Jazz on the Tube banned from Facebook

We regret to interrupt the music, but Jazz on the Tube is under attack by some truly sinister forces.

It may be news to you and if it isn’t, please tolerate this statement of the obvious:

“Facebook has become the biggest bully on the Internet.”

Under cover of fighting “hate speech”, Facebook has been closing Facebook sites – thousands of them – and removing others from their news feed.

First, they shut down the Facebook sites of politically conservative people.

Then – after entering into multi-million dollar agreements with pharmaceutical companies – they started closing the sites alternative medicine educators and practitioners.

Now, they’re going after every small player who is not able to pay “protection money” in the form of advertising.

We just got the notice…

Jazz on the Tube has been removed from Facebook’s news feed which is going to cause us significant promotional and financial harm to our work.

The over 20,000 people who subscribed to view and share Jazz on the Tube through Facebook will no longer get us in their news feeds.


We supposedly committed an “infraction.”

What page among the THOUSANDS we’ve posted over many years has an infraction – and what is the infraction?


We’re now banned from our Facebook subscribers’ news feed. Period. End of story.

Obviously, there’s a lot of work and money involved in bringing this daily service to you.

Thanks to everyone who supports us.

If you aren’t a supporter yet – and are financially able to be – appreciate what is at stake here.

The very Internet which allows unique services like Jazz on the Tube to be delivered is being colonized by a handful of large, anti-social entities like Facebook and Google, which also owns YouTube.


Ken McCarthy, Lester Perkins
Jazz on the Tube

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