Facebook SUCKS!

What you are about to watch is an alleged expose regarding Goat Loving Invaders from another part of the world with NEW buildings – and a Mosque at the edge of the ‘hood – all paid for by the taxpayers.  I had posted it openly on Facebook and was raked over the coals by their lackey’s as “False Information” – based on information provided by THEIR “Independent Fact Checkers.” No reference as to WHO their checkers were… The video is short – but it ain’t sweet!

Oh – OH – I am sorry (LOL) but I guess that their “Checkers” are… Politi-FACT. Makes them about as good and honest as SNOPES. The following was their response – the Smokeout! ~ Ed.

…and now West Virginia is inviting counties from Virginia to secede and join them? Sounds like one of two things – Virginia gun owners have bigger balls to fight the enemy – or West Virginny just wants more tax dollars to care for these smarmy invaders.