UPDATED: When Angry, Count Four

‘Heirs of the Confederacy’ rallying on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC

~ Forewords ~
When I first wrote this article, I was very, very angry.  I wanted to give “them” (y’all know who “they” are) a taste of their own medicine, so I used some language that I shouldn’t have, and after I calmed down I started thinking about it, not feeling quite right, and starting to become ashamed of myself for having used the aforementioned language.  For one thing, my mother would be absolutely mortified if she read it, and for another, I have an aunt that would chastise me severely if she saw it.  Then, a friend of mine, a man for who’s opinion I have a great deal of respect, as well as for the man himself, told me it was beneath me.  He was right.  So I have edited the article so that it does not contain the really foul language (with one exception, but that’s because nothing else would get the point across, and its “beeped out,” so to speak), but I have left certain chants of theirs as is (but also “beeped out”). ~ K.L.S.

Well, y’all, here we are ag’in.  Time to write; I reckon I just ain’t cut out to be a speaker, regardless of whether it’s in public or on video.  I know what I wanna talk about, an’ I’ll tell ya now, this’n may be a rambler of sorts on account of I got a lot to cover an’ I don’t feel like writin’ two or three or more articles right now.  Over the last coupla weeks, myself an’ other members of Heirs to the Confederacy have attended a couple of events, one in Chapel Hill (in Orange County, North Carolina, on 20 August 2019) an’ one in Pittsboro (in Chatham County, North Carolina, on 23 August 2019).  The event in Pittsboro, which was not sponsored by Heirs, went nice an’ smooth an’ the one in Chapel Hill went about like it typic’ly does, only with less ANTIFA members an’ protesters than is the norm.  We did meet three young ladies who were willin’ to engage in a civil conversation, which was refreshin’.  There have also been more threats made towards myself an’ other members of Heirs, an’ other comments have been made concernin’ who we have stood with versus previous statements made by me.  The great Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain, once said, “When angry count four; when very angry, swear.”  Well, I’m more’n “very angry,” I’m mad as hell, so I’m gonna let it out an’ simultaneously address some of these threats an’ comments.

Heirs to the Confederacy has been criticized because some of our members have been cursed at and screamed at by these ill-bred, entitled “millennials” until they reached their breaking-point and cursed back.  One of our brothers, after having a foul-mouthed young female scream “F**k the Confederacy!” (they seem to have a real affinity for the word “f**k”) in his face for about an hour, straight-out asked the trashy-mouthed child if she was trying to say that she wanted to have sex, presumably with the entire Confederacy; I thought it was a legitimate question, but, of course, they didn’t, and so they began saying he was sexually harassing the TMC; just another example of how they push us to our breaking-points with their profane verbal assaults and then twist our replies around to make us look like the bad-guys.  I’m sick of it, and by now y’all know that I’m a man of few words when in public, so I’m gonna say what I have to say right here (I know they’ll see it, they see everything I write), and like always, I’ll stand in public prepared to answer for what I say here…  That’s one of the problems with our society now; people exercise their constitutional right of freedom of speech to say whatever they please, but they are no longer held responsible for what they say as was the case when the Bill of Rights was ratified; back then, if you insulted someone you could be called to the Field of Honor to answer for your words.  And yes, Lindsay, I am saying that I believe that if some asshole offends someone else’s honor, then they should, if the offended so desires, have to answer for their offense according to Code Duello, because people would be a lot more polite (I can’t wait to see the spin you put on that one; don’t disappoint me!).

We have also been criticized for standing beside fellow patriots who believe a little differently than we do, and because I have previously said I would not stand with them again because of some aspects of their behavior.  We have been criticized for not following our Code of Conduct as strictly as they feel we should.  Well, as to the first, I have been pushed to the point that I will stand beside just about anyone (excepting those I choose not to stand beside for my own reasons) who supports the Constitution of the United States, and thereby supports the Revolutionary War era and Confederate ideology of freedom and State’s Rights.  As to the second, the Board of Directors will enforce Heirs to the Confederacy’s Code of Conduct based on the circumstances at the time, and we’ll do it that way because that’s the way we want to.  I know certain people will spend a significant amount of time commiserating over this online, calling me names and fabricating lies, but frankly, I don’t care and I could use the entertainment.

While in Chapel Hill, Ambrose Hill was wearing a tee-shirt that said “D.A.D.D.” after which it had a picture of two pistols and then the words “SHOOT THE FIRST ONE AND THE WORD GETS AROUND.”  At the bottom, it said simply, “DADS AGAINST DAUGHTERS DATING.”  Now, as a daddy and a grand-daddy, I know the feeling; I mean, hell, the quality of young males in today’s society, speaking in general, is alarmingly poor.  Young men are hard to come by.  Granted, I speak from a Southern point of view, but I AM in the South, dammit, and chivalry is not dead.  To the far left, men who aren’t afraid to be men are an example of “Toxic Masculinity,” a term which I feel actually fits most of them.  They know that if they stick a “negative” name on something or call something “politically incorrect” that the sheep will jump on the band-wagon.  That’s what separates true Americans from those who would see our country destroyed from within and remade into an abomination of all it stands for.  We can think for ourselves instead of with the kind of hive-only-mentality that they do.  We want freedom; they want oppression through suppression.  By that, I mean that they seek to change this country into a communist nation instead of the free republic it was founded as by erasing history and suppressing the truth in order to create racial and social strife, strife which they intend to use to try and take away our rights and our freedom.

Now, I have it straight from several members of ANTIFA that they do not believe in constitutional rights nor do they support the Constitution itself, for that matter; is ANYTHING more anti-American than that?!  They don’t believe in personal property (which explains their passion for destroying the property of others), either, according to one Timmy Osborne.  But don’t take Timmy’s bicycle, because it belongs to him!  Osborne told us he didn’t believe in personal property, so Howard Snow said, “Alright then, I’ll take that bike,” but when he reached for it, Osborne said, “No, it’s mine!”  When I said, “I thought you didn’t believe in personal property,” he replied, “I don’t, but it’s my bike.”  That’s just one shining example of their hypocrisy (or is it stupidity; not sure).  Osborne also said that “emotions are logic.”  Seriously?!  In what universe does that make any sense whatsoever?  It is without a doubt one of the most stupefying things I have ever heard dribble out of a human being’s mouth.  Timmy:  It is a scientific fact that computers run using logic and it is also a scientific fact that computers do not have emotions; hence, as any half intelligent meatbag from the shallow end of the gene-pool, maybe even one from that crusty stuff around the edge, could reason out, emotions are not logic.  What the hell are they teaching you poor children at that school, anyway?  On the next point…

I have been called a racist, a bigot, an extremist, a white nationalist, a Nazi, a Klansman, a homophobe, a fascist, and a plethora of other nasty things, none of which are true.  I don’t care if a person’s skin is black, white, red, yellow, or brown… or purple, for that matter.  I don’t care what a person’s sexual orientation is, nor do I care what religion they practice.  None of these things affect the way I feel about any given person.  What I do care about is a person’s character; how they behave, how they treat other people, whether they are decent human beings or not.  That is all that matters to me, period, and none of their rhetoric will ever change that.  Of course, according to the aforementioned criteria, ANTIFA members and those like them are not worthy of any amount of respect as human beings and have proven themselves so.  The point should also be made that they themselves are the hate mongers.  Their hero, Maya Little, referred to us as Chuds on Twitter; C.H.U.D. is a derogatory term meaning “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers.”  It is defined as “an insult frequently used, by leftists, to deride members of the Alt-right or other right wing groups.”  Not quite racist, but pretty close, wouldn’t you say?  Then they get mad when somebody calls her a “coon.”  I don’t know about y’all, but I was taught that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Yet another shining example of their hypocrisy.


There has been an “alert system” set up to warn them when pro-Confederate activists are coming to the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Well, my group hasn’t been on that campus in months, and don’t plan to anytime soon.  Apparently they believe that Franklin Street is UNC-CH property and part of the campus; it is not.  It is a public street, and I don’t care if they know we’re coming or not.  They also mistakenly believe that UNC-CH is “their” school; UNC-CH is a State supported school, which means it is supported by North Carolina taxpayers, which means it is our school, not theirs.  As to the “alert system” itself, I’m not surprised.  If an ant crosses their path dragging a single blade of grass, they become terrified that the ant is going to use that blade of grass to attack them.  They set up crisis lines if a moth gets caught in a spider web.  They are scared of everything that moves, and most things that don’t, unless they are on the attack, and then they must outnumber their prey by four- or five-to-one.  Cowards, each and every one of them.

Now I’m going to speak directly to the people, whether they’re ANTIFA, some other group of entitled brats, or freelance idiots, who never fail to assault us (whether verbally or physically) when we are at an event.  Y’all pay attention, I want to be sure y’all don’t miss anything I’m about to say to you, because I shall not repeat myself.

To the entire bunch, let me say that I dearly wish that when y’all chant “1-2-3, f**k the Confederacy; 4-5-6, f**k the Confederacy,” that y’all would at least come up with a line that rhymes with six (I mean, isn’t that the whole point of the count?) or just repeat the 1-2-3 count; this is one example of what has to be either a complete inability to think for yourselves, a total lack of imagination, or, and I suspect this to be the one, a lack of understanding as to why the count is used in the first place, which denotes either ignorance or stupidity or both.  On the subject of chanting, when y’all chant things like “Cops and Klan go hand-in-hand,” “The only good cop is a dead cop,” and “No cops, no KKK, no racist USA,” you tend to, at the very least, alienate law enforcement officers.  I would feel safe in venturing to say that in actuality, you piss them off.  When you do that, and then get violent, you are asking for trouble.  I honestly wonder sometimes just how smart some of y’all aren’t, because you say these things and actually assault them, and then ask why they pepper-spray you, handcuff you, put their knees in your back while they handcuff you, and tase you but not us!  It’s because we treat them with the respect due them and we don’t start trouble, and y’all threaten them, disrespect them, and assault them, and, well, Karma’s a bitch.  Do you think you can assault police officers and not be held accountable?  The problem is that you weren’t raised right, and it shows; what every one of y’all needs is a good, old-fashioned spanking.  If you’d been raised right, you’d have some respect for something, but as it is, you respect nothing, and that includes yourselves.  Now go ahead and say, “I do respect myself.”  Bull-shit; if you did, when in public you wouldn’t behave like Chihuahuas on acid, and you wouldn’t use the language you do at the volume you do.  Why do you think I just smile and laugh at you?  It’s because I know how awful you feel about yourself deep down inside, and it amuses me to watch you make the world feel the same way about you.

Now let’s talk about honesty.  There is a difference between lying and changing one’s mind.  I changed my mind about who I was willing to stand with; y’all are the liars.  You like to spread lies about me; you do it all the time.  You’ve taken parts of what I write and twisted them out of context.  You have quoted me as having said that I said that I was “ready to kill” without giving the entire quote or the context.  That is the same thing as telling a lie.  Some of you have said that I have threatened to shoot students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  That…  That is a bald-faced lie; a complete fabrication, and anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, that says I have threatened to do such a thing, or in any way called for others to do such a thing, is a liar, and I have no problem telling you that to your face.

Communist ANTIFA group

You people have what seems to be a misconception as to exactly what “Honor” is, so let me say this:  It does not mean that we have to act like Jesus Christ; it means we have to try to act like Him, and even He lost his temper once, so don’t assume that our honor is in any way subject to your opinion; it is not.  It is subject only to our own and God’s, and that’s between each one of us and Him.  We stand ready to answer to Him for all we say and do in this life, and the fact that you may not believe in God does not matter, because we believe in Him.  Our honor is something you can’t understand because, again, you have no self-respect.  So don’t presume to school us on the Terms of Honor; those who have none have no voice in the matter.

Let me take this chance to address some of you directly.  Again, pay attention; I want to be sure you don’t miss anything I’m about to say.

I’ll start with Jordan Green.  Jordan, you Tweeted that I believe “… that ‘radical Muslims,’ ‘illegal immigrants’ and professors should be lynched.”  I have never said that anybody should be lynched; there’s a difference between being hanged for murder or treason and being lynched, you lying son-of-a-bitch.  You don’t deserve the title of “journalist” because you have no idea how to print the truth.  You use parts of quotes to mislead people into believing falsehoods.  You twist the truth to bolster the political and social agendas of other anti-American snakes such as yourself.  You are a disgrace to your profession.  Considering your penchant for lying, twisting the truth, and manipulating your audience into believing your falsehoods, I’d be careful, was I you, about following people around in the dark and accosting them in dimly lit parking-lots; things like that can be almighty dangerous; you could trip and fall.

Next, Let me address Lindsay Ayling.  Lindsay, you have called me all sorts of nasty names and you have claimed that I have been places and done things that I have not, but I’m not going to talk about that; mainly because I merely want to ask you a question.  On 20 August, Ambrose Hill wore the shirt I described earlier to Chapel Hill.  You, during you live feed, said that the shirt “literally [says] that he wants to shoot someone.”  Here’s my question:  Do you not understand the meaning of the word “literal?”  Because if one was to judge by that statement alone (forget all the other things you’ve said about us), one would have to conclude that you do not understand the meaning of that word.  Perhaps you should quit worrying about us and trying to destroy Southern heritage and take your Yankee ass back where you came from (Minnesota, I believe) and read a damn dictionary, because you sound like a moron when you misuse words like “literally.”

Last, but not least, let me address the person known on Twitter as “Uzi @unionthug1312.”  “Uzi, you are a liar, an instigator, and a coward.  You have called us Nazis on Twitter.  We are no such thing.  You also Tweeted, “These people have been threatening violence against UNC students and community members of chapel hill [your failure to properly capitalize] and carrboro [again, your failure to properly capitalize; mayhap you should join Lindsay in that English class].”  That is one of those aforementioned lies; we have threatened nobody.  You, however, have done so publicly by Tweeting the following statements:  1) “Doesn’t matter if the American guard literal white supremacist on the bus had a hammer or not, beat them the f**k out.”  2) “Can we like not wait for a massive revolution and start doing shit now?  Thanks, start shooting.”  On 20 August, you Tweeted, “Lance Spivey and a bunch of other old and probably armed folks were walking around campus today with flags again.” Well, that was only partially a lie.  You’re right, we were armed, boy, to the teeth; we have that right, and we are always armed, whether we’re at an event or carrying on with our daily lives.  However, we were not on campus that day; that is just another of your lies.  Finally, you Tweeted, “You come looking for a fight best believe your ass will get one, it isn’t a game so stop crying.”  We have never gone anywhere looking for a fight, but I have noticed that when your friends start getting violent that you are always in the rear of the crowd, same as all cowards.  You’re nothing but a keyboard commando, little boy; anytime you feel the urge to jump at me, feel free, bitch; I almost wish you would, but I think you’ve got enough sense to know that you’d best leave this “old man” be.

In closing, I shall turn my attention back to the entire bunch of you in general…  By your actions you have proven yourselves unworthy of any respect as human beings whatsoever, so don’t expect to be given any.  You have no decency.  You lack the ability to think for yourselves, blindly believing the propaganda heaped upon you by your “teachers.”  You understand nothing about the things you hate, hating simply because these “teachers,” who are nothing more than enemies of freedom, the Constitution, and America herself, have told you that you should.  You have allowed yourselves to become the pawns of those who would see this great republic and the ideology of freedom that she represents destroyed simply because you are too mentally deficient to be able to throw off the chains of indoctrination.  You are slaves to the doctrines of Socialism and Communism.  You call us bigots, yet it is you who refuse to allow anyone else to have an opinion of their own.  You call us Fascists, yet it is your behavior and attitude that is described in the definition of the word.  Those of you who claim to feel threatened or intimidated by a statue are pathetic; you are emotionally and mentally weak.  In a world without civilization, you would long since have ceased to exist, simply because nature has no mercy upon the weak and deficient.  Many of you act and/or sound as if you are dumber than dried cum.  You are, each and every one of you, wasted f**ks; the energy it took to conceive your worthless carcasses would have been better spent seeking voluntary sterilization.  You are, in the greater scheme of things, nothing more than smegma on the penis of humanity.  Your beliefs are born of lies, deceit, and hate, and you are far too obtuse to realize it.  You have proven yourselves to be social, moral, and psychological degenerates, unworthy to be called Americans.  You are attention-seeking adolescent social deviants.  You seem to think that your feelings supersede our Constitutional rights.  Newsflash:  The Constitution doesn’t cover your damned feelings, but it does guarantee our rights as freeborn American citizens, so you and your feelings can kiss the snotty end of…  Use your imagination.  Ducit Amor Patriae

September 6, 2019

K. Lance Spivey
Chairman, Board of Directors
Heirs to the Confederacy
Natura Sanguinis Gloriosum… [x]

~ The Author ~
Lance Spivey is the son of a Quaker preacher (also a United States Navy veteran). Born at the height of the Vietnam War, he is a twelfth generation North Carolinian and a descendant of Revolutionary and Confederate soldiers. Spivey grew up in a little community named Belvidere in Perquimans County, who has been remarried and re-divorced, and is now married to the woman God made just for him. He has kids and grand-kids, and now lives in Randolph County, where his family settled so long ago. Being a preacher’s kid, Lance have engaged in much more than his share of stupidity in his life, and, by way of the results of said engagements, has developed a very strong distaste for stupidity.

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