Catastrophic Destroyers: Wars, Open Borders, Political Correctness, Socialism: Compliments of Government!

The United States of America, billed as a “peace-loving” nation, has been warring for 19 uninterrupted years destroying not only whole countries but their artifacts and murdering millions and not a whimper emanating from American citizens. Few Americans are even aware of these attacks of which none of the destroyed countries represented any remote threat to our sovereignty.

The question: What was the purpose? Bush II’s attack on Iraq built on lies followed the 911fiasco orchestrated by Bush, Cheney and Jewish accomplices. The plan they used was developed in 1997 and waiting for “another Pearl Harbor” was known as The Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Insiders were Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Bill Kristol (son of Irving Kristol who was the author of the neoconservative movement), Michael Chertoff, Robert Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle. Wolfowitz was the Jew who exclaimed “We shall have no rivals!”

These wars were fanned and still are by republican war-mongers and their sycophants, while Trillions were spent & untold numbers of deaths, American and Mideasterners. Presently America has a military presence in circa 130+ nations around the globe, and most notable is the aggressive surrounding of the Russian Federation and nightly propaganda emanating from the bellicose Republican neocons castigating Russia when in fact Russia would like to join the Western world, while in recent times warmongering republicans are slamming Pres. Trump for wanting to withdraw from Syria. War is not only a RACKET, but good business.

What a collection of political dunces and cowards—these Republicans. None of the Republican gentry have ever publicly supported President Trump but has spent precious time and effort in undercutting the President at every turn by their silence—Observe Arkansas’ Washington delegation—the silent Six, always in the background.

President Trump is not a Republican. He is his own man—a great man who would not, will not wrap himself in the political slime of either Party, Democrats or Republicans. They, to a man/woman, are world class political traitors to the American cause. Example; observe the obscene numbers of illegal aliens nesting in our once preeminent Republic. Their numbers easily 25-30 million illegal nesters, all the while the federal government throws out the false number of 11 million with open borders precipitating a crisis throughout our nation.

Another traitorous act is American public schools and universities. Their chief function is to indoctrinate and propagandize students with lies, obfuscation, revised curricula, and aggressively institute the Jewish protocol of the Frankfort School, i.e. Political Correctness, etc. resulting in Egalitarianism (everyone equal=stupidity). All the while gentleman Senator John Boozman can only be described as a 19 year tabula rasa. Note the Senator also arrived in the DC swamp in 2001.

Now to the glorious multicultural society which absolutely guarantees the downfall of Western Civilization, the domination of Anglo-Americans and in due course their demise while all the self-serving buffoons in the House and Senate wine and dine across the globe with no care about our sovereignty, or the results of our now scrambled society foretell. One must reign—Hispanics, Africans, Arabs, etc.?

One final statement; in the third term of then Congressman Boozman the Fort Smith Times Record, in a blazingly bold headline stated: “Boozman Declares War on Illegals”. The headline never to be heard of again. Of course the reason being John received calls from the Tysons & Walton’s (& perhaps others) admonishing him to never make that mistake again.

Years later, circa 2017, the Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives Jeremy Gillam, who owned a berry farm contacted Sen. Boozman and requested him to provide 87 Mexican illegals to harvest his berry crop. The Honorable Senator contacted the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, Mexico and arranged for the 87 illegals to be transported to Gillam’s farm.

This was a federal offense by both elected officials, so stated in 8 USC, Sections 1325, 1324a, 1324c!

Think past today.

October 9, 2019

Joe McCutchen

Written by and submitted to the Federal Observer for publication by the author.

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