UPDATE: Judge Rules Against Mom Trying To Change 7-Year-Old Son’s Gender Against Dad’s Wishes

In the latest development in a family court case that has drawn national attention, Judge Kim Cooks of Texas’ 255th Family District Court ruled Thursday that a father whose son was being transitioned to female by his mother would have joint medical decision-making rights, according to The Texan.

Despite the fact that the struggle between Jeff Younger and his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, has been a contentious cultural flashpoint, only a limited number of reporters were allowed in the courtroom to witness Cooks’ ruling.

The ruling came after a Monday jury decision that Georgulas would have sole custody of the 7-year-old boy — and therefore complete control over any psychiatric and medical treatment he might receive.

Here she is….a psycho whack job that calls herself a doctor, yet denies basic anatomy. She wants to chemically castrate her son. A sick demented legal system is backing her up 100% and making the father pay for it.

Younger and Georgulas had taken different approaches toward their son James and his apparent desire to become a girl named “Luna.”

Georgulas had wanted to start “socially transitioning” their son, which involves “affirming” James’ gender identity as a female.  (Continue to Full UPDATE)

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