Finley: Wither California

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and loved not only the city but also the many state and national parks which my family used for summer vacations along with later backpacking in the Sierras. The California of my youth simply was a wonderful place to live and thrive.

So, how has my native state fared under the now several decades of authoritarian demonic Democrat Party Rule?

The reality facing contemporary Californians simply is this: Forest fires, mudslides, high taxes, unaffordable housing, sanctuary cities, rising crime rates, homeless encampments, filth, needles and most critically — the cutting off of the lifeblood of electricity.

The latest announcement from the now bankrupt largest utility in the state, PG&E, is that electricity periodically will be cut off to prevent forest fires for up to ten years.

Will voters put up with it? Or, will voters “see the light” and vote for quality of life over far left ideological narratives.

I had a lovely childhood and adolescence in then California. Do current Californians want the same for themselves and their children?

2020 will yield the answer.

Gordon E. Finley is Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Florida International University in Miami.

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