Finley: On False Accusations

False accusations are inherently impossible to defend oneself against because they have no existence in reality and exist only in the ether and the minds and mouths of the false accusers.

Further, since there are no consequences to the false accuser for making false allegations, I could sit here at my computer and instead of writing this short essay could make false accusations about anyone anywhere on the face of the earth.

The left in general and the Democrat Party in particular never will seek consequences for false accusers because this is their stock in trade for destroying the lives of their political and social opponents.

The best recourse for the falsely accused is to bring criminal charges against those who make them.

False accusations destroy lives and the only true justice is for the false accusers to have their lives destroyed to the same degree as those they falsely accused. Although not charged, this would include the sociopathic Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who made false sexual allegations against now Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Let justice prevail.

Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Florida International University in Miami.