Got physical… close at hand?

Let’s do something about that…

Seeking out the most efficient and most secure route to owning gold or silver, and converting it into widely-accepted currency, is the next best thing to enjoying gold-backed currency. In a world of central bankers hell-bent on devaluing your savings you need your own private gold standard.

Silver is HOT…

It’s cookin’ and the price is moving every day minute…

We first introduced this product to our listeners back in April of 2019 – and it has been an explosive offering. Beginning TODAY (January 7, 2020) we have reduced the size of the package in order to serve a wider audience – but the cost just keeps going up – nearly every hour.

Silver’s time is HERE!

From the vault of one of our arch-enemies that we picked up in a recent skirmish ~ a small selection of one-ounce, American Buffalo bullion coin ~ the most popular design available in silver ‘coin.’ Their condition is ‘un-touched‘ – Brilliant Uncirculated – packaged in rolls of 20 units.

UPDATE (01.07.20): A package of 5 Rolls of 20 Buffalo Silver Bullion Rounds (100 units) will be delivered to your door-step for ONLY – $2,075.00 $2,030.50. Call or text NOW (602-799-8214) to reserve yours. Be prepared to get your payment off to us within 24 hours – AFTER you have placed your order.

* 10 rolls (200 units) for $4,025.50

* 25 rolls (500 units) for $9,950.00

[NOTE: Final cost will be adjusted due to market fluctuation.]

CALL for updated prices – we can’t always be here to update the deal!

You will save between $136.00 and $605 off the cost of purchasing uncirculated American Eagle silver coins. OUNCES will provide you with financial securityNOT who mints the product.

Buy Gold & Silver – and Buy it TODAY!

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~ Terms ~
All orders are final, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
The images shown are illustrative only. They are not displayed to scale. The appearance of actual coins will vary by grade. Payment via overnight check or direct deposit or Bank Wire only to our Kettle Moraine, Ltd. corporate account (information will be furnished to qualified buyer). If you have questions please contact Morgana Precious Metals at 623-327-1778.