to a community full of want and real need. We’ve all borne witness during our own lifetime to the hand of beggary and the white lips of starvation, right here in America; at least I have, during my numerous travels as a young man across Appalachia and many other parts of America, such as Warren, Arkansas, where I thought I had entered a Third World country and the people were desperate just to receive a single dollar bill. How any man of good conscience and a pure heart can hold that much money in the clutch of his own greed, is past comprehension; even if he has heirs, if they begrudge ten percent to those truly less fortunate, well then … they are the ones who will answer one day as they stand before God.

I’m nowhere close to being prepared for certain crises I see coming in the future, not in my estimation or not as good as I’d like to be, but I’m still not going to fret day in and day out about what may come. I’ll just meet each day with a new plan and a job to get done, and I’ll find one small thing to enjoy that one day, even if its letting Punxsutawney Phil bite me on the ear … now that Mayor made one fun memory for himself and many others too.

So, illegal aliens and refugees continue to come, the Bill of Rights are at risk and imperiled, the globalists of both parties and this president are selling America down the river, both parties are spending the nation into oblivion and plotting against the Constitution each and everyday and the propaganda machines of both parties are working overtime. And in the meantime, the Federal Reserve Bank continues to borrow and print money as though there’s no tomorrow, while propping up the Repurchasing Markets to the tune of $100 billion a day from October to the present, creating an artificially high stock market, and all the dumbass Americans, Leftists and Conservatives alike, just keep nodding their heads and saying, “Yep … It’s a ‘Great Economy’.” Good Lord, I feel as though I fell down the Rabbit Hole and Alice is screaming for “more Free Stuff”.

So, I just imagine You will see this Old Guy heading to the hills more and more in the coming months. We vote, but even then, we are voting in a system that has essentially been re-designed since 1913 to make each of Us economic slaves to the government; and “We” — the bulk of Americans — still somehow can call this “freedom” with a straight face, when the Federal Reserve has been creating bubbles and economic collapses, ever since the 1929 Stock Market Crash to 2008, that enriches the few insiders at the expense of the American people — Outright THEFT by way of the Backdoor.

But I digress and have once again entered the realm of the political I sought to flee for a moment by touching base with You, My Fellow American Patriots, with Your own keen insights and interesting ways, Your hopes, desires and dreams of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of True happiness. Many of You are Wonderful, Good-Hearted Americans. I do so wish and pray that nothing but God’s Good Graces and many earthly rewards come to You throughout all the remainder of Your days that I pray number to be at least three more decades of nothing but happiness.

As far as I’m concerned, I wish to be in a mountain cabin or out on the high seas, taking my chances with wind, waves, blizzards, the elements and the sun and the moon and stars above. I’d rather die truly living life as the Good Lord intended, than to rot sitting in my easy chair before a computer terminal. And no matter how horrible or Good a death comes my way, I will greet it with a twinkle in my own blue eyes and a smile on my face with a whispered “Finally … Lord, I’m Coming Home”.

February 15, 2020

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.