Pediatricians Call Gender Ideology What It Is: Child Abuse

The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) recently released a powerful position statement stating that the move to indoctrinate children with the idea that they can pick their gender amounts to child abuse.

They are urging legislators and educators to reject all policies that would condition children to accept chemical and surgical distortions allowing people to impersonate the opposite sex.

Why do I include this post on gender indoctrination on a women’s healthy living blog? Because it is relevant to the health of our children, our homes and the next generations’.

This movement is now in full swing in government schools with LGBT activists demanding bathroom or locker room access. This raises serious privacy questions for girls who will have an anatomical male using their facilities.

Note: On Friday the 13th, May, 2016, the Obama administration issued an edict to all U.S. schools requiring they open bathrooms according to self-proclaimed gender identity instead of biological sex … or risk lawsuit and loss of federal funds.

~ Deeper Than Just ‘Open Bathrooms’ ~
The specific wording of the mandate, however, does much more than that. It also:

* Dictates that boys who self-identify as female be allowed to use girls’ locker rooms and shower facilities, and vice versa.

* Specifically states that making a gender-neutral, single-stall bathroom available to transgender students is insufficient. If a girls’ bathroom or locker room exists, boys and men who identify as female must be allowed entry, and vice versa.

* Dictates that students must be allowed to play the sport of the gender they self-identify.

* Specifically states that a student may self-identify his or her gender to the school without parental permission or knowledge.

* Forbids any medical requirements as a prerequisite of new gender identity.

* Dictates that on school field trips, boys who self-identify as female must be allowed to sleep in the same hotel rooms as female students, and vice versa. Providing a private hotel room for a transgender student is not allowed unless all students are lodged in private rooms.

These policies aren’t just going into effect in California somewhere. All schools that receive Title IX federal funding will be required to enforce this mandate … or else.

Twenty years ago, it is doubtful that more than a small percentage of Americans even knew what the term “transgender” meant.

~ Gender Indoctrination ~
Today, gender-confused celebrities have their own reality TV shows. They appear on magazine covers, and they are part of a well-funded, vocal political movement. Cities across my home state and the nation are considering special rights laws for people who choose their gender and demand support, approval and accommodations based upon their behavioral choice.

I want readers to understand and be equipped to the dangers of this social-engineering movement.

Sex “reassignment” doesn’t work. It’s impossible to “reassign” someone’s sex physically, and attempting to do so doesn’t produce good outcomes psychosocially.

Dr. Paul McHugh, the university distinguished service professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, explains, “Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify.’ In that lies their problematic future.”

Fight back, mothers and fathers, by teaching truth to your children incrementally (and appropriately) from a young age. Thankfully, there is still a sane and courageous body of pediatricians (though smaller) who is standing up to the strong pull of the current.

~ The American College Of Pediatricians Position Statement ~
Some of the points outlined by Micah Clark in the report include the following:

* Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait. “XY” and “XX” chromosomes are genetic markers, not a disorder.

* No one is born with a gender. Everyone is born with a biological sex. Gender is a psychological concept, not an objective biological one.

* A person thinking he or she is something they are not, at best, is a sign of confusion.

* Puberty is not a disease and puberty-blocking hormones can be dangerous.

* When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such.

* People who identify as “feeling like the opposite sex” or “somewhere in between” do not comprise a third sex. They remain biological men or biological women.

* 98 percent of gender confused boys and 88 percent of gender confused girls accept their biological sex after puberty without any counseling.

* Those who use cross-sex hormones or undergo sex surgeries even in the most LGBTQ affirming countries still have suicide rates 20 times higher than the general public.

* Conditioning children into a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex amounts to child abuse.

* Endorsing gender discordance as normal via public education and legal policies will confuse children and parents, leading more children to present to “gender clinics” where they will be given puberty-blocking drugs. This, in turn, virtually ensures that they will “choose” a lifetime of carcinogenic and otherwise toxic cross-sex hormones, and likely consider unnecessary surgical mutilation of their healthy body parts as young adults.

* Cross-sex hormones are associated with dangerous health risks including but not limited to high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke and cancer.

“There is a way that seems right to a man [a person], but its end is the way to death.” ~ Proverbs 14:12


Written by Jacqueline for Deep Roots at Home ~ January 31, 2018

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