So, you REALLY thought that it was over?

Bloomberg to Gun Owners: Your Worst Nightmare is Coming
Bloomberg is coming for your guns America. That’s what he wants you to think anyway, from the looks of his flashy new tv ad rolling out on television and youtube. Bloomberg is the enemy of gun owners across America.

The ad has started appearing on youtube commercials and television this Monday, where he calls out the NRA and “gun lobby.” The voice goes on to say that he is their “worst nightmare.”… (Continue to full article)

VA Councilman Brings Ar-15 To Meeting, Triggering Liberals
VA Councilman Nathan Clark strapped on an AR-15 and wore it to a Portsmouth city council meeting. Three of the council members threw a fit and called for his resignation. Four others agreed with his display and a resolution declaring themselves a “Second Amendment Constitutional City” passed 4-3.

The whining from three of the council members revealed what they thought was “intimidation,” and one called for his resignation.

“It was a disgrace, disheartening and an embarrassment. Most of us were blindsided by the display.” Vice Mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke

An “embarrassment?” The liberals are the embarrassment. The VA councilman is a current law enforcement officer. Another council member stood with Councilman Clark… (Continue to full article)

Virginia Democrats trying to prevent political backlash over gun proposals
Despite throngs of gun rights protesters who swarmed city council meetings demanding their counties be declared as “Second Amendment sanctuaries” and attending Lobby Day in Richmond on Monday for the annual gun rights rally hosted by the Virginia Civil Defense League, Democrats in the commonwealth are undeterred.

Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam supports eight gun control bills, and Democrats have already passed three of the measures in the state Senate: universal background checks, bringing back the state’s one-gun-a-month policy, and banning guns at public events… (Continue to full article)

VA Democrats Vow To Ignore Voices Of Richmond Rally Goers
If 20,000+ people show up to tell you what they think, that’s usually a sign you should probably at least consider listening. That’s especially true when they’re calling for you to respect their rights.

That’s about how many people showed up in Richmond, a powerful reminder that Virginians aren’t united behind this anti-gun nonsense.

However, despite the massive numbers that showed up, Democrats in the state have vowed to basically ignore them…. (Continue to full article)

Virginia Senate Moves Forward On Red Flag Law
A day after tens of thousands of Virginia gun owners and Second Amendment supporters thronged the state capitol in Richmond to oppose Gov. Ralph Northam’s anti-gun agenda, the state Senate moved a “red flag” proposal on to third reading, but not before the bill was once again amended substantially… (Continue to full article)